Thursday, October 31, 2013

fried chicken

you know, I like my chicken fried
cold beer on a Friday night
a pair of jeans that fit just right
and the radio uuuuup
- Zac Brown Band, Chicken Fried

I went to see ZBB on Monday and they totally rocked it! It hasn't been a bad month of running, considering my week long Mexican adventure. I got in exactly 50 miles, which was my goal, but only 14 days. I'm feeling off-kilter this week - headache every day and a little dizzy. I've had a couple great road runs and some awesome mountain runs. I even ran in a long-sleeved shirt at 11am today. For Halloween, I couldn't decide if I wanted to be Grumpy or Sleepy, so I settled on both.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who's gonna say a little grace for me?

If I’m born again I know that the world will disagree

                                        - Vampire Weekend

Tough week for running! I only went running once, for three lousy slow miles on the stupid lousy treadmill, and just now did five on the elliptical (although... I did that at level 5 resistance, which is the workout I used to do before surgery, so I felt kind of good about that). I'm hoping to get my ass in gear and do five tomorrow on the trail. 

I also registered for the Colfax Half Marathon, coming on May 18th.... WHOO HOO!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

in ruins

Here comes another song about Mexico
I just can't help myself

I had a little hiatus from running south of the border last week.  I took the kidlets to Cancun for Fall Break and it was really an incredible trip.  I'm glad I brought my running shoes, not because I ever ran in them, but because I wore them on the flight home.  Both pairs of my most cool Nike flip-flops were emitting an odor so foul I was embarassed to get on the plane with them, so I threw them away at the airport.  I'm guessing it was from swimming in the ultra-pure waters of the Mayan Cenotes.  I did think about running, however, if that counts.  But every time it occurred to me, I thought how crazy it seemed to do that when the beautiful beach lay just beyond our balcony, and my bed was so comfy.  I did walk probably 3-4 miles around Chechen Itza, a large city of Mayan ruins, when it was so humid I had not only bra sweat but butt sweat, if that counts.  I also did some kayaking, snorkeling, and ocean swimming, as well as a lot of beach chair sitting.  These are a few of the reasons why I run - so that I can enjoy myself on vacation.  Anyhoo, I was up and on the mountain first thing this morning.  It's always a little scary after having taken 6 days off.  You never know how it's going to go.  But I had a great run this morning.  A sweaty guy and I took turns passing each other, and that really kept me going, and at the end he thanked me for pushing him (when really he was pushing me).  I love the mountain people.  So 4.5 for the day, and the week.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Can you see where you're going to

Smoke in the sky
And fire in the air
Desire burns between them
One big push is gonna get you there
It takes a stronger eye to see them
When you see it in front of you
In a silhouette up ahead
And you see where you're going to
Lead your way
Sing your song
Moving every day
Going further on
                  - Bronze Radio Return, Further On

Four miles on the elliptical yesterday, and four miles outside today on the trail. I had not been on the trail for weeks and missed me, and how I love it so. The woods even got all dolled up in their best Fall colors, just for me.

Friday, October 11, 2013

And when it gets loud, I turn it up

I spend my money on the regular miracles
Just like you, like me, like everybody else.
Up on the sun, lookin' sad and beautiful
Just like you, like me, like everybody else.

                                 - New Politics

Three miles tonight around the neighborhood. I had planned to go while the boy was at football practice, but it got cancelled because it was a little rainy and cold and apparently they are all a bunch of pansies.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Macro-ed, micro-ed, lipo-ed
12 steps forward
12 steps back
But who gives a rat's ass....
I look good!

 - The Divine Ms. M

Did three miles yesterday while the boy was at football practice, at 2:2 intervals at 12:40/mile, so very much getting better and feeling very good.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in
- Miley Cyrus

Yes I'm only a little embarrassed to quote Miley. God knows she's a train wreck but that girl has some talent. And I love this song. Sista, we don't rely entirely on you for cheeseball music, although I wouldn't go all Katy Perry on yo asses. So I began my morning with my weekly ritual of digging through my 17-yr-old daughter's closet for my running clothes. I suppose I'm equal parts flattered and frustrated that she wears my clothes, but it is most annoying that she looks better in my clothes than I do. Anyhoo, I ran outside in the hood this morning in the crisp fall air. It was a tough one. I'm generally an advocate of listening to my body, and this morning my body was screaming at me to walk. So I walked the last mile of my 3.5 mile route. Of course that's probably why I never get faster but I'm ok with that as long as I look good in my skinny jeans.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Feelin my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
- Avicii, Wake Me Up

I'm a little late to the party here but I love this song. It took me awhile to get to my run today. Like til tonight. I had a lot of couch sitting to do. I will admit I was a little skittish running in my neighborhood in pitch black after the javelina family incident at dusk a couple weeks ago where daddy J stared me down. I was afraid I'd stumble on another family, and I found myself wondering if anyone has ever died from a javelina mauling. So I did a little research when I got home and the only incidents of javelina attacks on humans that I found occurred in Tucson. Which checks out. So, 3.5 relatively uneventful miles tonight.

You're Gonna Hear Me Roar

That's right, bitchez, it's Katy Perry and I don't EVEN care, because I love that fucking song! There has clearly been a gaping hole in this blog where all the terrible cheesy music should be, but not to worry, because I AM BACK!

I'm at 400 for the year... are we still doing that? My five miles this week put me to that number, although I'm not too sure I should be counting it, since I am doing 2:4 intervals and going slow as fucking molasses. But the point is, I'm going.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Morning sky

That morning sky gave me a look
So I left while you were sleeping
That's all it took
- Blind Pilot, Half Moon

I woke up at 630 this morning, which in my world is blasphemy. I couldn't go back to sleep, but not for lack of trying. It was 930 in Atlanta, after all. So I left my babies sleeping and went to the mountain for church. It was a gorgeous cool morning, only 68 degrees and a wind blowing against me as I pushed upward. Fortunately the same wind gave me a lift on the way down. This was the best mountain run I've had in a long time. And I'm impressed that I actually got 13.5 miles in this week. Not too shabby given I was out of town. I was nice and primed to take my Casa kids bowling, where my collegiate learning kicked in and I crushed them with a 140 the first game. Now going to cheer on my Sun Devils as they blow up Notre Dame. Woot!

Friday, October 4, 2013


I'm gonna pick up the pieces
And build a Lego house
If things go wrong we can knock it down
- Ed Sheeran, Lego House

This was a tougher week than I anticipated for running. Every day after tedious meetings and running from security, I was anxious to get outside and decompress. But the meetings kept going late and then everyone wanted to go to dinner and there went my run. Today we finished up at 1 so I was able to go back to the hotel and get 3 miles done on the treadmill before heading to the airport. So at least there's that. Does running from security count? I guess I am the decider and I will decide. Alas, no.