Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just behind your eyes

Are switches that can turn back on
To clear away today
Til all your memories are gone
- Jamie Lee, Rules

I really thought I went more often than I did this month. It felt like I was running all the time. But as I reviewed the facts, it looks like I took almost two whole weeks off. Huh. I went 14 times for a total of 52 miles, which I'm happy with. I wanted to get 50 done. Off to February. On another note, it really sucks getting old. I have this hip pain now almost every time after I run, and tonight it went all the way down to my calf. I think it's that cyatic nerve thing. I really need a good butt massage. Or to sit on BFs wallet, affectionately dubbed the Costanza. That helps sometimes. 52 down, 448 to go.

No You Girls

Sometimes I say stupid things that I think
Well, I mean, I, sometimes I think the stupidest things
-Franz Ferdinand

I warned you.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  Whatever it takes to get me to the finish line.  If that is Franz Ferdinand, then so be it.  This is a goofy song, but I like it.  "No You Girls" is officially on the playlist.

I ran 4 miles today, which means that in January I ran 15 times for a total of 56 miles.  More importantly, I blogged 15 times and wrote very few of the stupidest things that I thunk over that time.  That's right - what you see here is the filtered version of the nonsense in my head.   No wild theories about how one team should acquire both Peyton and Eli and then only play Peyton in the regular season and Eli in the playoffs.  No blogs about how overrepresented Texas would be in the Mount Rushmore of sports cheaters (both Clemens and Armstrong have to be on there, don't they?).  No thoughts about how Manti Te'o dropped completely off my draft board (if he really was fooled by this, why do you think he won't be fooled by every misdirection play?).  No rants about the one and only acceptable use for root beer.  And certainly, no rantings on why Ferb is cooler than Phineas.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"From your changing contentments,
what will you choose for to share?
Someday drawing you different,
may I be weaved in your hair"
- Iron and Wine, Love and Some Verses

Today I dedicated my run to my boy, J. Tomorrow he will be 14, and I am so sad to see his boyness slipping away. He is almost as tall as me now, and broke 100 on the scale for the first time the other day. But he is still all baby smooth skin and sharp angles, smattering of freckles, bruised elbows and scabbed knees. Saturday night we sat at opposite ends of the couch under blankets, our legs intertwined. Will we still sit that way when his beautiful boy feet are big and hairy? Every morning when I drop him at the bus stop I nearly burst with pride watching his lanky, confident saunter with his friends. He is a strong boy and a gentle soul. His thoughtfulness overwhelms me sometimes, like the day he put his shoes on and ran out to help me in the yard when he saw me struggling with a huge branch. Or when he insisted on helping me clean up Christmas even though I told him I didn't need help. For a shrinking number of days, he is still a boy to the world. But he will always be my boy. So these were my thoughts on my 3.5 mile melancholy run today.

And true, it may seem like a stretch, but
It's thoughts like this that catch my troubled
Head when you're away when I am missing you to death

                            - The Postal Service, Such Great Heights

Did two miserable three mile runs over the weekend. I probably should have just let it go because I was sick and miserable, but the weather was so nice I just didn't feel like I could not take advantage of it. And it's a good thing since we now have a few inches of snow and I am on the treadmill all week. Did three on the treadmill yesterday, but I am finally feeling better so it was a much happier run. 

Now I gotta go shovel snow, which makes me cranky since snow shoveling is officially boys work in this house, but our head boy is in sunny San Diego this week for work, thus inspiring today's song lyrics.

442 miles to go.

Monday, January 28, 2013

So put me on a highway

Show me a sign
And take it to the limit
One more time
- The Eagles

This song isn't on my iPod right now but for some reason it popped into my head during my shower. Damn good song that I need to add. I had a decent run today despite the long run yesterday (another Eagles reference there for the fans). I ran a slow and easy three miles around the hood. It was damn near freezing out so I had on my thickest hoodie, the one bf hates because it's like body armor. I also wore the green team hat and it fit the bill perfectly. Then I had a nice dinner with my babies and fixed my Internet outage, which it took me 30 minutes on the phone to figure out was caused by a restless fat dog unplugging a cable. And then I did a little more work since I quit at 3 today when my Internet went out. And now all is right with the world as I am snuggled on the couch watching the Bachelor. 455 to go! Not bad for January 28.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

With all my might

She said "Tell me, are you a Christian, child?"
And I said, "Ma'am I am tonight!"
- Walking In Memphis

Last week just got away from me. I had people in town for work meetings and dinners and desserts and drinks, and I was the leader of this 3 day suaree. So I was stressed out and exhausted by Friday night. And Saturday I just wanted to sleep. Fortunately bf got me off the couch today. We ran down to the gym, which was 2 miles, then we did the nerd workout on the indoor track. I did a mile and then ran home while he did another mile. So 5 miles in total today, and I even ran most of the way home because I was afraid bf would catch up to me. It reminded me of a day a couple years ago when I was motivated to run so that he wouldn't catch up to me, therefore exposing my glacial pace. I waited for him at the end and he arrived from a completely different direction because he had gotten lost on the way back. Turns out I needn't have worried tonight either because he took the really long way home. Anyway, back on track for the week with a kick start in mileage. 42 miles down, 458 to go.


Are you ready
For this to take a hold of you?

I ran 7.5 miles today.  It wasn't really going all that well and then with about 1 mile to go I started to sense the dead leg coming on.  My strategy was to run faster so that I would be done sooner, and it seemed to work.  My leg felt better (and I was done sooner).  At least now I know how to deal with that.  And I've only got 448 miles left to go.

I'm getting really confused with how many songs we have left on the official playlist (which is still called 1/2 marathon MTL on my iPod).  But I think we have this one and two others.  Unkind by Sloan makes the official list.  I don't know much about Sloan - they are from Canada and ...?  But this song was on the "Best Songs of the Year" CD (from 2011) that a friend of mine makes every year.  I just got my 2012 CD last week and, as always, it is great.  I'm sure you'll get to hear about the highlights.  Anyway - here is Unkind - enjoy.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Words, words, words

Words can take you home
Words can make you choose
Godspeed D.F.W.
-Ron Hawkins

I ran 4.5 miles today.  I was motivated by some words in an email that weren't used correctly.  But correctly or not, they pissed me off.  And I thought of some better examples of words used incorrectly.  Here is my list:

3) Adysmal - if something is so bad that you can't just call it abysmal or dismal.  A coworker of mine used to use this all the time.  The same one who was sure the Mayans were right about the world ending.
2) Butcept - I am happy butcept my big brother is bothering me
1) Attackling - when you are attacked by someone who tries to tackle you

455.5 left to go.

Sandy's The Boss, Applesauce

And she said I could start blogging here again, so I don't want to hear any guff from the rest of you! I'm sick of blogging anyway, but I thought I would join the rest of the blisters in the goal of running 500 miles in 2013.

I am in the midst of my third cold this season, so yesterday I did two miles on the stupid treadmill. I thought I would do 2.5, which is my absolute minimal run and I had to cut even that short due to my general misery. My total for the year so far is 49 miles.

451 left to go.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I remember feeling low
And I remember losing hope
And I remember all the feelings and the day they stopped
-Our Lady Peace

I ran 3 miles at lunch today.  It wasn't bad.  It was pretty warm - I believe last January I was worried about falling down in the snow.  No such worries today.  It is mid-70's, but feels much warmer.  Today's run brings me to 40 miles for January.  I'm hoping to run at least 50 - we'll see, next week might be difficult.

I can't wait to run on February 10th, mostly so I can go on to a new playlist.  So close to finishing this one out.  Innocent by Our Lady Peace gets added.  Ontario band - the Canadians would rank them somewhere in between Nickelback (deeply ashamed) and The Tragically Hip (fight you to the death if you say anything bad).  Maybe closer to Nickelback.  Oh well, I like this song and it was very helpful in Galveston.  Enjoy.

Monday, January 21, 2013

So old

Instead of quoting a lyric, I thought I'd begin tonight by sharing a conversation from last night as bf and I watched the playoffs:

He: See that guy to the right of the coach? That's Terrell Suggs. He played for ASU.

Me: Oh yeah, I know who he is. He was at ASU when I was there.

He: There's no way! He's not that old.

Me: . . .

Ok so sure, I was confused about the timing of Terrell's career. But that doesn't make me OLD. Bf did redeem himself somewhat by saying "Anyone who was there when WE were there is retired now." That's right, a gentle reminder sweetie, you are as OLD as me! Haha. So this afternoon I went on a run in my hood and it was a tough one. Maybe I am getting old. I had a hard time even without fat dog, although the first 2.5 miles were ok. Somehow running never gets old. Running is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get. 3.5 down, 463 to go.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here we come to a turning of the season
Witness to the arc towards the sun
- the Decemberists

The weather here has been so weird. It was freezing last weekend, literally four nights in a row with below freezing temperatures. And today it was 78 degrees so I was actually hot while running my neighborhood route. I cut it short and only did 3 because I just wasnt having much fun at it. Fat dog kept trying to stop, even after her biological needs were more than met. She drug along behind me and kept trying to stop, and if I did she would just sniff around at some pretend interesting scent. It is so hard to get I to a good rhythm with a running partner who is so stop and go. When I got home I expected her to collapse on the floor, but she saw my sister and leapt up on the couch all wagging and full of energy. I was astounded, and told her she was on the verge of being permanently disinvited. I have guilt when I don't take her because she loves to go, and gets so excited when she sees me in my shoes and hat. I will have to start taking her separately I guess. Anyway, glad it got done. A shout out here to my blista sista for finishing the half marathon today. I think I am more sore than she! Great job on the desert double down! Only 466.5 to go for me this year.

Good Times

We lose track of each other, and life speeds past
We need more of these nights they always go too fast
Let's all get together and avoid our adult crash
Cause I feel like I'm gonna explode
-Dave Hause

I ran 6.5 miles today.  That means that I "only" have 463 miles to go this year. 

Today was a bit of a first for me.  I ran with a friend.  A buddy of mine is considering running a 1/2 marathon and I bullied convinced him to run with me today.  I'm thinking that running with me would make accomplishing a 1/2 marathon seem easier.  (If that guy can do it ...)  You're welcome.

I could tell you about all the houses with bright purple doors we ran past (3) or the house that had hearts hanging from it's tree (really - how many holidays are we going to celebrate this way?), or the child my friend yelled at (he seemed to know him), but mostly I'm just appreciative about the times I get to spend with friends through running.  It's one of the few things I like about running:  time with my iPod, health benefits, and blogging,  The rest is awful.  But I keep showing up for it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrash Unreal

She can still hear that Rebel Yell just as loud as it was in 1983
-Against Me!

3 mile run today.  469.5 left to go. 

Thrash Unreal by Against Me! makes the official playlist.  For a long time, I thought this was my favorite song by The Offspring.  Turns out it isn't them.  And it doesn't really sound like them.  Oh well.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I belong with you
You belong with me
You're my sweetheeaaart
- Lumineers

I love this little ditty. Too bad I will hate it in a couple weeks because its on the radio every 5 minutes. I had another good 3.5 mile run today at lunch. I just love the fact that I can get dressed for a run while on a conference call and go out for a run at lunchtime. It was nice and bright and cold out. My feet hurt at the end due to my new SAUCONY HURRICANES which are the worst running shoes I have ever owned. I took my run today sans fat dog. Yesterday too. Maybe that's why it's been good - I don't have to stop to dump every half mile.

Hoop Dreams

That's why I say hey man, nice shot
What a good shot man

I ran 2 miles on the world's oldest treadmill yesterday.  Or one of the two oldest treadmills in the world - since it was right next to another one just like it.  I didn't really enjoy how close my fellow treadmiller was to me, and I didn't enjoy how difficult this short run was.  And I didn't enjoy watching Kentucky butcher the game of basketball in their win over Tennessee.  (Note to #3 - that haircut wasn't cool back in 1986 when JR Reid had it). 

Today I flew back from Dallas and was on the plane with the Central Arkansas basketball team.  When we landed, the guy next to me pulls out his phone, calls someone, and says "we're going to eat at the Wendy's in the food court - yeah, I called our order in - so I'll call you when we are ready to go".  Really - you can pre-order at the Wendy's in the airport food court?  And who was he talking to?  When I left the airport, there was a big purple Central Arkansas team bus waiting for them.  I need someone to explain the logistics to me.  The bus drove here but the players flew?  Did the bus take them to the airport and then drive to Houston to pick them up?  Do they have a big purple bus in every city where they play?  So many unanswered questions.

With all this basketball talk I would be remiss if I didn't recognize the life of Coach Dave Lynch.  A great coach and great man.  I've never met anyone so competitive and yet so compassionate.  Such a positive influence on so many lives.  Rest in peace.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

There are times life will rattle your bones
And will bend your limbs
But you're still far and away the boy you've ever been
So you bend back and shake at the frame
Oh the frame you made
But don't you shake alone
- The Decemberists, Dear Avery

I went out in the hood this evening and did 3.5. It has been damn cold here. I will likely not have any vegetation left in my yard after the freezing nighttime temperatures. Guess I wasted my time going at my neighbors trees again on Sunday. I spent a couple hours working outside and it was downright therapeutic. Until I fell off the ladder into a pile of thorny branches. Yeah, that'll leave a scar. So that is my excuse for not running on Sunday. And yesterday just got away from me and before I knew it, it was way too dark and cold to consider it. I ran back home tonight into a gorgeous desert sunset with turquoise sky and pink clouds. It was a great run and felt fast the whole time. Probably it was self preservation, trying to outrun the cold. 473 to go. Peace.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pre-Game Run Part 2

Where we'd hit the ground running on empty stories we've been told
And all those nights we spent together never felt this fucking cold
When we let the car run in the driveway kiss you one last time
Before we brought the horses in before the storm of '59
-Alkaline Trio

I was grumpy today.  But my run helped.  I ran about 5 miles today, but in two parts.  First I ran about 2 miles and went to the mandatory parents meeting for little league.  Which appeared to take place in the 1950's.  The board members (men) who wear green hats wherever they go are responsible for spending the $1M yearly budget.  The auxiliary (women) are tasked with raising money.  Can't wait for the Sock Hop.  Anyway - after the meeting I continued the run and made sure to meet up with my attorney to discuss our QB situation (since it worked last week). 

"Warbrain" by Alkaline Trio is officially added to the playlist.  I like this band a lot.  I think it is the combination of rage and comedy.  Enjoy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playoffs? Don't Talk About Playoffs

I'm hardly feeling human anymore
Enough to drag my body from the floor
-Hot Water Music

I ran 4 miles today, but slowly and painfully.  It could be that I'm exhausted from this week of work.  We have big stuff going on and I ended up traveling a little and eating a lot of steak.  It could be the terrible lunch I ate today.  I ate at Fuzzy's Pizza, which is famous food critic Barbara Bush's favorite pizza joint.  Not following Barbara's advice anymore.  The pizza was not good, I got into an argument about basil, and the following conversation happened with another patron.

Him:  Are these the playoffs? (to my back, while I'm eating)
Him:  Are these the playoffs? (much louder)
Me:  (Turning around, looking from him to the Duke vs NC State college basketball game on TV)  No - they're in March
Him:  Hmph

Not sure if he was confusing college basketball with professional football, if he didn't know what month of the year it was, or if he was just another fan of the blog trying to find a way to ask for an autograph.  All make sense.  But really I should have gone all Jim Mora on him.  Here's the link to that classic

Anyway - I ran but I did not feel good.  With these 4 miles down, I only have 479.5 left to go.

Oh January Oh

What were the words I meant to say before you left
When I could see your breath lead where you were going to
Maybe I should just let it be
And maybe it will all come back to me
-The Decemberists, January Hymn

It is bitter cold outside. I mean like 45 degrees. I bundled up in my warmest hoodie and went out with fat dog. It was tough today. I haven't gone since Tuesday and it was like slogging through molasses in winter. I almost turned around after a mile but I walked for a bit and made myself go on with a promise that I could walk whenever I wanted. And I was gonna take the short cut home. But I slogged on and ended up doing the whole 3.5, and I actually slogged most of it (which I guess is a sort of slow painful jog). It didn't get easier but at least it's done. I think it will make it easier for me to do the mountain tomorrow. 476.5 to go.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Leaving Las Vegas

Life springs eternal
On a gaudy neon street
Not that I care at all
- Cheryl Crowe, Leaving Las Vegas

Tomorrow I am taking a day trip to Lost Wages - a very long day which will not allow any opportunity for running. I should have gone yesterday but dinner with my babies and bf was more important (I made delicious tacos). I did go today though, I did my 3.5 mile neighborhood route with fat dog. Apparently I ran right by my son at the park and didn't see or hear him shouting hello. I was listening to my tunes and keeping fat dog in line. Maybe that's why she kept trying to run off. Anyhoo, it wasn't a great run but it wasn't bad either. It will do me until Thursday. 480 miles to go.

Not My Time

Cause it’s not my time I'm not going
There's a fear in me but it’s not showing
-3 Doors Down

Anybody have trouble confusing 3 Doors Down, Third Eye Blind, and Matchbox 20?  Bunch of bands with numbers in their name from the mid 90's.  Or the mid-early 90's - depending on who you ask.  And then there's Three Days Grace.  Maybe it's just me.

I ran 4 miles today.  By choice, man.  I had 2 thoughts on my run today.  First - I totally understand Janathon now that I quit.  Making the decision to run is wonderful.  You don't really realize that until you've been compelled to run.  The second thought was some mind wandering.  I was thinking about Janathon and how RD Thoughts calls it Manuary.  And that made me think of the former Giants catcher Kirt Manwaring and how Chris Berman used to call him Kirt What Is That Man Wearing.  And how we used to be amused by his antics.  But no longer.  It is his time.  It is way past time.  Way, way, way, way, way (see, it's annoying) past time.  Chris Berman should be forcibly removed from television.  Probably should have happened about the same time all those bands came out.

Suffice it to say that my mind was wandering a bit.  But back to important issues.  "It's Not My Time" by 3 Doors Down is official on the playlist.  Nothing to explain here - the video has a guy running in it.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


On a sunset I-10 mile lies a body beneath a sheet
The orange sky don't seem to mind but I'm on the edge of my seat
There's ten thousand auto lights dead stopped in dirty Tucson heat
We crane our necks to get a glimpse, and ride on by while I nurse defeat
-Dave Hause

Andy Dalton is worse than Matt Schaub.  Tom Brady isn't.  The Texans have earned one more week.

I ran 2 miles today.  Janathon is awful.  I give up.  But I'm still in for the 500 - only 487.5 miles left to go.
You tell Anna if she asks why
That a thief stole my heart while she was makin up her mind
- Gaslight Anthem, Here's Lookin At You Kid

I did a slow and easy 2 miles today. Often I start out saying I will just do 2 today, and then I feel good and go longer, but today was the real deal. I am fatigued from yesterday. It's a beautiful day out though, and fat dog and I enjoyed our outing. 483.5 miles to go.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

And I remember she used to look so good in that dress
Now she just she screams how I promised her more than this
- the Gaslight Anthem, National Anthem

Today I took to the mountain and did my 4.5 miles. I ran a lot of the way up, and walked a lot of the way down due to Mother Nature knocking on my innards. Perhaps she didn't appreciate the peanut butter toast I had for breakfast. It was a beautiful day though, and a contemplative run. Then I went to Home Depot and purchased a hand saw with which to cut my neighbors trees that are overtaking my yard. I haven't been able to bring myself to ask her to do it since our last conversation about her barking dogs went so poorly. I couldn't find my old saw, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because this new one is a real badass. I could cut up a dog body if I needed to. I must have cut about a cord of wood with huge thorns and hauled it to my side yard. Don't ask me how I know how wood is measured. It's a frightening tale of childhood abuse that I won't go into here. Now I am sitting bloodied and bruised on my couch and probably won't move again for the rest of the night. 485.5 miles to go. Oh, and screw janathon. I didn't go yesterday.

You Must Protect This Hause!

And knowing some are at home working, raising kids and saying prayers
Unaware of modern science, they may be wrong but I don't care
They pray for Tucson, they pray for me
-Dave Hause

4 miles today in a pre-game run.  Ran by the 3 Texans and the Reindeer and everybody was inflated.  Feels like a good sign.   Then I ran by my barrister friend's house (or is he a solicitor?) and discussed our QB situation.  Then I ran home. 

Here's the situation.  Last year, the Texans' starting QB, Matt Schaub, was injured and the backup led them to the first playoff win in franchise history - at home over the Bengals.  This year, Schaub is healthy, playing badly, and is playing in his first playoff game.  At home.  Against the Bengals.  This town has already turned on him - he needs this win. 

Oh and Dave Hause is a *#^$ genius.  Why didn't anyone tell me before this?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today's Blog Is Brought To You By The Letter P

I have to pee
-Forest Gump

Today at work we took a client to lunch, but she was 1 hour late.  Do you know how many chips you can eat in an hour?  Do you know how many glasses of iced tea you can drink in an hour?  So the rest of the day and during my run my only thought was the above quote.

But I ran 1.5 miles in a difficult fashion.  I did about a 1/2 mile warm up and then ran 5 sets of intervals.  They hurt.  They will hurt much more tomorrow.  I would write more, but I have to ...

493.5 to go

Thoughtful run

Chickity china
the Chinese chicken
Chickity china
the Chinese chicken

Have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'
- Bare Naked Ladies, One Week

I have no idea what this means, but it's from a very cool acoustic version of this song that bf put on my last play list, and it's fun to run to.  I had a random stream of thoughts tonight whilst running that I will now enlighten you with.  First, I truly love working from home.  I didn't even change out of my pajamas until 5pm, and that was to go running.  And, it is so nice to get out for a run after being cooped up in the house all day working.  And I get so much done, and it's so peaceful.  Alas I have to go into the office tomorrow and dress like a civilized human being.  Next I focused on my crappy new Saucony shoes.  The ones I scoured the web for and found for $110 on this discount website rather than pay effing $130 retail anywhere else.  I hate them.  They suck.  They are tearing up my feet.  They are hard and they rub my feet.  I can't help but wonder if they are some chinese knock-off and I got totally ripped off.  Kinda like the Prada bags we saw in the alleys in China.  Or maybe Saucony has just started to suck.  God knows I'm not going to find out because I'm not shelling out another hondo on a pair of running shoes.  These babies better last me at least 6 months.  By then I'll just be running on bloody stubs.  I passed a guy running with his dog in just shorts and a t-shirt, while I was bundled up in tights and hoodie (hood up, mind you).  Somebody needs to tell these people it's winter around here.  I mean, damn, its 55 degrees!  And that made me think of fat dog, who I left at home tonight because she wasn't bouncing around my feet (as it turns out because my son had locked her in my room) so I was able to sneak out alone.  It's so nice being able to get in a rhythm right away and not stop every two minutes to pee.  But I did walk her when I got home and she got to poo at her leisure rather than dropping turds in the road as I pull her along. And lastly, when I checked the mail today I had an invitation for a Trauma Reunion from Phoenix Children's Hospital.  I thought it must be some sick joke.  It "provides an opportunity for you and your family to reunite with members of your trauma care team."  Sorry, you guys were fabulous and all, but I don't care to see you ever again, or be reminded of that awful time in any way, shape or form.  AND, we get VIP access to the Play it Safe Fair (VIP access for former trauma patients and their family members).  Really?  It's sure to be a fun and rewarding experience, they said.  I guess it's a nice gesture, but I can't imagine wanting to be reminded of that awful experience, and K certainly wouldn't even remember any of them.  Wow.  Anyhoo, that was my 3.5 miles tonight.  490 to go. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolution of happiness

things have been dark for too long
execution of bitterness
message received loud and clear

- INXS, Don't Change

2012 was a tough year for me for a variety of reasons, and I'm glad to put it behind me.  I don't make new year's resolutions, but if anything I'm resolved to be happier in 2013.  Today I worked from home, which is just so awesome.  I could hear J upstairs playing his video games and talking to his friends all day, which was lovely music while I toiled away.  I logged on in sweatpants at 8, went out to lunch, and went for a run at 5.  Fat dog and I did our 3.5 mile route and she only stopped 5 times during the first mile (I should say I only allowed that much) and then she fell into stride and actually seemed to do better than she has in the past, maybe because I've been taking her more frequently.  I was also stopped by a lady who wanted to comment about fat dog being all aggressive with this other dog we passed.  Yesterday a guy stopped me to ask for directions.  Do I not look like perhaps I have something going on?  Like perhaps I'm busy??  I was all bundled up in running tights and hoodie with the hood up.  I ran by a lady running in shorts and a thin t-shirt, and I felt like kindof an ass, but it was like 55 degrees out!!!  So Janathon day 2 down, and 493.5 miles left for 2013. 

You Gotta Creep, Creep

Walk the cramps off
Go meander in the cold
-The Shins

I ran 2 miles today.  I was concerned about the run because I ran after dinner.  And for dinner I ate white bean and spinach soup.  The last time I had this soup, I got food poisoning.  Which was probably about 8 or 10 years ago.  And still, after dinner - that was all I could think about.  Kinda creepy - and then I thought that I would somehow give myself food poisoning just by thinking about it - like The Secret.

But then something way more creepy happened on my run to clear my mind.  I was running in the street and I saw a car about to back out of its driveway on the other side. I hopped up onto the sidewalk on my side to make sure to give him plenty of room (I have trust issues).  Anyway, as he passes me he slows down.  I look over and it's the guy from The Princess Bride (Iocaine powder) and he gives me a thumbs up and then drives off.  I'm not sure if he was appreciating having the whole street to drive on or if he was admiring my two-days-old commitment to Janathon, but either way - I was OK without it.

All this nonsense just so that I can add "Caring Is Creepy" by The Shins to the playlist.  This is probably my third or fourth favorite song by The Shins, but it fits perfectly on the playlist.  Song #2 - still making sure that I'm not trying to keep up with the young people.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Play on

Play on
Play on
- No Diggety, Backstreet and Dr Dre

Well it's the new year and I just barely started it out with a run. I started the day with chocolate cake for BFs bday and almost didnt recover. I put away Christmas and did laundry and otherwise couched it with my boy, and just as the light was fading I decided I couldn't start the new year without a run. So I bundled up and faced the cold but I had my awesome green hat to keep my head warm. I laughed a little at how my training partners have all been sabotaged at one time or another by the awesomeness of this hat. It will boil your brain if you're not careful. So I did 3 miles in the hood with fat dog in tow and it was good. I also did 2 miles on Saturday. As for 500 miles this year, that seems like quite a daunting task but I'm gonna give it a shot. That and Janathon. I vote Denver for our next half marathon so we can go toke it up after.

497 Miles To Go

But I would walk 500 miles
-The Proclaimers

Did everyone make a New Year's Resolution to walk their dog more often?  I must have seen 8 people walking dogs on my run today.  Which is way up from the normal zero.  My own resolution came to me in a dream.  And by a dream, I mean a phone call.  I was given the challenge of running 500 miles this year.  I like it.  I ran 3 today, which puts me way ahead of the pace.

I ran by the house that usually has three inflatable Houston Texans in the yard, but they were all deflated today.  Before you choose to interpret this as a metaphor for the last month of their season, I should also tell you there was a deflated reindeer in the yard as well.  It looked like a crime scene.  Right then, a police card drove by and I thought about flagging him down.  Which would have given me more to blog about...  But then I started to wonder about people being arrested now - do they still give you one phone call?  And can you choose a tweet instead?  Or a blog?  Just wondering.

One day of Janathon completed.  This is going to be a long month.