Wednesday, June 10, 2015


"It's something like a shared secret, this love they have, as if nobody else was in on some breathtaking elaborate joke. Which is the best way I can describe true love. A secret joke two people share, a knowledge that somewhere in this very very hard world there can be true comfort, warmth, belonging, friendship — a gentle sharing of burdens, secrets and sweat — that no one else could imagine except the person under the covers with you listening to the stereo."

- Mikel Jollett, The Airborne Toxic Event

I read this quote last night and kept coming back to it during my run this morning (which was sweaty and slow and frequently interrupted by dog potty breaks). Beautiful and eloquent. I think this describes love as I've best experienced it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Something you lost

You dare never say, the greatest secret you keep

Is that you might be alone, that you might have to run,

That the rest of your life will be a series of nights

That you spend in your mind

Staring backwards through time

At something you lost.

 - Airborne Toxic Event 

The good thing about running is that it prevents tears. Or at least stops them from flowing. Have you tried it?  It is impossible to cry and run. Like sneezing with your eyes open. I ran tonight for the first time in weeks. A slow plodding and even somewhat relaxing run if that's possible. Exhaling out the sad. Breathing in the freshness of possibility.