Monday, November 26, 2012

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breaking, it's early morn
- leavin on a jet plane

There's a very cool rendition of this song by a lady singer on a playlist bf gave me, probably because he's always leavin on a jet plane. But this morning it resonated because we were up and at the gym before dawn. You see, today starts my new life as I rejoin the rat race, and the only time I will have to work out now is early morning. So we shall see how this goes. I also discovered the mystery that is coffee. I gulped down a half cup, my first ever, and it didn't taste nearly as bad as last time bf made me take a drink from his cup. And I only made it a mile before I had to go to the bathroom. So this is the secret! This is why runners always drink coffee, and what helps them avoid the bathroom lines at races! Anyway, then I got back on and did another half mile before heading home because my kids were calling. I'm sure they had assumed I'd been kidnapped since I was gone from the house so early. And neither one bothered to read the note I left on the counter.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Them Kids

And now the kids don't know
How to dance to rock and roll
-Sam Roberts

I ran 3 miles today.  Just an easy run to get back into it.  My knee pain from 1 week ago has now moved into my foot, which is a really good sign.  I assume it is the pain looking for a path out of my body.  And I probably need to buy new running shoes.

The results are up from the Galveston run and it was as I thought.  That really fast girl who was in second place overall is 12.  And that really fast even smaller girl who was a few people behind her is 10.  And they seem to be sisters.  Ran Dumb Thoughts suggested that this is the Venus and Serena Williams of long distance running and I think he is right.  Or is this normal?  Do 10-year-olds regularly run 1/2 marathons?  Or course - it's much easier for them.  Just think how fast I would be if I weighed 65 pounds.  And did the MC use the Bieber line on them when they finished?  Or not, since it was probably true.  Or did he run the reverse - and act like they were listening to Social  Distortion

Other odd things from the 1/2 marathon.  The post-race recovery area had two major sponsors - Whataburger and some chiropractic school.  I said yes to the taquito but no to the massage from the creepy guy.  Two for two in good decisions.  Not sure that after Vegas last year I would have been able to make such good decisions.  Especially since I got lost in the Luxor while looking for the Mandalay Bay tram stop.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's time to begin

Isn't it?
- Imagine Dragons

I did my 3.5 neighborhood route today sans fat dog (she really needs the run but she takes pit stops too often and I can't get into my rhythm). It was a darn good effort. I ran the whole way at a decent pace aside from a short walk break in the last mile. But this song helped me through because it's so fun to run to. My muscles were still fatigued from yesterday's mountain run and I had thigh burn in my first mile even. I think maybe I will do the mountain again tomorrow. I start work on Monday and its a crapshoot after that. I was thinking that if I intend to do the RnR half in January, I really need to get started. In fact, it's well past that time. Hmmm. And now back to college football.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Monday's run

Forgot to blog this. I ran down to my gym with fat dog, stopped in the gym to use the bathroom, and walked home. 3 miles. We weren't feelin it.

The mountain was angry today, my friend

It could have been all the turkey and fixins I ate yesterday. Or the wine I drank last night. Or the fact that I broke my long standing tradition of running on Thanksgiving. Or the bright hot sun. Or the hoardes of people that crowded the mountain today seeking to walk off those extra calories. But today was a tough one. I ran a good bit up and most of the way down, but by the last half mile I was toast. It was hot and the sun so bright, and I was out of water halfway through. But now I'm snuggled in on the couch with pumpkin pie watching college football and all is right with the world. Go Devils!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yeah we been sayin

We're gonna get somewhere for a long long time
But it never happens
Why's it never happen?
- peacemakers

Well I screwed up the fruit salad, which does involve cooking despite appearances otherwise. So thank goddess for the bottle of wine I bought with my groceries, which I will now have to replace for tomorrow's cooking.

So today I thought I would take a more light meditative stroll than yesterday's tough workout. I went to the mountain and took fatdog, to ensure I didn't go to fast. According to the pedometer I did 5.8 miles, which I doubt because of the pedometers habit of overestimation. But I was out for a good 1:50 and it was therapeutic for mine and fatdog's souls. We did not run a single step, but one of us pooped 3x and peed at least 7x.

Then I showered and commenced the cooking/drinking festivities. Tomorrow is the annual Thanksgiving Day run.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Running through melancholy

Today I am feeling rather melancholic about Thanksgiving. It is absolutely my favorite holiday of the whole year and one I look forward to, but this year it will just be me and the kidlets which will feel a bit strange. But it is my choice not to go anywhere this year, and that will not stop me from cooking up a feast for my babies and I'm excited for that. I start my new digs on Monday.

So today I probably wouldn't have run well at all except for bf going with me and pushing me and making it fun. We ran the mountain and I actually did pretty well, about an hour up and down. It's always such an awesome workout.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


While she wishes she was a dancer
And that she'd never heard of cancer
She wishes God would give her some answers
-Our Lady Peace

I went for a run today with about 500 of my closest friends.  For the first eight miles I ran with Neon Angie, Old Man Huge Calf, and Old Man Corner Cutter.  But as I crossed mile marker 8, I recognized what I had known for quite some time - not all was going well on this run.  My left knee wasn't really bending correctly and I wasn't really getting power from that leg.  That's right - dead leg.  I'm pretty sure this was karma from the whole dead arm incident.  OK - I can accept that. 

I had a difficult mile 9 and I tried to come to terms with this situation.  I mentally said good-bye to my friends and spent 3 minutes walking,stretching, and hopping.  Then I ran again.  For 7 minutes.  Then 3 more minutes of walk,stretch, hop.  I became very discouraged as this ratio seemed unlikely to get better and I wasn't really interested in doing this (or worse) the rest of the run.  So I didn't.  I found some sort of straight-legged run that worked for a little while.  Then I found inspiration in the above lyric and just ran.  I might have made some awful grunts along the way, but since there were about 35,000 fewer people than my last 1/2 marathon, I had plenty of space to suffer in peace.

Crossed the finish line while the MC said "here comes a runner with his iPod on, listening to Justin Bieber - must be the president of the Justin Bieber fan club".  Thanks.  But I've gone to great pains to tell everyone what I was listening to - I can't believe that guy hadn't been reading the blog to prepare.  Just lazy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Are you cross

At your loss?
- Better Than Ezra

I'm in Connecticut enjoying my last sojourn as a traveling muse. We are staying at this giant casino, which I imagine would be quite thrilling for some people but I don't like gambling or the sort of ilk who do so I've spent a lot of time reading and watching college football today. I spent some time mourning the loss of Hostess treats. I just cannot imagine a zingerless world (one of my favorite road trip treats). I adore Hostess cupcakes. After my biannual teeth cleaning I invariably stop on the way to work and get Hostess donettes and chocolate milk. Sigh. I wonder if perhaps this is a good thing in the long run. I contemplated this as I ran 3 miles on the treadmill today inbetween reading and watching tv.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quebec of the South

Don't be a fool with that,
your useless plastic pistol,
On my signal, we will drop our stupid
cause and disappear into the night.
-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Enough residents of Texas have signed a petition to secede that it requires a response from the White House.  And I have talked to some people who seem to have put a lot of thought into life as an independent country.  Some who proclaim "good luck to the rest of them without us".  Wow - I have so many thoughts.  First - if I finally moved back to the US only to not live in the US again, I'm going to be really pissed.  I'm going to go to the sporting goods store and buy everything from the pink BB gun all the way up to the RPG launcher.  That's just so I fit in, but I'll also be really pissed.  Second - you don't think the US would take a star off the flag, so somebody is getting promoted - Puerto Rico?  District of Columbia?  Canada?  Now I'm even more pissed. 

Oh crap.  November 18th is coming up fast.  I'm  running the 1/2, but I have two problems.  First - life, work, etc got in the way of running the last week and so today was my first run in 7 days.  Second - the playlist isn't completed. 

So I ran - 5 miles on the treadmill.  The treadmill faced the pool where there was a man and a woman doing the weirdest workout I have ever seen.  They had dumbbells underwater and they swam around picking them up.  I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to submerge regular weights, but what do I know?  I also thought you could use swimwear to cover your asscraque.

And we add "Same Mistake" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to the playlist.  Texas - don't make the same mistake as Quebec.  Swimmers around the world - don't make the mistake as the dumbbell divers.  Enjoy the link.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

But the day will come . . .

But the day will come when it falls like a cheap house of plastic.
And the cards that were dealt, will be tossed like a storm in the sky.
'Cause you can only lie for so long before you get something drastic
- Airborne Toxic Event, Kids Are Ready To Die
Today I did something fun, I played my iPod alphabetically so I got some songs I haven't heard in awhile and some I've probably never listened to like this one. It's a good one if you like ATE. So I ran on the mountain and had a great workout of 4.5 miles. I passes a Lo e guy and then a couple when I was running, and then they passed me when I was walking, and then I passed them again when I was running and left them in the dust. It was fun. Then I went to the gym to take a steam. And that is where I saw this disturbing sight.
Do you see anything wrong with this picture? I was appalled that someone would so blatantly run in unmatched socks!! And then leave the evidence out in the open to flaunt her anarchy! I was greatly disturbed by the sight of this callous disregard for order as I left for the hot tub, and there it was to greet me again after my shower. I was so disturbed I had to take a picture. It even bothers me when my kids wear unmatching socks of the same color, ie if one is Nike and the other Addidas. The eradication of bastard socks is one of the driving impulses of my life (perhaps I need to examine this more deeply), and I spend hours trying to solve the problem in my own house and set the world right. Let's be real - these socks will never find their rightful partners again. I weep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Havoc and Consequence

I'm slipping again
Up to old tricks, off my wagon
I have no defense
I'm wreaking havoc and consequence
- Alanis Morissette, Havoc

Now, this song isn't for everyone.  It's kind of a ballad to family members of crazy people, or at least that's the way I see it.  It brought me peace during my run this morning.  I was full of anxiety this morning that I couldn't quite label.  I almost didn't go, which is difficult to justify since I literally had nothing else on the agenda today, and I'm only weeks away from rejoining the ranks of working stiffs.  But I did a road run, which I'm probably not doing enough of lately, and had a good 3.5 miles.  Then I took fat dog out for another mile that we walked.  I found a place where I could get my Hurricanes for only $110 because I refuse to pay Saucony's ridiculous new price of $140, and I have to say I really don't like them as much as last year's model.  They feel stiff and not nearly as cushiony as my old ones.  Oh well.

Havoc and Consequence

Monday, November 12, 2012

So this is what you meant

When you said that you were spent?
And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit right to the top.
- Imagine Dragons, It's Time

This is an AWESOME song that bf put on my last playlist, and then randomly this morning I heard it on the radio when I pressed the wrong button as I was trying to go back to sleep after my frantic early morning (more about that later).  I don't normally do this but check this song out, you'll like it I think.  And if you don't then we wouldn't be friends anyway. 

Here it is.

Anyhoodle, I had a very tired run today, and I'm blaming bf.  I was awakened gently at around 4am with his quiet packing and listening to his music (and I do love his music).  Then a kiss goodbye and I said how proud I was of him getting out on time for his 7:30am flight, then I drifted off to the sounds of frantic search below.  Then I was roused again when he burst into the room and announced he couldn't find his car keys. So I got up and started helping him search, and then after a few minutes we decided I should just take him to the airport at this point because now he would never make it on time to park, so I got dressed.  On the way out the door, he found his keys on the kitchen counter. 
Me:  The kitchen counter?  Really?
He:  They were hidden by all this stuff you piled up on here!
Me:  The dishes?
And that's when I told him I'm totally blogging about this. 

So I did 4.5 on the mountain but I walked more than half of it.  Tired, as I said. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dust me off

If I fall along the way
Pick me up and dust me off
And if I get too tired to make it
Be my breath so I can walk
- Rob Thomas, Bent

I had a fantastic run on the mountain today- 4.5 miles. Time was 1:04 which I think is near my best time when bf and I were doing this a lot earlier this year. It was damn crowded today so I passed a lot of people and got passed once or twice. I ended up in a sort of foot race with this dude who every time I would catch up to him he'd take off running again. It was kind of hilarious. I finally passed him in the last mile, and then he passed me again, and then I passed him in the home stretch. So I won!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Awful quiet

You might think I've not done anything at all this week, but in fact I did a great 4.5 on the mountain Monday, 3 in the hood on Tuesday and another awesome 4.5 mountain trail on Wednesday. So I took Thursday off and then somehow inadvertently missed today too. So I think I will do the mountain again tomorrow but we shall see. It's my day off, after all.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Satan On Skates

My devil's on rollerskates
Down at the roller rink
Picking up chicks for me
-Matthew Good

Was that an option?  I had no idea.  I was pretty busy today, so I ran to the bank.  I didn't realize that I could have just sent my devil.  Although maybe endorsing a check and giving it to a devil isn't a good idea.  I'm picturing Jon Lovitz at Skate Country tripping over his devil's tail.  On quads - not like those devils on inline skates in Dogma.  What is the connection between Satan and skating?  After all, former Red Wing Martin Lapointe looks just like the dark prince.  Trust me it's true.

Anyway - I ran to the bank, deposited my expense check, and then ran home.  Just under three.  But we will round up.  And I ran 4.25 on the treadmill on Tuesday. 

I have the window open to sign up for November 18th, but haven't done it yet.  But I'll build the playlist.  this song is Hello Time Bomb by Matthew Good.  And these are the least disturbing lyrics, but I like it.  And I warned you - anyting to get me to the finish line.  Enjoy.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle
Some nights I wish they'd just fall off
- Fun. Some Nights

Last night bf and I did a Scavenger Dash in downtown Tempe, which is essentially a very freakin long scavenger hunt.  We spent 3.5 hours running down clues and then doing challenges like passing a balloon filled with glow bracelets over a volleyball court and getting it over the net (at which point I was rude like, "just give it to me!") and decoding street names (at which point bf stopped at "M" and decided the word was "Mill" and only 40 minutes of runnin-in-circles later discovered it was, in fact, McKemy).  And, he made me run the whole damn time except when I could create enough confusion of direction in his mind to cause a pause for re-strategizing.  In all, we ran about 7 miles, and I have to say my ass really hurts today.  I am certain it's because he made me run FAST, as opposed to VERY SLOW which is my normal pace.  And as it turned out, there were no fabulous prizes at the end, which was a big disappointment (do I need to clarify that in no way did we come close to winning this event?).  But, we are still a couple as of this morning, which speaks well for our teaming skills under duress. 

Almost 10

And I never had a good time,
I sat by my bedside,
with papers and poetry about Estella....
I saw tail lights last night in a dream about my old life.
Everybody leaves and why, why wouldn't you?
-The Gaslight Anthem

I ran a long way today.  Part of my run included a trip around the jogging track at the alma mater and I was reminded of what I don't like about running there.  The track is about 3 people wide - and so if two people are running one direction and one person is running the other way, there is room if everybody tries.  I'm willing to move all the way over to the edge of the track, but not get off the track.  And still there are incidents.  And usually twice because you see people on one side and then the other.  Jackholes - make some space and share the track. 

I set out with a plan today to run just over 9, but I thought it would be a better blog if I made it to 10.  So I extended the run, but not quite enough.  I fell about 1/4 mile short.  No matter - it was a good long run and part of my ramp up.  Not sure exactly what I'm ramping up to, but I've got to get a 1/2 marathon in during 2012, so ...

In case I run on November 18th, I really have to accelerate building the playlist.  And so it's time to add a song by The Gaslight Anthem.  I struggled with which one; I like the new one (45) and my favorite song by this band is The 59 Sound (in my topp 150 of all time), but I decided on the above quoted song, Great Expectations. This band writes songs about books and other songs - this song references Dickens and Bob Segar.  Here's a funny thing about this band and the way my brain works - I saw that they had a song called "Old White Lincoln" and I thought that it was going to be a great take on Honest Abe.  Of course, I was disappointed when the song was about a car.  Anyway - I really like this band - enjoy.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stay Puff Marshmallow Man

I'm waiting and fading and floating away
I'm waiting and fading and floating away
-Silversun Pickups

Yep.  Did another 3. Probably more like twenty-five or twenty-six minutes.  Why not continue with the theme of the week.  I ran past a house that has three giant inflatable Houston Texan players in the front yard.  The one guy is standing up and telling the crowd he is number one - or else he is telling them something else.  With both hands.

Also time to add "Panic Switch" by Silversun Pickups to the playlist.  I just like it - I got nothing else.  Enjoy.