Tuesday, December 31, 2013


And since your history of silence
Won't do you any good
Did you think it would?

                  - Sara Bareilles

I like that song too.

My total for 2013 ended up being 539, and I'm all set to try 600 this year! I told blista sista that I would re-design the blog, but I'm waiting for inspiration which hasn't come yet.

I did come up with some "rules of the road" on my running this year, and thought about publishing them here, but then thought that would be too much pressure and besides, who really gives a single crap? Nobody. Well, except maybe me.


Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out, honestly
I wanna see you be brave
- Sara Barailles, Brave

After a 3.5 mile neighborhood jaunt today, 563 is the magic number for 2013. One word describes my run (ok jog) today: lungburn. I'm not even sure if that's a word but I was wheezing. I seem to have gotten a chest cold, but I had to get one last run in for the year. I actually did 71 miles in December with 18 days of running - my best month of the year. My worst month was June with 17.5 miles and 6 days. Too many vacations obviously. In July I ran the most days - 22 days and 57 miles. Most months I was at or near 50 miles, broken foot aside, so 600 next year is totally doable. I think. Anyhoo, time to settle in with my boy, a good book and a pan of brownies to welcome 2014. Adios 2013. You've been beautiful and blessed and at times cruel. Such is life.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Beautiful day

Don't let it slip away
It's a beautiful day
- U2

It has been a beautiful week actually, with several mountain runs. On Thursday I ran the Bell Pass trail to the top, which is 3200 feet up. It wasn't as hard this time as it has been in the past, and no flies or other companions to keep me company, so it was a nice solitary 7 mile run and the last half mile is pretty much straight up. My quads ached on Fri so I just did a lazy 3 down to the gym and back. I had my iPod on random and stumbled across the Legend of Bobby Dunbar, which is just such a compelling and sad mystery that it draws you in and it's wonderful to run to. I need to find more like that. I took Sat off for refinishing my bathroom cabinets, which simply isn't as easy as it looks. I can't decide if it looks rustic and antique, or sloppy and amateur. I'm going with fashionable. And I've also decided to outsource the refinishing of the kitchen cabinets to professionals. Today I once again hit the mountain around noon for lack of anything else to do and I have to say its time for tourists to go home. They are crowding my gym and dressed inappropriately and lugging babies and toy dogs and they don't have the common courtesy to move to the right so runners can pass. Two days left in the month to pump up my annual total. Blista sista and I have come to an agreement that 600 miles will be the stretch goal for 2014. Consistency will most certainly be key, which is a much bigger deal for me since I tend to take guiltless vacations from running whilst she does not. She says she is afraid she won't start again if she takes a break, which I find interesting, especially given that she is the most tenacious among us with her training regimen.
But back to my beautiful day - my babies invited me out for a movie and dinner. I'm always so happy when we all spend fun time together, and those days grow further and further apart. After dinner we all lay on my bed talking. It was beautiful. I don't know where it comes from or when it comes, but I always do feel so blessed when it does.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Here's a hymn to welcome in the day

You're standing on the landing with the war
You shouldered all the night before
- The Decemberists, June Hymn

I had such an awful night of sleep last night. All the holiday anxiety caught up with me while I was sleeping. I went to the mountain for church as planned, and soaked in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, which always leaves me feeling whole, no matter how broken I feel when I start. I took the Bell Pass trail for a change of scenery, and I went about 3.5 miles. I spent my run listening to the Decemberists and focusing on the things in life that I am grateful for:

The beauty of the desert in my back yard
My beautiful girl who has grown before my eyes into a confident self-reliant young woman full of sparkling personality
My strong and sensitive boy for whom I ache with love as he struggles to find his place in the world
My blista sista who introduced me to the Decemberists and is always there to lend a supportive ear, and more importantly to make me laugh
The music of The Decemberists
The strength of my body and mind
My emotional heart
The opportunity to love truly
My job, which challenges me and pays me well and affords me the opportunity to spend so much time with my babies while they are still at home
A Christmas Eve hair appointment to make me feel beautiful
My dream of a home in Pinetop coming true before my eyes
Little Farley who brings so much comfort and laughter into my life
Fat dog who keeps me warm at night
My Sistahood who despite our dysfunctionality, or perhaps because of it, sees me through life's ups and downs.
My BFFs who are with me through thick and thin and who always make make me giggle
My Casa kids who teach me every day to be grateful for what I have

Wishing my fellow runners a blessed holiday season.

Monday, December 23, 2013

"In a way, it is as if your refusal to forgive is too much a part of you for you to lose it. Who would you be without it? Not yourself. Lost, somehow. Think of how people tend to pick the same chair to sit in over and over again. We are always trying to make sure we know where we are."
- Elizabeth Berg, What We Keep

Got my 3.5 in today, sans fat dog. Took her on a bike ride after. Aside from that, today has been a day for relaxing and reading. I started this book today and I really like it.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


"Why is there a pancake in the silverware drawer?"
"I think the real question is, why is there silverware in the pancake drawer?"

Yes, I am drinking wine and watching reruns of Scrubs to celebrate the end of a successful Sunday. That is to say, I slept in, finished my Christmas shopping, went grocery shopping for the mystical ingredients to my world-fame-inducing Mac and cheese, ran the mountain and wrapped all my presents. The mountain was crowded with out-of-towners and at one point I ran past a group drinking beer and eating chips on the side of the trail. When they offered me a beer I have to admit I considered it. But I ran on, people! Those who are lucky enough to try my Mac and cheese on Christmas will immediately gain 5 pounds before they die from pure pleasure. And, I've outsourced niece and nephew shopping to my teenagers. It will be a good lesson in what to buy and staying in budget and being uninspired and still spending money knowing somebody probably won't like something. And no gift cards allowed. I look forward to the kvetching tomorrow night. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lift me

My life in an upturned boat
Marooned on a cliff
You brought me a great big flood
And you gave me a lift
- The Shins, Simple Song

Lord knows I needed a lift on my run this morning! I did 3.5 in the hood but I walked the last mile. I am convinced that I just can't run as well with fat dog because I can't get into a rhythm the first mile. But the other option is to leave her sad fat ass at home looking at me mournfully from the window. Can't win. Anyhoo now I get to go do the fun kind of shopping, where I buy adorable things for little girls who have very few adorable things. "We wish you a happy holiday", to quote Ks blasphemous piano teacher. Wishing you one all the same. And if anyone out there has an awesome recipe for macaroni and cheese, send it my way.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


I sit and watch your flowers wilting in the kitchen
I felt like I was one of them gasping for air
- BTE, Get You In

I had a tough three miles today. It might be partly because of the way I've been eating. I went to lunch with some peeps earlier this week and they all made a deliberate point of ordering off the "less than 500 calories" menu, and then got a good laugh when I went for the Mac and Cheese. But goddam it was worth it. I tried to make it up on the mountain yesterday and I had a damn good run. I probably ran more on the way up than I have before, cause there was this lady in pink who kept threatening to overtake me. Alas, I was tired today on my three with fatty mcfatterson. Watching her take her usual 3 poop breaks, I was reminded that I left a bowl of peanuts on the coffee table last night. Huh. Not even digested a little. Anyway, back to the books. I have a test tomorrow, after which I will likely require more Mac and Cheese. And some wine. Let's hope I get a run in first.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Bad moon

I see a bad moon rising.
- Creedence

I was amazed by the gorgeous ginormous moon that was just rising over my hood as I went for my run this evening. Bad moon indeed. I did a very strong 3.5 miles and felt great. I even ran up nemesis hill, which is the much smaller more gentle sister to the Denver version. I didn't take fat dog - I refused after her shitty behavior on our run yesterday. Meaning she stopped to shit about a hundred times. Instead, I took her on a bike ride after my run and ran her little legs off. But not her fat. Two weeks left in 500 mile 2013! Can't say I will be sad to leave this year in my rear view.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Guilty as fuckin charged

Look I've got some bad intentions
Guilty as fuckin charged
Still standin stable
More than able
Cause I know who you are
- Blue October, Worry List

I hit 500 on the nose last Tuesday, unscripted and unplanned, and uncelebrated. Just more numbers on a calendar, though I did put a star around Dec 3 once I realized my feat. Hard to believe I just randomly landed on 500 even. So I guess I'm off for the rest of the year. Ok not. I had a tired mountain run this morning but it was a beautiful day in the sunny desert.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Out The Back Door, Goddamn, But I Love Her Anyway

There's something beautiful and tragic in the fallout

                                                - Panic! At The Disco

Not a great running week… about nine miles, and Sunday I only did 2.5… I wasn't feeling well. Anyway, and now we're getting all set for Thanksgiving, but I have confirmed my guest pass to the fancy gym and reserved my spot on the mean streets of Scottsdale for my Thanksgiving morning run, so I should be all set for the next few days.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Even the comatose, they don't dance and tell

And everyone's competing
For a love they won't receive
'Cause what this palace wants
Is release

                         - Lorde "Team"

My favorite running song of late. I have been working hard, although it is annoyingly not showing up on the scale, and I can't seem to get my weight where I want it to be…. and just before the holiday gorging! Dammit!

But I am at 466 for the year… almost there.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

While The Armies All Are Sleeping

This prison has now become your home
A sentence you seem prepared to pay

                                         - Sting

It's been a crappy running week. Let's blame it on the P as well as the MS, shall we? Yes, we shall. I ran four stupid treadmill miles yesterday and four miles on the trail today, which was actually kind of nice. I can't run tomorrow because I will be busily engaged in both travel and debauchery.

I'm at 447 for the year and it seems to be crunch time, no? I need to make sure I get it done!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What were the words I meant to say before you left?
When I could see your breath lead where you were going to
- The Decemberists

This has been a week of heartache. But as usual, running has pulled me through (along with some TLC). I've had some strong runs and some weak ones (like tonight) but always I'm reminded that I have strength within.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Freakin awesome

I know thatGod exists
I held her in my arms
I never knew I was able to feel this strong
- Blue October, Worry List

I had the most awesome mountain run tonight. I went up at about 430 and watched the sun go down as I ran down. Yep I ran all the way down and a lot of the way up, even places I don't normally run. It was so nice because it wasn't really crowded. A guy passed me on the way up but I stayed close and passed him on the way down and left him in my dust.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

fried chicken

you know, I like my chicken fried
cold beer on a Friday night
a pair of jeans that fit just right
and the radio uuuuup
- Zac Brown Band, Chicken Fried

I went to see ZBB on Monday and they totally rocked it! It hasn't been a bad month of running, considering my week long Mexican adventure. I got in exactly 50 miles, which was my goal, but only 14 days. I'm feeling off-kilter this week - headache every day and a little dizzy. I've had a couple great road runs and some awesome mountain runs. I even ran in a long-sleeved shirt at 11am today. For Halloween, I couldn't decide if I wanted to be Grumpy or Sleepy, so I settled on both.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who's gonna say a little grace for me?

If I’m born again I know that the world will disagree

                                        - Vampire Weekend

Tough week for running! I only went running once, for three lousy slow miles on the stupid lousy treadmill, and just now did five on the elliptical (although... I did that at level 5 resistance, which is the workout I used to do before surgery, so I felt kind of good about that). I'm hoping to get my ass in gear and do five tomorrow on the trail. 

I also registered for the Colfax Half Marathon, coming on May 18th.... WHOO HOO!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

in ruins

Here comes another song about Mexico
I just can't help myself

I had a little hiatus from running south of the border last week.  I took the kidlets to Cancun for Fall Break and it was really an incredible trip.  I'm glad I brought my running shoes, not because I ever ran in them, but because I wore them on the flight home.  Both pairs of my most cool Nike flip-flops were emitting an odor so foul I was embarassed to get on the plane with them, so I threw them away at the airport.  I'm guessing it was from swimming in the ultra-pure waters of the Mayan Cenotes.  I did think about running, however, if that counts.  But every time it occurred to me, I thought how crazy it seemed to do that when the beautiful beach lay just beyond our balcony, and my bed was so comfy.  I did walk probably 3-4 miles around Chechen Itza, a large city of Mayan ruins, when it was so humid I had not only bra sweat but butt sweat, if that counts.  I also did some kayaking, snorkeling, and ocean swimming, as well as a lot of beach chair sitting.  These are a few of the reasons why I run - so that I can enjoy myself on vacation.  Anyhoo, I was up and on the mountain first thing this morning.  It's always a little scary after having taken 6 days off.  You never know how it's going to go.  But I had a great run this morning.  A sweaty guy and I took turns passing each other, and that really kept me going, and at the end he thanked me for pushing him (when really he was pushing me).  I love the mountain people.  So 4.5 for the day, and the week.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Can you see where you're going to

Smoke in the sky
And fire in the air
Desire burns between them
One big push is gonna get you there
It takes a stronger eye to see them
When you see it in front of you
In a silhouette up ahead
And you see where you're going to
Lead your way
Sing your song
Moving every day
Going further on
                  - Bronze Radio Return, Further On

Four miles on the elliptical yesterday, and four miles outside today on the trail. I had not been on the trail for weeks and weeks...it missed me, and how I love it so. The woods even got all dolled up in their best Fall colors, just for me.

Friday, October 11, 2013

And when it gets loud, I turn it up

I spend my money on the regular miracles
Just like you, like me, like everybody else.
Up on the sun, lookin' sad and beautiful
Just like you, like me, like everybody else.

                                 - New Politics

Three miles tonight around the neighborhood. I had planned to go while the boy was at football practice, but it got cancelled because it was a little rainy and cold and apparently they are all a bunch of pansies.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Macro-ed, micro-ed, lipo-ed
12 steps forward
12 steps back
But who gives a rat's ass....
I look good!

 - The Divine Ms. M

Did three miles yesterday while the boy was at football practice, at 2:2 intervals at 12:40/mile, so very much getting better and feeling very good.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in
- Miley Cyrus

Yes I'm only a little embarrassed to quote Miley. God knows she's a train wreck but that girl has some talent. And I love this song. Sista, we don't rely entirely on you for cheeseball music, although I wouldn't go all Katy Perry on yo asses. So I began my morning with my weekly ritual of digging through my 17-yr-old daughter's closet for my running clothes. I suppose I'm equal parts flattered and frustrated that she wears my clothes, but it is most annoying that she looks better in my clothes than I do. Anyhoo, I ran outside in the hood this morning in the crisp fall air. It was a tough one. I'm generally an advocate of listening to my body, and this morning my body was screaming at me to walk. So I walked the last mile of my 3.5 mile route. Of course that's probably why I never get faster but I'm ok with that as long as I look good in my skinny jeans.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Feelin my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
- Avicii, Wake Me Up

I'm a little late to the party here but I love this song. It took me awhile to get to my run today. Like til tonight. I had a lot of couch sitting to do. I will admit I was a little skittish running in my neighborhood in pitch black after the javelina family incident at dusk a couple weeks ago where daddy J stared me down. I was afraid I'd stumble on another family, and I found myself wondering if anyone has ever died from a javelina mauling. So I did a little research when I got home and the only incidents of javelina attacks on humans that I found occurred in Tucson. Which checks out. So, 3.5 relatively uneventful miles tonight.

You're Gonna Hear Me Roar

That's right, bitchez, it's Katy Perry and I don't EVEN care, because I love that fucking song! There has clearly been a gaping hole in this blog where all the terrible cheesy music should be, but not to worry, because I AM BACK!

I'm at 400 for the year... are we still doing that? My five miles this week put me to that number, although I'm not too sure I should be counting it, since I am doing 2:4 intervals and going slow as fucking molasses. But the point is, I'm going.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Morning sky

That morning sky gave me a look
So I left while you were sleeping
That's all it took
- Blind Pilot, Half Moon

I woke up at 630 this morning, which in my world is blasphemy. I couldn't go back to sleep, but not for lack of trying. It was 930 in Atlanta, after all. So I left my babies sleeping and went to the mountain for church. It was a gorgeous cool morning, only 68 degrees and a wind blowing against me as I pushed upward. Fortunately the same wind gave me a lift on the way down. This was the best mountain run I've had in a long time. And I'm impressed that I actually got 13.5 miles in this week. Not too shabby given I was out of town. I was nice and primed to take my Casa kids bowling, where my collegiate learning kicked in and I crushed them with a 140 the first game. Now going to cheer on my Sun Devils as they blow up Notre Dame. Woot!

Friday, October 4, 2013


I'm gonna pick up the pieces
And build a Lego house
If things go wrong we can knock it down
- Ed Sheeran, Lego House

This was a tougher week than I anticipated for running. Every day after tedious meetings and running from security, I was anxious to get outside and decompress. But the meetings kept going late and then everyone wanted to go to dinner and there went my run. Today we finished up at 1 so I was able to go back to the hotel and get 3 miles done on the treadmill before heading to the airport. So at least there's that. Does running from security count? I guess I am the decider and I will decide. Alas, no.

Monday, September 30, 2013


Nothing is the same
Everything is a better change
Sometimes I see silence in your eyes
So let it all crash down
- Tim McIlraith, For Fiona

After sitting in a day-long mind-numbing meeting at Big Company headquarters, it was wonderful to get outside for a run in the gorgeous cool air with puffy white clouds floating overhead. I made the mistake of going through a door at work, and was subsequently escorted back to my meeting room by security. This despite the fact that I had a company issued badge and was signed in at security for the week. I mean, I get the importance of security, but sheesh. I had a background check, drug test and rectal exam before they even allowed my presence here, and it appears I still can't be trusted. Thanks, Big Company Security Guy!! 3 miles down, infinity to go.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


So I tell myself, I tell myself it's wrong.
There's a point we pass from which we can't return.
I felt the cold rain of the coming storm.
-Rise Against

4.5 today - which brings the 2013 total to 380.5. 

I waited until the rain stopped before I started today's run.  I realized that the humidity didn't stop at the same time as the rain, and so conditions were less than ideal.  When the rain came back towards the end of my run, I thought "this is a little better" and then the rain immediately stopped.  Which proves that Zeus was making it rain just to mess with me.  Maybe I should stop reading the Percy Jackson books...
All these buckets of rain
I've heard enough about it
You say that I lie
- Airborne Toxic Event, Changing

For many years of running in my neighborhood, I've gone by this little vase carved into the sidewalk. It has a little straw coming out the side of it. And every time I went by, I'd wonder why some kid would have taken the time to carve a little vase into the wet concrete years ago. And then one day on a particularly enlightened run, it hit me. Oh. It's a bong. It's funny how something you once took as a symbol of beauty can turn out to be just a mind fuck. 3 miles today.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Break wind

That wind is callin my name
And I won't break
Or I'll never get on
- Blind Pilot, Half Moon

The wind was angry today, my friends. It was a gorgeous day and I took to the mountain around 9. Thanks goddess for fall and cooler temps, but there was a small wind on the mountain that kicked up mini dustdevils. I kept my hat low and forged through it, grateful I didn't wear my weighted vest today. About 3/4 mile in I passed a guy in a wide-brim sunhat stretching. He stayed behind me, but at one point came charging past me. He sounded like a panicked elephant with his giant hiking boots, and he was holding his fanny pack to keep it from jiggling. And he had a phone or something in it that he was listening to someone talking with no headphones. When he started walking I passed him again, but right away he came pounding past me again, running furiously up this rocky slope that really isn't runnable. And he charged past this family with two kids scrambling to get out of the way. At first I thought he was just an ahole, but then I realized he must be doing some type of jihadist training. So the next time I passed him I tried to memorize his features for my interview with the police later. He was sotting down, still listening to the speaker and he wouldn't meet my eyes. His shirt said RELAX - nice cover buddy, but you didn't fool me. So that's 4.5 for the day, 6.5 for the week. Not my best week.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I've Got A Lot To Say - Woah

He's in love with rock n roll, woah
He's in love with getting stoned, woah
He's in love with Janie Jones, woah
He don't like his boring job, no
-The Clash

This song makes me think of David Allan Coe.  Because, he, like the Clash, furthered race relations through his music?  Not so much.  Because he sings that song about writing the perfect country song.  And this song, Janie Jones, pretty much sums up the punk scene of the 70s and 80s.  Let's check in with our protagonist.  He likes his music, partying, and his girlfriend.  But he doesn't really care for his job.  And we get to shout "woah" at the end of each line.  What's not to like?

I decided to take a hiatus from blogging these last couple of weeks.   As interesting as it is to write about how hot it is and how my run didn't go as well as planned, it was starting to seem a little trite.  So I tried something a little different.  I ate a lot of mashed potatoes until I gained 12 pounds.  And by "ate a lot of mashed potatoes", I mean "bought a weighted vest".  Free shipping - wouldn't think you could get that on something designed to be heavy.  Anyway, I ran 3 miles today with my 12 pound friend and didn't mind that I was going slowly. 

But the really good news is that it didn't interfere with the mind-wandering that I tend to enjoy while I run.  I was thinking about my recent post about Boston Pizza which made me think of another Canadian restaurant institution, Swiss Chalet.  Which is a chicken joint.  And not decorated like a Chalet - some of them are stuck on the side of a sister restaurant called Harvey's where they sell crappy hamburgers.  Which is how you can tell I'm not Canadian.  They love those burgers.  And they love the gravy at Swiss Chalet.  And they don't call it gravy.  Which reminds me of my favorite Swiss Chalet story - and I wasn't even there.  My friend was heading home after a night on the town and is waiting at the streetcar stop.  He has $2 in his pocket which is enough to ride the streetcar home.  Except that he looks across the street and sees a Swiss Chalet.  And if you knew this friend, you would know that he would have absolutely no regrets about his decision to use his $2 to purchase a pint of gravy and drink it on the walk home.  Sorry - Chalet sauce, not gravy. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Raise the Jolly Roger

They want to know if he's still got it,
They say rap's changed,
They want to know how I feel about it...

Still D.R.E (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Dr. Dre

I am a little out of practice, but here it goes. Today I crossed the 500 mile (804km) barrier somewhere on Cape Cod to. No medal ceremony, no cheers, no push ups highlighted today's journey past the proverbial Gatsby green light that 500 miles (804km) represented.  I don't remember much of where I ran but rather the people I ran with and for. Shout out to the 2 (3.2 metric) better bloggers here for making it fun and inspired.

Also, I have recently appointed myself as unspoken company DJ. So what I do now is build playlists to give upper middle aged to bona fide senior citizens unfettered joy and a spring in their step. Obviously, the burden of my coolness/nerd balance makes this uncomfortably easy. It's my thorny crown.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Now the door's locked
and I find that
the dizzy madness
is bleeding through
- BTE, Absolutely Still

630 came a bit too early this morning, so I shut off my alarm. I started this post in my mind with a quote from Extraordinary - "All I wanna do is get up early in the morning" but thankfully I looked it up and I had the words wrong. I can't bring that kind of shame to this site with all the BTE fans that read my witty commentary. So I did get up at 7 and was on the mountain by 730. Thank goodness fall has brought some milder morning temps, because I couldn't stomach the thought of sweating it out in the treadmill today. So I got my 4.5 miles in, and then went and got ASU colors on my toenails to bring luck to my Devils in the grand finale of my guilt-free day on the couch watching college football with my boy. Speaking of which, one of the primary reasons I watch Oregon football is their awesome uniforms, but today they look like neon bananas. Also they are playing like neon bananas. What's up with that?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cowboy Ugly American

So down, down, down
like a ball of flames,
to the rotten core filling up with names
of hypocrites
what a massive list,
don't exclude yourself from it.
-Chuck Ragan

Some catching up.  On Sunday I ran 4.5 miles.  It kinda sucked.  I wanted to run 6, but - oh, nevermind.  Anyway, after my run I caught a flight to Dallas.  There were a couple of people on the flight who fit the following profile: by themselves, decked out in Cowboys gear, clearly on their way to the Sunday Night game.  And for one quick second I thought "that's weird, flying to another city, by yourself, to go to a football game".  And then I remembered.  Me too.  But my case was different - I was going for work (and I wasn't wearing one shred of Cowboys gear - I was wearing my Eli Manning jersey).  OK - I don't have one of those either.

Before the game I ate at Boston's, which is the US version of a Canadian restaurant named Boston Pizza.  I'm not making that up.  There really is a Canadian-based restaurant chain named after a US city (not particularly known for it's pizza) that has been so successful that they started a US version of it.  This is either the weirdest thing ever - or just the restaurant equivalent of me.  Except that it is sort of lame.  Hey - no adding your own punchline here.

At the game, I sat near the top of the stadium and it was like being in the world's greatest sports bar.  I sat with a bunch of other people watching a game on a ginormous TV.  On punts and kickoffs I could watch the field - but other than that the 160-foot TV was much better.  So here's the thing - I don't like the Cowboys.  But, of course, my nemesis Eli threw 3 terrible picks and made sure the Cowboys won. 

Then today I ran 3 miles.  Still not waking up early.  Still struggling.  362.5 for the year.


So if you see those so-called demons
Don't bother sayin I said hi
- Dan Adriano, of peace, quiet and monsters

I knew this week would be tough being in NY the whole week in meetings, but we ended today at 530 so I was able to hit the 100 sq foot "gym" at the Holiday Inn for 3 miles. Oddly enough, it felt like I was running downhill the whole time. Now I'm off to Carmine's in Times Square which supposedly has occasional celebrity guests. My last Hoo-rah in NY.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just the other day I felt
We could be everything
- BTE, Porcelain

I got up on the mountain at about 7 this morning and it was a gorgeous, cool and rainy morning. I did a lot of good running, and focused on picking my feet up so as to avoid the disaster that befell me the other day. One of my friends the other night suggested that perhaps it's time for me to give up trail running since I have such weak ankles, but that thought has never occurred to me. And of course it's ridiculous. The mountain is church. The mountain is beauty. It's solace and healing and celebration and grace. And peace.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ima let you finish

Where are you
And I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep
I cannot dream tonight
- blink 182, miss you

I hereby declare this the greatest song of all time. No disrespect to Kanye, as I do agree that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. But this song just settles in and sticks. I put it on repeat as loud as I could stand for my entire 3 mile workout at the gym this afternoon, which wasn't bad btw, and it just bounced around in my head like a dolphin in a net and made me feel ok. I had my alarm set for 6am this morning intending to take advantage of the cloud cover and relatively cooler temps, but it was not to be. Then I had a bowling date with one of my mentee kids. I swear the last time I went bowling they had these scoring tables with overhead projectors. Now it's all new fangled electronics that an 8 year old figured out faster than I. But I schooled her in bowling. First game I whipped her 78-76. See, I took bowling in college and learned all the strategies and techniques. Don't never tell me my college education wasn't worth it.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Resolutions, resolutions, a little too much sin
I want to play some Al Green records and spend more time with Tim
I want to get out in the sunshine and take some of it in
Take it slow
-Dave Hause

I keep resolving to get up early and run, but it just doesn't work.  This sounds like a clear no fault situation.  For whatever reason, but clearly not my fault, getting up early isn't working.  And so that means I have to jam a run in some other time during the day.  During the hot, hot day.  (You would miss the heat reference if it wasn't here).  Since I didn't have much time to fit in my run, I decided to do the mile challenge.  And after .3 miles of running hard, I was pretty winded.  Awesome.  Anyway - I made it all the way through my 1 mile and my time was not awful, but it could be better.  I was a little bit faster than the 50th percentile for my age.  I hope that is the 50th percentile of runners and not of everyone, but I won't look any closer.

So in the spirit of speeding things up, I will add this version (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAt85nUvb-g) of Resolutions to the playlist, but not this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyG-7vvo_eE).  Good for Dave for experimenting, but as much as I love the folk music he sings, it's his inner punk that makes it work. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cry in the Sun

With a hand to your head
You sigh out loud
As a memory rushes over
And buries you
 - BTE, Cry in the Sun
There's another line in that song, "when the devil beats his wife," that my dad always used to say when it was raining and the sun was out.  I never understood that line, and I still don't today.  Anyway, I was a little reluctant to try the mountain this morning given that it was supposed to be 88 degrees at 6am, but I decided to go for it.  I had a lot to do today and my day always goes better when I've had a chance to seek solace on the mountain, especially when I'm rewarded by deadly snakes and deer.  So I went up and it really wasn't too bad heat-wise, there was a decent breeze blowing.  I ran more than I have the past couple times, and it's motivating to race the sun to the top. I beat the sun by quite a bit this morning, and was running down thinking I'm gonna run the whole way down today, and see how far I can get before the sun hits me.  I was feeling alright.  And then it happened.  The sun hit me.  The devil beat his wife.  I felt my toe catch going down a good slope, and I flailed for what felt like three minutes, thinking wow that was a close one, I almost lost it, that would have been painful.  Except then I was sprawled out sliding face first down the mountain, my bra filling up with sand and rocks.  It wasn't my usual kind of fall, where I bounce back up quickly to save face with anyone who may be around.  No.  I laid on the ground stunned after this one, and got up very slowly.  I was covered in dirt, road rash and pasty blood.  Good times on the mountain, people!  I hobbled down, and even ran some of the rest of the way, and soaked my wounds when I got home.  Now my body aches in that old lady kind of way and I have a painful bruise near where my foot broke before.  Counting myself lucky.  4.5 for today, mark it down. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tempo Run

We cruised along at half speed
But then we shifted gears
We ran like vampires from a thousand burning suns
-Rise Against

As I understand it, there is a thing called a tempo run.  You run at a comfortable pace at the beginning and end of your run, but at a faster pace in the middle.  So I tried it.  On the treadmill.  It wasn't awful.  It helped to break up the monotony of the treadmill (that and the episode of Property Brothers that was playing in the gym).  I don't think my top speed approached that of vampires running from a thousand burning suns.  It was more like the Hulk jogging to his yoga class. Which might sound like nonsense, but just consider yourself lucky.  I've been trying to win the New Yorker cartoon contest.  Or I should say, I've been trying to get the judges to recognize the true winner.  So questions about what Hulk would say in a yoga class have been filling my head. 

My 3 miles today brings me up to 354 for the year.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Doubly blessed

Remarkably, I was not recalcitrant to get out of bed at 6 am this morning. I woke to the beautiful sound of rolling thunder, and it was a perfect day for an early mountain run. I ran more than I did yesterday but it was still tough. About a half mile from the top, I saw a biker pulled over and looking in the brush. She pointed out to me a black rattlesnake that had been on the path! I don't think I've ever seen a rattlesnake in the wild, and from what she said, this black one was a rare sight and more poisonous than other rattlers. We watched it for awhile until it disappeared, and I felt so lucky to have seen it. 
I got to the top along with the sun and then ran a lot of the way down.  About a mile from the trail head a deer leapt across the trail right in front of me. It was amazing. I think I startled him with all my huffing and puffing. He stopped a way off the trail and just stared at me and I could see he had a small rack (keep your minds out of the gutter please). Two very cool and rare sights on the trail this morning!  What a beautiful and perfect way to start my day.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Pray for Tucson
Pray for me
Pray these roads lead home and won't take us too far
- Dave Hause, Pray for Tucson

The stars were aligned and I managed to get up and go run the mountain this morning at 6:30. Well, there wasn't much running that went on but you know what I mean. It was a beautiful morning with a tiny bit of crispness in the air. Thank god fall is here at last. I really struggled and even thought about turning around on the way up, but I kept pushing and made it through. I was cursing myself for forgetting to grab something to eat before I went. But I made it to the top before the sun did. The sun was bright on the way down though, and I was out of water. Fortunately my hat acts as a sundial and rotates to keep the sun off of my face.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Long road

We all walk the long road
Cannot stay
All the precious moments
Cannot stay
- Pearl Jam, Long Road

I did manage to haul myself to the gym this morning and push through my 3 mile workout, which is a decent start to September. I did 46 miles last month, which wasn't as good as I hoped. I think I'm around 340 for the year, I have it written down somewhere. So 500 is definitely doable. Consistency is the key to making it down that road. Consistency and being gentle with myself when I fall down.

My State of Grace Is Gone

Oh, I for one may not shy,
Away from the fact that I'm sick,
And too tired to stand this
-Hot Water Music

Today's post will be brought to you by Grumpy Old Bastard.  Here's the deal.  I, as a convicted (but reformed) jaywalker, obey the laws around crossing the street.  I expect the same of all of you - especially you Green Camry.  I know you had a Whole Foods emergency.  Maybe they were running out of grass-fed, free-range lettuce.  Or something like that.  But just don't try to run over me on your way to get there. 

And another thing.  If you park your car across the sidewalk - you are only giving people three options.  I'm not running into the street (on a matter of principle), I'm unable to do a cool parkour move over your car, and so I have to run into your yard.  And sometimes egregiously and gratuitously.  I think this is fair - it's not like I'm going to burn down your house.  That would be my friend Randy's response.  But he is a documented serial escalator - it's why we both love and fear him.  Anyway - the blocking of the sidewalk is just so selfish - there are plenty of spots on the street, just park there.  And speaking of selfish Texans - Johnny, don't be such a jackass.  You've got the brains of Favre and the arm of Tebow.  Neither of those is a compliment. 

Wow - I don't know where all that came from.  Oh yeah - it was hot and I ran 5 miles. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

But you
You're not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight
- Alannis Morisette, Uninvited

Today I had a play date with one of the little girls I mentor, and fortunately she likes going to my gym so I was able to kill two birds with one stone. I got in 1.5 miles on the treadmill before she got bored and we moved on to a game of Horse. It was fun teaching her how to play Horse, and I was reminded of how my sisters and I used to antagonize each other by shouting "you're a hor!" It was the only time I could call my sister a hor without getting in trouble, so it had to be taken advantage of. It makes me wonder why we never invented a game called Bitch.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Minimal Sleep and Mexican Food

All my rage
Sits inside
When even the finest things
Are leaving you hollow
-Better Than Ezra

Minimal Sleep and Mexican Food.  That's going to be the title of my long distance running self-help book.  It turns out that it is a crappy way to train.  Who knew?  Why am I on this regimen?  Well, last night we saw Better Than Ezra (and ate Mexican food at the restaurant next door to the show).  It was a good show, even though they don't seem to know what their best songs are.  You would think the band would know these things.  I was disappointed not to hear This Time of Year, At The Stars, Hollow, and Porcelain.  We did get a lot of other good stuff, including a very involved Hall & Oates joke, a bang-on ZZ Top impression, and some great BTE songs.  Good show - but I am the old man who wants shows to start earlier...

Anyway, with that preparation I ran 3 miles today.  Slooooooowly.  It was warm (obligatory heat check).  During my run, I was about to cross a residential street when a mail truck made a left turn right in front of me.  I saw him the whole time so it wasn't a big deal, but I did wonder why he had to cut me off.  Then I imagined Jack Bauer driving the mail truck and yelling "Federal Agent" at me as he took the corner.  Which is something postal employees should shout more often.  Then I wondered if Jack Bauer was a mail carrier which rules he would break in the name of the greater good.  Then I wondered if my brain was permanently damaged or if it was just temporary insanity causing me to think these crazy thoughts.  Jack Bauer is played by a Canadian - he wouldn't pass the background check at the PO.  None of this could happen.  Crazy.  At least these are secrets inside my head that no one else will ever know...

Anyway...Hollow is in.  It's OK that it isn't on the set list for this tour.  It's still cool with me.


I ain't the kind you take home to mama
I ain't the kind to wear no ring
Somehow I always get stronger
When I'm on my separate team
- Miranda Lambert

The storm clouds followed me into the gym. Turns out they were in my head. It was the kind of clouds that make it difficult to get off the couch much less leave the house, and I actually stood on the treadmill awhile before I found the gumption to start running. And some old dude came over and put on the weather channel. Seriously?? So the prospect I had in front of me was running to golf and the weather. Just shoot me already. But I did start, and I ran a slow steady 2.5 miles at 2% incline. And I do feel better now. Running is the one thing you can do that makes you feel better 100% of the time. Now I'm off to drink my dinner. Drinking sometimes helps too.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Dogs of February

Don't you love it when it doesn't
work out quite the way it was supposed to
Don't you hate it when it isn't
quite like the fairy tale that they told you
-Lowest of the Low

This song is called The Dogs of February, but I would suggest that in the highly unlikely event that the Low tours through this part of the world, that they change it to The Dogs of August.  August is just not pleasant here.  I carved my way through the August humidity today for 4 miles.  How did I know it was humid - 3 ways. 1) the rain that fell on part of my run,  2) the amount of sweat I carried in my clothes during the run, and 3) the lack of air in the air.  But I made it through. 

I think I was supposed to run farther today, but I haven't committed to a training schedule.  The schedule I like best includes only running 3 times per week, but it has a lot of long runs in it.  The one with the shorter runs is 4 times per week.  Funny how that works.  I'm sure it will all work out.  Nonetheless, the next race will be the rematch with the small (and fast) children in Galveston.  I'm sure they also have it circled on their calendars (or in the calendar app on their phones).

Tell me actions speak louder
But there's somethin about her words
That hurts
- Maroon 5/Lady Antebellum, Out of Goodbyes

I had a plan to get up early this morning and do the mountain again, but at 6 am it suddenly didn't seem like such a good idea. But it was still somewhat cool and overcast at 830 so I went for a run outside. It was not fun, not because of the weather but because it seems so much harder to run outside after treadmilling it all summer. Plus I haven't run since last Tuesday. So I did 3.5 but it wasn't pretty.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Well maybe I'm a little bit slow, or just consistently inconsistent
She said, "Unpredictability's my responsibility, baby."
-Hot Hot Heat

3 more today.  I think that makes 342 for the year.  For a quick review of this summer, I ran 26.2 miles on June 2nd.  And then I've run about that much since then.  But no matter.  I have a good little routine going here the last few days and we will call that victory. 

I was going to try to make it through a post without mentioning how hot it is.  Can't do it.  It was really damn hot today.

Fantasy football draft tonight.  No idea what my strategy is.  I guess I will stay unpredictable (except I won't be taking Eli).

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hear me now and don't forget
I'm not the man my actions would suggest
-The Afghan Whigs

I prepared for my run tonight by eating too much at dinner and then falling asleep during my son's bedtime routine.  Coupled with the fact that I felt dehydrated before I started and I've been fighting off some sort off phlegm invasion, I was primed for a run.  3 miles of fun.

When I started my run tonight, I noticed that my shirt smelled.  Not like sweat.  Like a whole aerosol can of 1970s  hairspray had been emptied into it.  Also known as Tide "Fresh".  I thought, no matter, it will only make me run faster.  It didn't.  It only made the run much more unpleasant.  More on that later.

And by later I mean now.  I wanted to stall a little bit to give the squeamish readers a chance to turn away.  Because I made a major step towards becoming a real runner.  Yes, I started to feel bad during my run.  Yes, I did dry heave.  Twice.  No, I did not break my stride.  And I'm sure that I looked very debonair in my stinky shirt, running and heaving.  So why not.  Debonair by The Afghan Whigs is in.  Enjoy.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

The mountain was angry that day, my friends

Please don't resist anymore
I'll never leave you alone
- Maroon 5, Get Back In My Life

A miracle occurred this morning. I was up before 6am on a Sunday. BF had the awesome idea to get up early and run the mountain and I was excited at the prospect of an outside run. As it turned out, the mountain ran me. I started out ok running the first 3/4 mile but I was quickly exhausted. The sun was still behind the mountain but it was about 90 degrees, and it was about as tough a time I've had with the mountain as I can remember. But I marked down 4.5 ugly miles. Bf had an awesome run and I felt bad at how much time he spent waiting for me. Such is the nature of the mountain - sometimes she builds you up and sometimes she tears you down.

It's All The Same

And do it all over again
It's all the same
-Sick Puppies

But it isn't.  At first, I thought it was, but it isn't.  I woke up early (ish) to run before it got hot.  Ha.  But while it was not pleasant, it was not the same as running later in the day.  So at least there is that.  I ran 5 miles this morning and it wasn't awful.  This might be the start of some real training.

And the Sick Puppies are in.  Mellow, early in the playlist.  I have to admit, when I heard the name Sick Puppies, I expected them to sound a lot like Pantera.  They don't.


Friday, August 16, 2013


Dirty deeds, Thunderchief
-Incorrect ACDC lyric

And I knew
There was no help, no help from you...
You've been thunderstruck
-ACDC (different song)

On Monday I ran 1 mile and then lifted some weights.  On Tuesday I ran 2 miles.  This is the perfect way to train for long runs.  In two weeks, I'll be ready to run a half.  Except for not running since then.  But  I have a good excuse - on Thursday I was traveling and I had a layover in Chicago at Midway.  I learned 2 things there.  First, if you walk quickly, but keep your head tilted to the side so you are not looking where you are going - it is 100% the other person's responsibility to get out of your way.  I saw one guy doing this and thought he was a jackass.  And then I saw a bunch more people.  I don't know if it is a Chicago thing, or if maybe I've been doing this and so I haven't noticed the other people doing it. 

And then there is the other thing.  I understand that we all have a lot of calls to make.  Especially in an airport.  But the men's room is not the place to be on the phone.  The other person has to hear all the flushing and other noises.  It's just not a good idea.  People - you have to stop this.

My excuse for not running last week was that I went on a camping trip.  In Canada.  And I'm not a camper (or technically a Canadian).  So I learned the word thunderbox.  Another place where you shouldn't be on the phone.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Not meant to be

I got on the treadmill and wiped it down and fiddled with my music for a few minutes before pressing start, and it wouldn't start. So I hopped over to the next one and started it while I wiped it down, and accidentally cranked it up to 5 incline, so I cranked it back down and started running. I was tired and winded, but I didn't stop, mind you, I pushed through it for a mile. Then I had to hop off and go to the bathroom, and as I went to reduce it to 1% incline I saw that I had only been running at 1.5% instead of my normal 2. Dammit. So I hit the bathroom (I made the mistake of eating cherries this morning. So.) Then I got back on the treadmill and started running again and this time it was even worse in terms of fatigue, maybe because I had a great workout last night, who knows, but I walked after a bit and then ran again and then at 1.54 miles the treadmill. Just. Stopped. I pushed buttons furiously to get it going again but it was done. As was I. I almost gave up then, and just went home, but I talked myself into at least starting the nerd workout on the track. And, I finished the mile without further incident. So 2.5 for the day. Damn treadmill. How dare you try to show me mercy??

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I set all my regrets on fire

Cause I know I'll never take the time
To unpack my missteps
- Fun, Out on the Town

This has been an awesome month, almost as awesome as June was bad. I ran 22 days this month for a total of 57.5 miles. I've got some ground to make up, that's fo sho. But I'm getting there! 3 miles today and yesterday with strength training mixed in. I was talking on the phone this morning and glanced in the mirror and noticed a muscle in my thigh. So I spent the next few minutes (or hours) striking poses to admire my new muscle definition. And it is worth noting that today for the SECOND consecutive time, I tried to order a snack-size Reeses McFlurry (the worlds most perfect dessert) and the damn ice cream machine was down. At two different McDonalds!! The universe is conspiring against my demonic dessert habit. No regrets.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Tomorrow's just a song away
Just a song away
- Hockey, Just a Song

Sitting in Sauce after school shopping with my daughter, this song was on the radio. And I contemplated how upsetting this fact would likely be for Bad Haircut, since he seems to be a connoisseur of music off the beaten path, and Sauce is most certainly on the beaten path. Nevertheless, it's a good song and I am glad he introduced it to me. I hit the gym for a sweaty 3 miles today with nerd workout on the last mile. I longed for the days of cooler weather when I could run the mountain on the weekends. Or even days when the gym wasn't such a sweat box. Alas, cooler days are just a song away.

Just One

La, la, la, don't wanna talk about it
La, la, you go on and on and on about it
-Brendon Benson

So here was the thought process for today.  It's hot.  I don't want to be outside in the heat for a long time.  If I go for a short run I won't be outside for very long.  The faster I run, the less time in the heat, and therefore, it doesn't matter how hot it is.  That last part is where it all falls apart.  Anyway, I thought I would run my fastest mile.  But I didn't.  I thought I did, and then I looked at my time.  And we aren't going to talk about it.  But the one mile does bring me up to 328 for the year.  Which means there are only 172 miles left.

And then I went to get a haircut and in the chair next to me is a guy with a real mullet.  And not just a little bit - it was like a combination between Kenny Powers and Jaromir Jagr.  I have no idea why he was getting a haircut.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Percussion Gun

My god, can't you see that
I know which way to run
You're tired, my love
I feel the same
-White Rabbits

I ran 3 miles yesterday, didn't blog, and I feel terrible.  Just to be clear - I don't feel terrible about not blogging right away, my body just feels terrible.  Overtraining?  As much as I want to say yes, not likely.  Jet lag?  Nope - no travel this week.  Houstonitis?  Probably.  We are one of the least fit cities in the world.  This excuse feels perfect.  It's not me, it's you.  The rest of you people here in this city have drug me down.  Anyway, I just feel tired.  Not sure if tomorrow's run is going to happen.

But we still have important business to get to.  Percussion Gun from White Rabbits is in to the official playlist.  This song is the only type of gun that you can't purchase in any sporting goods store in Texas.  And by sporting goods store, I mean grocery store, school, furniture store, hospital, or convenience store.  I don't mean to be misunderstood here, I clearly support everyone's right to own a musket in case King George is going door to door.  I just don't really believe that you need an AR-15 in case Obama shows up.  But little Prince George, we might have to watch him.  Anyone related to Pippa can stir up their fair share of trouble...


Thursday, July 25, 2013


When I'm gone
When I'm gone
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone
- Anna Kendrick, Cups

Here's what I have to say about that. You can cloak your cost cutting initiatives under the guise of environmentalism but I know better. I pay an assload of money to sweat on your fancy treadmills with no airflow, and if I want that "extra cup" by god I think I've paid for it. And really, who takes an extra cup? Are there people who hoard styrofoam cups? Or surround themselves with multiple drinks in order to have one within arms reach at all times? Or perhaps sell them on eBay in order to pay for their membership? Hey now, there's an idea ... 2 miles sweated out today. 3 on Tues and Wed. Not a bad week so far.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cheque It Out

I said pretend you've got no money
she just laughed and said "oh you're so funny"
I said "yeah, well I can't see anyone else smiling in here"

I made a quick trip to the bank today.   I ran 2 miles there and then 1 mile back.  It was warm.

This would have been easier in Canada - not just the warm part.  My bank there (not banque, no matter how much you want it to be), was open all the time.  Until 8PM on weekdays.  All day Saturday.  Parts of Sunday.  My bank here closes at 4PM.  I guess if you are open 9-4, you are catering to people who don't have jobs.  But you would think, oh nevermind...

I know, they want me to take a picture of my check (but it is cheque in Canada) with my phone and believe that it will end up in my account.  OK - I'll try it, but it doesn't seem like it will work.

There was a feature on The Daily Show comparing banks on either side of the border.  The North side considered their banker as a trustworthy extension of their family.  The South side was mostly bleeped out.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

When it rains

I decided to take advantage of the cool overcast morning and go for a run outside today. I wasn't going to take phatty mcphatterson because I know she doesn't like getting wet, but she insisted. About a quarter mile in it started raining pretty hard and I decided if it was still raining after a mile then I would turn back. But it calmed down so we went on. Pretty soon it was just pouring and my shoes were sloshing through puddles. We made it to the gym and took refuge in a little restaurant patio outside the gym until K came to rescue us. Last night I went to the gym with bf and did 2 miles in a hurry because there were two cuties downstairs playing volleyball and I wanted to play.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nerd Herd

My age has never made me wise
But I keep pushing on and on and on
- Imagine Dragons, Nothing Left to Say

Today was a treadmill day. Ugh. I pushed through the first two miles at incline sweating like a hog. I remembered some words of wisdom I picked up somewhere along the way: There are two kinds of people at the gym - those who wipe the equipment down and the worst people in the world. My habit now is to wipe the equipment BEFORE I run, as there are a lot of the worst people in the world out there. Hell, I used to be one. Then I settled in to watch the four TVs in front of me and try to decipher them whilst listening to loud music. There's frequently a finance show on CNBC when I go to the gym mid-day, and I remembered that I actually bought Costco stock a couple years ago after deciphering that it had taken a big drop, and it has done pretty well for me. Alas, no great stock tips today. Then I took to the indoor track for a nerd workout, and I always have this fear that somehow I will stumble and fall over the balcony to the basketball court below. But I made it through once again. I'm grateful to bf for introducing this workout to me. I've never been able to force myself to do strength training until now, it's actually somewhat enjoyable. Anyway, 3 miles for the day. Good progress for the month.

By Choice, Man

Musta got lost, I got lost, musta got lost
somewhere down the line
-J Geils Band

I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and I wish I could say it was on purpose.  I was in Albuquerque and on my way out on the run, there was a crappy section of sidewalk.  I was so concerned about avoiding it on my return to the hotel, that I made sure to run on the other side of the street.  Except that I was on a different street at the time.  And then missed my turn.  And then, I was a little bit lost.  But luckily, my hotel is the ugliest thing for miles (it's called a pyramid, but it is decorated with a couple brown rows of orange trapezoids - was probably very cool in the 80s), and so I was able to find my way back. 

So here is what I learned on this trip. 
  • The advice from my friend Jefe to run until you get lost is crap. 
  • Albuquerque is the exact same place as Tucson, just harder to spell (except Tucson has gas stations near the rental car return at the airport). 
  • No matter how much you want to experience local foods, no matter how much you like cucumber water, cucumber Gatorade, or The Other Guys, do not order a cucumber margarita.  Green chile mac and cheese is OK though.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Heat

All systems go
The sun hasn't died
- Imagine Dragons, Radioactive

I went running outside this morning while my son was doing football conditioning and let me tell you, it was hotter than a motherfu**er out there. And humid. I felt bad for those boys out there doing sprints and assorted other torture. I went about 3 miles and sweat about 2 gallons from each armpit. In all, a good workout. Then I went out and ruined it all at lunch with a client. Damn job!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


That's all I could think about during my mile-high run in Denver this morning. I did my 4 mile route down to the church - 2 miles downhill and 2 miles uphill. I did great on the downhill. Enough said. I couldn't help but think about the last time I ran that way. I got home from my trip to find my Buddy dying. So I thought about him for a bit. He was a good kitty and he had a happy life. Ten I ran by this beautiful meadow with some horses in it, and I was reminded about how as a small Catholic girl, I believed I had video cameras in my eyeballs, so whenever I would pass horses or other really cool animals, I would close my right eye to record them. I wanted to keep them with me forever. Then I felt a little guilty for dedicating all of my recording space to animals, so I started using my right camera for godly things like churches and statues that I found pretty. It's only now that I realize they are the same.

Outside Good?

Bitter, bitter mouth
Spitin' out seeds of doubt

Earlier this week, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill in Chicago, trying out my plan to avoid the summer heat.  I like air conditioning. I like TV.  There is only one problem with this plan.  Running on the treadmill is awful.  I hate the accounting of running.  I don't want to know my pace, I don't want to know every time I pass another hundredth of a mile.  I can't stop my mind from doing all the "until I can quit" calculations.  And all the "I don't think I can stand another x minutes or x miles".  Or worrying about the number of laps by the little red dot which represents me.  And I don't like the fact that if I quit there is no consequence (like having to walk home).  All of my thoughts about the treadmill can be summed up by turning the blog over to my 3 year old niece.

"Don't like it"

Thanks.  I'm back.  So I ran outside today.  4.5 miles.  It was hot and muggy and wonderful.  I just ran.  I had no plan other than I wanted to run more than 3 miles (check) and that I wanted to decide between Janie Jones and Complete Control for a song by The Clash for my new playlist (fail).  Instead, I'm starting my new playlist with Cruel by Calexico.  My new favorite band from Tucson.  Enjoy.  BTW - 316.5 miles done.


Friday, July 12, 2013

That's fine

And I said that's fine
But you're the only one that knows I lied
- Ed Sheeran

I ran into this little guy on my run this morning in the rolling Castle Rock neighborhood. The hills are not easy although I ran about half of them with my lungs near exploding. 35 minutes, maybe 2.5 miles. Gorgeous sunshine and a gentle breeze. No lie!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

She swore and said we are not
We are not shining stars
This I know
I never said we are
- Fun, Carry On

So today I went for a run in Denver at around 815. It wasn't too hot but the sun sure is intense here. And the altitude, aye! So I ended up doing about 2 miles in a field along a railroad track. Then I took the kidlets and neice/nephew to a place called Dinosaur Ridge where you can see actual dinosaur bones and tracks. It wasn't as cool as it was chalked up to be, but it was a 3 mile hike around the area up a fairly steep hill. We ran down, so I'm crediting myself 3 miles for today. I took yesterday off but did run 2.5 and 3 in Mon and Tues. Good month so far.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

This is why I love my gym

After a sweaty treadmill run and nerd workout, I can go relax by the pool and enjoy the view of the mountains while reading or playing words. It was ungodly hot out there this morning so I didn't last too long, but it made for some nice relaxation. I swam laps yesterday instead of running, which was a nice change.

The Letter B

I'm gonna run and I won't brake
For nothing and no one and just wait
'Til I feel like myself again
-Brendan Benson

I was going to run on the treadmill today, but my "gym" isn't open on Sundays. But I would not be da turd deterred. I ran 3 miles through the neighborhood.  Early on, I took inventory and my legs hurt, my lungs hurt, it was hot and I was sweating like crazy.  So now we know that not really running for a month isn't the best training strategy.  

Today's run had my iPod set to Brendan Benson, which I enjoyed, and I made it around the 3 mile loop in about 27 minutes.  I'm going to give it a B-.  But as the man says, I just have to keep on running until I feel like myself again.  Or I can spend the next 3 months running inside.  I think I'm going to try plan B.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Central Texas Run

This carrion has been forgotten
left for dead in the sun rotting
-Alkaline Trio

I ran 4 miles in the Central Texas heat.  I thought I was getting an early start, but it didn't matter.  I had a partner for the first part of the run, my small companion was running the half mile out to the mailbox and then was going to bring the mail back to the house.  But there wasn't any.  And so as he turned around and I started to set up on the rest of my run - it happened.  He fell down.  Who falls down early in a run?  Oh yeah.  I guess it must be hereditary.  Anyway, he was OK and ran most of the way back as I followed and then I turned around and did the rest of my run.

I ran down the rural road that leads to the highway.  When I got to the turnaround point, there was a line of buzzards in the road, enjoying a dead squirrel in a very orderly fashion.  I thought that I could turn around early and leave them alone, but I decided that I wasn't going to let them deter me from my route.  So I did all that I could to look strong (I didn't want to give them any ideas) and forged ahead.  They moved and I made it to the turnaround point.  And then had to go back through them.  Not feeling strong.  Luckily, this is Central Texas, and so a giant Dually (yep - that's a thing - big truck with dual rear wheels on each side) came down the road and moved them out of the way. 

I struggled on the way home.  It was hot.  And I haven't been running enough.  Oh yeah, also it was hot.  And there wasn't anyone passing out popsicles.  Anyway, it puts me at 309 for the year.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Not changing

The reason that I'm here
Is the same through all these years
Not changing
Not changing
Not changing anything at all
- Imagine Dragons, Coming Home

Even though this morning was perhaps the worst mile I've ever run, I will still keep running. Bf had me up before 8 on a holiday when we had agreed to sleep in. According to him, we did. So I was at the gym at the ungodly hour of 8:15. Maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, but it was hard. We haven't worked out together in a long time though, so I'm glad I got up. I did an excruciating mile on the treadmill at incline, and my heart was racing and my lungs couldn't seem to get air. My body just takes awhile to get going. Then I switched to the track and did a painful nerd mile. So two miles today. Yesterday I went about 10am and had a great workout - two miles at incline and a third nerd mile on the track with 20 reps every three laps. So anyway, 11 miles for the week so far. 500 here I come.

Monday, July 1, 2013


you can go to hell
it'll suit you well
and melt your cold black heart
- The New Amsterdams, Ex's and Oh's

It was 119 degrees in the gym when I went running tonight.  Wait, no, that was outside.  It was a tad cooler inside.  I did my first two miles at 2 and 1 incline, and I was sweating so much my arms we shiny.  Yeah, gross.  I did my third mile on the track with some strength training mixed in (aka the nerd workout) and it was much cooler there.  It was a struggle to get through that last mile though.  The first day back is never hardest - it's the second that kills.  I probably ate enough for two or three people last week - full meals with dessert provided at every meal and fatty snacks in between.  I ate out of boredom and tiredness mainly, which is unfortunate.  And I am feelin it this week fo sho. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Damn straight

I might not be the same
But that's not important
No freedom 'til we're equal
Damn right I support it
- Macklemore

I heard this song on the radio in San Diego last week and fell in love with it. It's really a good one. So I never woulda thought that June could be worse than April when my foot was broken, but it was. With work travel, dead cat, and vacation the month just got away from me. I only ran 6 days, including today (3), for a total of 17.4 miles. Ugh. I'm 227.5 YTD. The goal is in jeopardy and I need to get off my arse. Back at it in July!!! Damn straight.

Friday, June 28, 2013

What's My Scene?

And another thing
I've been wondering lately
Oh, baby, tell me
Where have you been?
-Hoodoo Guns
I went on a tour of the homes of crappy American beers.  I was Milwaukee short of the trifecta.  First I went to St. Louis (didn’t run or visit the casino) and then Denver (ran once).  I only ran for 2 miles because it was hot, at altitude, and I just didn’t feel like doing much.  Here’s a list of other things that have happened since the marathon
  • I ran one mile on a treadmill in St. Louis (different trip, did visit the casino)
  • Aaron Hernandez got himself arrested.  You would think if you signed a contract paying you $8 million per year you could wake up each morning and decide “not gonna kill anyone today”.  But, of course, Bill Belichek saw this coming and planned ahead by signing Little Baby Jesus to be his backup quarterback tight end. 
  • Runs of 2 and 3 miles outside in Houston
  • I went to Supercuts and got a lower-case bad haircut.  But more importantly, while I was there, they announced on the radio that Twinkies were returning to the shelves.  A cheer erupted.  I exaggerate not.  Erupted.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This is looking like a contest
Of who can act like they care less
- Taylor Swift

I got out for a run this morning after I dropped J at football conditioning camp. I chatted with a mom who was there yesterday and asked me about Js football experience. I said he played pop Warner the last two years and she said "oh, the wolves?" And I said yeah. And she goes, "my sons team played them twice last year and annihilated them." Huh. Really? So wanting to avoid a pissing contest along the lines of "my son is better than your son" I left and went for a run. Because my son is so much better anyway, it's not worth the argument. It was probably 88 degrees and I ran along this empty wash filled with homes that belonged to either ground squirrels or rattle snakes. The thought of the latter was enough to keep me moving for awhile but I tired out and walked back. It's damn hot here. 3 miles.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I was almost in need of a defibrillator
I don't know what went wrong
I had to shake it off
But I got stuck
- MirAnda Lambert, Fine Tune

I don't even like this song, but the lyrics resonated as I was gasping and sweating on the treadmill this evening. I was hungry and thirsty and tired etc etc. but kinda impressed with myself that I managed to go after a day in the orafice. I managed only two miles before I packed it in. I am reminded that consistency is the most important thing in running. And if you keep at it, it always gets better.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A bad week

When I got home from Denver last Thursday, I realized my cat and office mate was sick, so I took him to the vet. After a long night he died. This really threw me into a funk, I really loved the little guy and he was good company. So, I couldn't make myself leave the house until this past Thursday when I made the ill-fated decision to run outside. At noon. After over a week off. It really wasn't too bad starting off but it deteriorated rapidly. I went three but only ran about half of it. Today I went to the gym and managed 2.5 on the dreadmill before sitting poolside and getting caught up on my reading (I'm several issues behind on People Magazine). So anyway, it's summer and I'm resigned to indoor workouts for the next couple months. Sigh.

Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm glad you asked

Yeah it's all alright
It's all alright
I got nothin left inside of my chest
But it's all alright
- Fun.

Out of breath? You ask. Why yes, I am. I just went for a run in Colorado and as usual, the hills and altitude killed me. I think I went about 4 miles and it was a beautiful breezy evening. I watched the sun set and admired the horses in the pastures. The downhill parts were enjoyable, the uphills not so much, but I walked when it felt like my lungs would explode. I didn't physically run over the weekend except when I was chasing trollys to watch Bad Haircut and Ran Dumb Thoughts conquer the San Diego Marathon. Or something like that. I ran in spirit, which is a lot less painful. Awesome job guys.

Marathon Post #3

The good times we knew
I'd tell you about them baby
But you were there, you were with me, too
-Tom Cochrane

I felt strong through about mile 19.  At that point I was really tired.  And my legs were really, really tired.  But this was OK.  I knew that there would be some pain, I just didn’t want to have anything like heat exhaustion (thank you, San Diego, 64 degrees was perfect), or have one of my internal organs explode.  So I continued on and entered the “deal-making” section of the race.  If I run 200 steps, then I can walk 100.  Etc.  Then came the highway.  Around mile 20 the route was uphill along the highway.  For as far as the eye could see.  And then again.  And again.  I stuck to the plan (twist my arm) and walked the uphill.

At some point after the highway, I went passed a medic tent where they had tongue depressors with a glob of something on them.  Luckily I heard someone say it was Vaseline.  Miles before, when I had passed the previous station of this kind, I had no idea what they were passing out.  I thought it was some sort of bulk food.  I was OK, since I never take food unless I can identify it, but I’m pretty sure if you take a tongue depressor from a medic and then eat the Vaseline off of it, they pull you off the course.  Or else you pull yourself off the course.  Anyway, it reminded me of The Flaming Lips song “She Don’t Use Jelly” about this girl who puts Vaseline on toast.  And a guy who blows his nose in magazines.  For a short moment, it made me laugh.

I struggled in these miles in the 20’s, which is not surprising, since they were an entirely new experience for me.  Somewhere after mile marker 25, I started my finishing kick.  By that, I mean that I knew that I had to finish this thing running and even though my feet hurt and my knees weren’t really interested in bending, I found a way to run.  It was a mostly straight-legged run, but I ran the rest of the way in.  Marathon completed.  Liver still functioning.  All goals accomplished.

Today I was driving and I had the thought “I can’t believe I really ran a marathon.”  So glad I did this.  But now I’m done.  I’m not doing another marathon.  The 26.2 brings my yearly total up to 297.  And now it is time to rest.  But first we should review what we learned
  • Marathons are possible
  • Apple is out to get me and makes sure that their products malfunction whenever I need them most
  • If you are in line for a port-a-john and the National Anthem starts playing – it isn’t disrespectful to go pee when it’s your turn
  • It is possible to carbo-overload
  • Just because something is on a stick doesn’t mean it is a popsicle

Marathon Post #2

I can hear your motor humming so I’m covering some ground
Ooh, baby, you let me down
-Joel Plaskett
Off to part 2 of the marathon.  Through downtown and then up along the bay.  We ran through the party tunnel – and by that I mean there was about 100 yards of covered road as we ran under some roadway that had neon lights and industrial music.  It made me laugh a little.  It was at this point that I passed the 4:40 pace group.  I didn’t really think I would run a 4:40, but I knew that I wasn’t going to be slow and steady today.  I planned to walk through all the water stations and uphill sections, but when I ran, to cover some ground.  So when I passed the 4:40 group, I knew I would see them again.

At about mile 10, I could see the really fast people who were heading back as they passed mile 17.  I was really glad I wasn’t trying to run as fast as they were, but I did really want to be done with 17 miles.  I slogged ahead, vaguely aware of a little leg pain, but it seemed like it was going to be fine.

The route continued through a park by the bay.  It was really great scenery to run near, but the path narrowed and I felt like I didn’t have all the space I needed.  And I was running behind Adrian Monk.  For anyone that hasn’t seen the show, he is the defective detective.  He has about 1000 phobias and compulsions.  The guy in front of me kept touching the lightposts as he ran by them.  I don’t think he felt compelled to, because he didn’t get them all.  I think that was the part that was the most distracting.  If you are going to do something weird, you have to commit to it.  What was special about the ones he was touching?  I just had to move away from him.  It was about at this point that the 4:40 crowd dropped me.  Unceremoniously.  All of a sudden they were gone and almost immediately not visible.  Oh well.

I kept running and met up with the public-transit experts who had made their way to the Starbucks around mile 17.  I stopped, enjoyed a few pretzels, some water, and dropped off my iPod.  Why would I do that?  I don’t know if it has a defective battery, or if the earlier fall was a problem, or what, but my iPod was letting me down.  On this section of the run I had especially enjoyed Pushmonkey (Sorry), The Loved Ones (Jane), The Watchmen (Brighter Hell), and The Bouncing Souls (True Believers).  But from now on it was just me and my thoughts.  And I was heading into uncharted territory as my longest successful training run was 17 miles.  But I felt pretty good and was confident I could find a way to get to the finish line. But I was also pretty sure it wasn’t going to be easy.

Marathon Post #1

I don't feel too steady on my feet
I feel hollow I feel weak
Passion fruit and holy bread
Fill my guts and ease my head
Through the early morning sun
I can see her here she comes
-The Stone Roses

San Diego 2013. An adventure in marathoning. How to document? I think I will organize this the same way that the race fans experienced it. And by race fans, I mean the only two that I know. I saw our fans at mile 5.5, 17, and the finish line. So what follows will be the story of the first part of the race.

The morning started with two really good decisions. First, I decided not to eat the cream cheese glob that was jammed in the center of my 7-11 bagel. Second, we took a cab to the start line. We were planning to walk, since there would be so many street closures, but when we saw the cab sitting right outside the hotel, it was clear there was only one thing to do.

With 30 minutes to go before race time, I decided I had plenty of time to stand in the port-a-john line - which turned out to be not true. I listened to the National Anthem in line, dealt with a line cutter trying to refuse another line cutter, and barely made it out before the race started. And so, with no time to survey the landscape, I did not go to my correct corral and just jumped in wherever I could (which turned out to be in front of where I was supposed to be). And so, I did not see Ran Dumb Thoughts until the race was over.

Despite all that confusion, the race started well. Until about mile 1.5, when I fell down. That's right. I fell down. There was about a 1 inch lip of concrete that I didn't see. I'm not sure why I wasn't picking my feet up high enough to clear it anyway, but down I went. I hopped back up and realized I was OK with a very minor cut on my right hand, a very minor scrape on my right knee, a small scratch on my iPod, and a huge amount of embarrassment. This would be the perfect time to quit - except that I am not Chris Bosh or any member of the Ottawa Senators (yes, that means you Radek Bonk) - and so my goal was not to find a reason to quit.

So I continued on. Around mile 4, "This is Letting Go" by Rise Against came on and I felt invincible. I ran through Petco Park and then through the part of downtown that we had explored over the weekend. I felt really good. About the time that "Hysteria" by Def Leppard was ending (that's right - there's always a place for a hair band or two on the playlist), I saw the fans and had a quick conversation. We were off to a really good start. I felt good, hadn't had any dead leg problems, and the playlist was perfect. I really enjoyed hearing The Stone Roses (She Bangs The Drums), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Hysterical), and Better Than Ezra (Wallflower). All good.