Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today I got up at 8, read for awhile and had breakfast, and then intended to go to the gym. Instead, I took a nap. For 3 hours. Then I lounged around mentally preparing to go swim laps, but it was overcast outside and had been for awhile, so I thought maybe I'd take a chance and go running outside instead. By the time I actually got ready and went outside, it was sunny again but a little breeze was blowing. So I went ahead and went, and it was tough. I ran about half of it. 3.4

I will add that Sophie had a more difficult time than me - she attempted to lay down in every shady spot.

Another 6.27

Miles, that is. This morning. I did really well, my total time was 1:22:35. I did 13 minute 9 second miles..... but I will say this: my goal for next week is to slow it down just a bit. Because I had thought that I might go ahead and do another loop, which would have put me at 6.8 miles, but at the end of the 11 loops I did, I was COMPLETELY done in, could not go around again, and I know that is because I was going a bit too fast. SO, next week to focus on pace!! I took some Tylenol right before I did the miles and my knee did just fine, so I am not too worried about it at this point, although it still hurts, it did not completely go away.

Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow. I'll either walk a couple of miles or go to the gym and do the bike. Or maybe I'll do nothing.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I walked two miles today. I was getting my fill yesterday and the guy was talking to me quite a bit about the exercise. I told him my current routine (three runs and a bike) and he was saying he would really recommend exercise six times per week, but not running six times per week. He said keep the current routine and the other two days walk or bike or weight training or whatever else I want to do and it only should just be a half hour. I listened to him because I do like to exercise most days, but really do feel that it wouldn't be good to run more than I am running.

So, today I walked. And I have to say, it was just very much a joyous thing. I forgot how much I love walking, just walking and listening to whatever music I want, with my dog, doing what my body loves to do, enjoying the outside. I remember loving it even when it was really really hot in Phoenix. I think I remember blogging about how the good thing about walking in the summer was that even though it was freaking hot, it forced me to be outside and see the sunset and with that kind of heat my inclination was to just stay inside.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


3 mi at the gym this evening

Really struggling

I did a half mile swim last night and it was really nice. I'm really struggling with the heat. Even when I go do the treadmill I just sweat profusely and its so freaking hot. I'm just not having any fun with it and its feeling like a chore.

Food has been okay. ie yesterday I had two small banana muffins for bkfast, a turkey sand on wheat and a cookie for lunch, but then I ate a whole totinos pizza and made brownies after my swim.
Did three miles outside. My knee started fussing at me at about mile 2.5, but only on the uphills, the other parts were fine. I think my form was fine, I wasn't favoring that knee and even on the uphills it wasn't bad enough to distract me or make me worry. It was a good run! It was actually 3.42 miles. Time was 44:40.

My food last night was awful. I did fine during the day, but then came home and ate a whole bunch of sugar. So much it is embarrassing to say, but I will tell you. I ate almost a whole piece of fried chicken breast dipped in honey, a bowl of cocoa pebbles, about a cup of this chicken enchilada stuff with a whole crapload of cheese AND about five small peanut butter cookies. Christ, I'm surprised I can even walk this morning, much less run! I really do feel like shit though, my stomach hurts and I'm all gassy. Bring on the fill!!!!'

And in case anyone is really concerned thinking I am hurting myself what with the surgery and whatnot, you need to remember that there is really no restriction with that band on anything that has a high sugar content, it's just how it is. It's one of the limitations of the surgery. Typically stuff with a real high fat content doesn't have much restriction either, so the enchilada was fine because it had a lot of cheese. But also, I really do need a fill, I'm not getting the restriction I could be getting, which would, for the most part, stop these sorts of situations.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I didn't go

I decided against the gym this morning. I just wasn't up to it and my knee is still sore! Not as bad as it was, but it is still sore. I am going to do my three miles tomorrow outside, I'm really hoping it is all better by then. If not, I'll go back to the doc.

My calories ended up being okay yesterday, about 1600. And considering I worked off at least 500 of that with the run, that is all good with me. The big victories have been staying away from the desk candy and not eating cereal at night. I have been trying out Sandy's theory of just taking it off the "table" as it were. I just am telling myself that it is a simple fact that I don't eat desk candy. Like two plus two is four, Marianne doesn't eat desk candy. It's working surprisingly well. It's not a judgmental thing, it's not me beating myself up or telling myself that I shouldn't WANT the candy or going through endless self-talk about it. It is just very matter of fact.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can I get a WOOT! for treadmill Tuesday!!!

Did four treadmill miles today. No incline, time was 54 minutes and something, I didn't take note of the seconds. My form was probably off, I think I was running on my toes a bit on that left foot, trying to compensate for the knee, which is still kind of twitchy, but nothing that is enough to concern me. God, it was so nice to run I could have cried with the joy! Missy, I did try to take shuffling steps with the running. I think it helped. So, tomorrow my plan is to go to the gym and do the bike and then do three mile Thursday. The knee was no more sore at the end of the run than it was at the beginning, so I know it is getting better. I bet by Thursday I'll be completely back to normal.

You know Missy, not that you are asking for my advice, but you might consider getting a gym membership and doing some cross-training. I know that before you were doing some awesome pilates and stuff like that. That way you are not always having to run, but you get your exercise in. I really like doing the bike sometimes, it's easy on the joints and just gives some variety to life. Plus, then you could work in some treadmill runs, which are easier on your body, lots of shock absorption and shit like that. Just my two cents!

My calories are good today, but we are having frozen pizza for dinner, which is always a bad sign.

2 miles, 2 days

I did 2 again this morning with hardly a complaint from the ol' knees. I may or may not take tomorrow off... I will have to see how I feel. This morning I did 15-minute miles, which was VERY encouraging!! I took my hairdresser's advice (she lost a ton of weight after having some kind of weight loss surgery, started running and never stopped) and didn't eat anything with less than 5 grams of fiber per serving today. Well, except for the muscle milk I drank after I ran. She said the reason I was so hungry at the end of the day was that I wasn't getting enough fiber. I've done really well so far today but it's only 4:30. So we'll see... I usually lose it around 6 p.m. and start eating everything in sight. I really feel satisfied right now so maybe there's hope!

Monday, July 26, 2010


is about all I could manage tonight. But I'm glad I went.
I called a doctor this morning and they were actually able to get me in! I am going here in about a half hour, so I'll let you all know how it goes. If he tells me to stop whining and lose some weight, I don't know what I will do. But the receptionist assured me that he is really good with sports medicine, so I am assuming he won't do that. But you never know! My hope is that he will just be able to tell me what to do and help me come up with a plan here. Because even the stupid exercise bike hurt my knee, so I just don't know what to do.

starting over

I just got back from 2 in a drizzling rain. It was really nice. I started thinking about starting over after I read John Bingham's post about that lady who was starting to run again after having a baby and gaining 100 lbs. I can't have the same expectations of my body now as I did at 200 lbs. So I went back to the beginning and I remembered that Jeff Galloway's advice had been to take short, shuffling steps during the running intervals. I focused on that throughout the run, and it made a big difference in how I felt afterwards. I don't feel exhausted like I had been, and my knee doesn't hurt at all. It feels a little bubbly, like there is too much air in the socket, which is how it felt at the very beginning. To top it all off, I went 16-minute miles, which is faster than I had been going! Marianne you might give it a try, to protect your knee... it may slow you down but maybe that's what you need. It will be worth it if you can avoid an injury because if that happens, you won't be able to go at all.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Blasphemy

For those who need inspiration. Goddess Nike, hear our prayer.
For those who need help with their eating habits. Goddess Nike, hear our prayer.
For those with physical ailments. Goddess Nike, hear our prayer.
For those in need of more fiber. Goddess Nike, hear our prayer.
For those in despair of ever getting back to where they were. Goddess Nike, hear our prayer.
For strength to increase speed and decrease time. Goddess Nike, hear our prayer.
For those who dream of being victorious. Goddess Nike, hear our prayer.
My knee is still all touchy, despite all the ibuprofen and ice. So, this morning I did the bike. I did 20 miles in about 62 minutes. I'm going to get a brace for my knee at the store today and wear it all the time and also wear my athletic shoes all the time, including to work next week. That's my latest knee plan. If the brace makes a big difference then I'll see what I feel like I can do with the running. I think I'm driving Chris a little bit crazy with my obsession over my knee. He works out with knee pain all the time and doesn't understand what I am fussing about. But I never have knee pain!!

It really doesn't hurt that bad, truthfully. It just makes me worry.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Well, I've really gone and done it now. For whatever reason, my damn knee is still hurting and when I went to run on the treadmill today, I only went 1.7 miles. The knee hurt, although not so bad, but I was real worried about it and thinking it was going to give out or something or I was going to make it even worse.

So, I am icing it and taking ibuprofen and I am not doing my long tomorrow. I will see how it feels on Sunday. Stupid fucking knee! And stupid fucking hiking for causing problems with my stupid fucking knee!

I didn't go today either!

I woke up with a splitting headache and by the time it went away, it was too late to go. I could still pack my bag and go at work. I think I might do that. I will at least pack the bag and give myself the option.

I still plan on doing my log tomorrow, I think I am going to do another 6.2 rather than increase it this week. I'll increase it to 6.8 next week.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A beautiful and unexpected gift

Tonight after I got home from depositing new tenants into my old house (and after discovering a hole in the carpet simply covered with a similarly shaped piece of carpet, those stupid fuckers) AND after picking up children from two different friends houses AND working all day, it was a pleasant if not humid overcast 79 degrees with a tiny hint of a breeze. I took this as a sign from Goddess that I need some peace after my awful week, and I went for a run . . . wait for it . . . OUTSIDE!!!!! Woot!! It was awesome. I did my 3.5 route but I walked the last mile because I just wanted to relax and enjoy my music. And by jehosephat, that's what I did!

There's this lyric in a song that goes "in the closet hangs your favorite dress" and I had this sudden flashback of one of the first times I was ever at Dan's house when we were dating and there was a pink dress hanging in his closet. Goddess bless that poor naive girl that I was!! Bless her little soulful heart. I just wanted to love and be love, pink dress be damned!
I'm taking an off day today. I just couldn't bring myself to go. I hope I'm not too cranky or irritable! My calories yesterday were awful. I stopped counting. I did fine for breakfast and lunch and then had a banana cream pie milk shake with Rachael (she got her braces off so I took her for ice cream) and then had pizza and wings for dinner and then a bowl of lucky charms. Christ.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did four loops today. I believe if I am doing my math correctly that I did 13:17 minute miles. Which is totally awesome. I hope my math is right. My total time was 29:13 and my total miles were 2.28. Missy, is my math right?

Also, my calories last night ended up being about 1700, I ate a 100 calorie creamsicle and then probably about 100 calories of pretzels, maybe a bit less. So, it is over my 1500 target, but since I did a four mile run, I figure it's all good. I will say that 150 stupid calories of it was three goddamn "fun size" candy bars that people have at work. They are no fun at all!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did treadmill for four miles with no incline. BUT, I did run at a five mile per hour pace and did a 4:3 ratio, so I still worked it! Time was 53:54.

Interesting development.... I now think that any time that I am not pushing some kind of limit on the treadmill is some kind of cop out. Nice, huh?

My calories today are, I believe, at around 1500 although it is difficult to say because I was at 1100 before dinner and then I had two chicken enchiladas that were pre-made from the grocery store so they didn't come with calories. But I figure they couldn't be more than 200 apiece.

Tomorrow I think I'll go for a short two mile outside. Gotta get my fix, dontchaknow.


I laughed my ass off when I was reading that blog Marianne linked to about running (see below).

Running wisdom you wished you learned earlier in your running?

Well, the above fits this question well. However, for this one, I'll offer, "plan out bathroom stops on the long runs." I have been caught so many times needing to go when there just wasn't a private place to do that. I've emptied bladder and bowels in the most ridiculous and frightening places. Maybe the wisdom I actually needed was how to manage those two organs so I wouldn't get caught out on the road with a load. The absolute worst was the day I ran two ten-mile loops that ended back at my house. After the first loop there was nothing I could do except change all my clothes and take a shower.

Getting caught on the road with a load!!! Woot!! OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Ok on food, here's yesterday:

Oat squares
tuna salad/wheat thins
little debbie brownie
little debbie brownie
Yep, thats all folks.

Here's today so far:
Muffin top, glass of 2% milk
Protein shake

I don't know what's going on with my appetite?? Seems to have fallen off. Guess I shouldn't complain, but nor should I eat little debbie brownies for dinner.


I haven't gone since before Pinetop. And I didn't go in Pinetop. I got my thesis paper back with the revision comments from my advisor so I need to get that done before I start work on Thursday. I really hope to get back into the morning runs, when I have to start getting up early again for work. It's just so hard to get up early to run, when I don't have anything else I have to do!!!

Rapidly going to hell in a handbasket

This week is getting out of my hands. Played golf in 113 degree weather on Sunday for an employee thing so was not only in no shape to work out but had a serious headache and dehydration and went to bed at 9. Last night I spent at my rental house power washing the freaking garage and repairing blinds. These idiots left my house in such a mess I'm going to have to be down there again Thurs, and I was there Sun working after golfing. So, I'm hoping to go to the gym tonight. Tomorrow and Thurs are a real crapshoot. And its fucking HOT here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Took an off day today. I was going to go to the gym and do the bike, but my knees are still all cranky from the hike downhill in Telluride. Sandy, are your knees still cranky?

Anyways, plus my legs are pretty sore from the 6.2 yesterday. SO, I am going to do Treadmill Tuesday tomorrow, but absolutely NO incline, to keep letting my knees recover.

My calories today are at 1510. All good.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


That was my long today. I have to tell you that despite all my telling myself that it only matters that I finished, I am really disappointed in my time. It was 84.08 minutes, which means that if I did the whole race at that pace I would finish in three hours and thirty three minutes, if I am doing my math correctly. Which kind of sucks considering that I walked the fucking thing in three hours and thirty five minutes. Goddammit!

Wait a second..... hold on a minute.

Okay, I just re-mapped my little loop because I remembered that when I first did it, it was actually .57 miles, which I totally did not pay attention to and counted it as half a mile since the .07 was inconsequential. But it becomes much less so when you do it eleven times. That means that my actual run today was 6.2 miles, not 5.5.

Holy cow!

Okay, so that means that my time was actually 13.56 minute miles, which I have a hard time believing. But it definitely feels much better than the other. So, I can go collapse on the couch now, thankyouverymuch.

Friday, July 16, 2010

High on running

I did a 3 mile run yesterday and felt pretty good, ran most of the way except the real uphills. Then Mari and I did a 5 mile pretty challenging hike! So 8 miles yesterday, woot! Taking today off.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping, which is bad news for my mental health. I can't fall asleep even though I am tired, and/or I wake in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. So Dr. Saeed prescribed a sleeping pill. He said to take it when I was sleepy, and it would help me go to sleep and stay asleep. I took one last night and still couldn't fall asleep, although I did wake up at 4:30 and was able to go back to sleep. Now I can't seem to wake up.
Bottom line is it is too late to go, but I can try to go tonight when I get up to Pinetop.
I am doing better with my food but don't want to weigh myself for fear of getting discouraged.
So I doubt I will take any more of those sleeping pills. Too hard to wake up. Jessica says it's stress that is messing up my sleep, and if that's the case then it will get better when I get used to my new apartment. Let's hope so.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hey wow

Looks like I can post from bberry! I'm in bed in Telluride. I did 3 yesterday and it was tough although I don't know if it was more the hills or altitude that caused more problem. Probably a combination of both. Anyhoo then we did probably a 2 mile fairly steep hike. Today I did 2 miles and it was harder than yesterday. Will see how tomorrow goes. I'm doing okay on food, not great but could be way worse given its vacation!
Did treadmill Tuesday. I didn't do any incline, but I did do a four minutes running to three minutes walking interval, which I decided was pushing it enough. Funny thing was, it was EASY, and I ended up thinking I probably should have done a stupid incline, but whatever. My time was the best ever, 54:45.

Monday, July 12, 2010

2 miles outside this morning, time was 29:20. I was hoping to go faster being that it was only two miles, but what are ya gonna do? It is awfully early.

Tomorrow is Treadmill Tuesday, so four miles. I'm going to have to take Wednesday off, I think. And then three on Thursday and 5.5 on Saturday.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

1 mi swim

Is what I did today and I have to say it was hard! I was all by myself in the pool at first, and then this guy gets in the lane right next to me and is literally doing laps twice as fast as me. It was really irritating. Like, cant you take your fast muscular ass over to the other side of the pool so I don't have to feel like such a hippopotamus in the water?? But then I sat in the shade and finished my book. I love my gym.

On the food front:
whole wheat french toast with syrup, skim milk
cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce, cherries
choc bberries
choc chip granola bar
2 hard boiled eggs
Did 15 miles on the bike today (49 minutes). All goodness. Chris and the kids are visiting his parents this week, so I am free to indulge in any kind of bad behavior I want. So, I ate a Totino's pizza and some fancy cookies and watched "Green Zone" with hottie Matt Damon.

I think I'm going to do two miles tomorrow morning. I have been really enjoying the outside morning runs, which is totally unprecedented and somewhat disturbing.

Rooster Running

The run this morning was really good. I did 5 miles at a 15:12 min. pace, which was just over my goal of 15-minute miles. Which may not have been my goal had I known how many hills there were going to be! It was quite a challenge. Dad walked the whole thing and we crossed the finish line together. I forgot to ask Patty if she ran the whole way.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Totally awesome. And, then not so awesome

So when I woke up to your guys' messages on your awesomeness this morning I felt a pang of guilt for not getting out of bed to do the 6am outside run. But I just so love sleeping in on Saturdays!! And Sundays. And every day. Anyhoo, I read for awhile and ate a leisurely breakfast before heading to the gym to do whatever I could. As it turns out, today that was 5 miles - woot! And I ran almost the whole darned way. Ran full 3, most of four and 3/4 of 5. Got done in 61:40, which was pretty cool cause my goal in distance is to do 5 miles per hour.

On to the not so awesome. I'm all about efficiency, right? So I'm putting in a load of laundry and I strip down naked to put today's running clothes in the washer so all my running clothes will be clean for next week. And just at that moment Jake walks by with a friend that I had no idea was over. Seriously, I locked eyes with this kid and his eyes were about as big as saucers. He got full frontal. I wonder if this will be positive or negative for my MILF title?

big onion bagel w/ veggie lite cream cheese, skim milk
2 pcs spinach artichoke pizza (definitely not as good leftover)
Protein shake
cherries, cheese, wheat thins
2 corona
2 oreos
2 choc chip granola bars

Meusli cereal, skim milk, cherries
kosher hot dog w cheese in tortilla
choc covered blueberries (abt 180 calories)
wheat thins, cheese, grapes
famous amous cookies (280 cal)
I was victorious today in the great battle between me and the miles. Five of them.

short one

I'm getting ready to do one lap of Rees Loop, because I don't want to take 2 days off in a row. I'm doing the 5 Run with the Roosters tomorrow. I pick up my packet today... I'll get a tech t-shirt and hopefully at least a certificate. I had been thinking about going last night after the long drive but I made a drink instead, then went to blissful sleep. It was way too hot to go anyway.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

takin it easy

I did 2.5 at the gym at lunch today, taking it easy because my legs are fatigued from the last two days. They burned walking up the stairs to my office this morning. Tomorrow I'm off and then going to try to go outside Saturday. There's a group run at Roadrunner sports on Saturday mornings at 6. Thats AM folks. As I said, I'm just contemplating it, but it gives me somewhere to be and some people to suffer with. And you never know, there may be a cute guy or two that I can ignore.

Banana, skim milk, choc chip granola bar
tuna salad, wheat thins, protein shake
2 pieces thin crust spinach artechoke pizza from CPK, to DIE for!!

I feel good, nanananananana

That was James Brown in case you didn't know. We are all three doing our shit right now which is really exciting to me. I LOVE running here in Castle Rock. It will probably make dealing with the heat all the more sucky. Pretty sure I have dropped a few lbs here in CO what with all the painting and running and moving. That helps me want to do better with my food.
That run I did the other day was actually 1.8, and today I did 3. On Sunday I am doing the Run with the Roosters at Old Tucson, and it's a 5-miler. I also signed up for a 4-miler at Sabino Canyon in I think September.
My legs feel firmer already and I feel so good. Marianne it's not so much that I rock, (although I do) but that you are now where I was when I was training for the OC, and so I learned a ton about if something isn't working, think of a way to do it differently. Also listen to other runners, especially the fat and/or slow ones.

Success is my only motherfuckin' option!

Did the three. Outside and with the 2:2 interval and WOW! What a difference! I was enjoying my music! I was enjoying the sunshine on my shoulders! I was running, in a tank top, in my neighborhood, while people were getting up and going to work! I only almost got run over ONCE!

It was awesome and I will definitely be sticking to this ratio on my outside runs. My time was 45:06, so I need to slow it down some, I think, when I try the five miles on Saturday. I don't want to wear myself out and then not be able to finish. I need more successes!

So, thank you so much Missy for the awesome support and sensible suggestion that I clearly would never have considered on my own. Also, I drank a cup of coffee before going out today which may have also made a difference, so I'll make that part of the routine as well. But just one cup, so I'm not peeing all the time, which is my big fear with drinking coffee before I leave. That was also Missy's idea. Missy rocks!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All goodness

I made it again tonight to the gym. Woot! I did 3 and must say it was a difficult 3, but I did it. Before the gym I went and got some new running shoes because I could tell last night that my shoes were getting loosey goosey. I also bought some cute running clothes cause hey, if you look good you feel good, right?

Anyhoo, here's a funny story. There's this cute guy at my gym that I've only seen a couple times, he looks a lot like my Oz guy. Tonight he walked by when I was on the treadmill and there was total eye contact. So I watched where he went, back to this resistance area, and when I was done I went over there to "refill my water". I peeked in and he was in there doing sit-ups. So I lingered a bit and then looked over again, and he was gone. So, I looked around and bam, he was standing in a different area but looking right at me! So totally busted was I!! So I made this sound like "Oh!" and I turned around and walked away. God I'm a dork.

Banana, skim milk, oat squares
chopped chicken salad, protein shake
half whole wheat tuna wrap, fresh fruit, choc chip granola bar


Did four on treadmill at work yesterday. It was all good. First two miles at no incline, my shins were fussing me, third mile at 1, fourth mile at 2.

Tomorrow I will be doing three outside and I am going to try the 2:2 interval and see how that goes. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here I Go Again

Praise goddess and allah, I made it to the gym after work today. And, I actually did 4.5 miles. I ran the first three, ran half of the fourth and walked the last half (primarily because I didn't want to leave before Extra was over). Anyhoo, feelin good about that.

So, I am really needing more accountability in eating right and making better choices with food. Its so easy to get lazy, ya know? So I decided to start my food diary again today, because I'm just much better when I'm accountable. But then I thought it might be even better to be accountable here, instead of just to myself. So, here goes

Large banana muffin, 12oz 2% milk
Progresso chicken soup, protein shake
wheat thins, cheese, turkey, grapes

I did pretty good today except for breakfast. Damn awesome muffins at this place right by my work. Probably has 500 calories.

well . . .

I only went once last week, the outside run in Minnesota. Jake and I left Friday to go camping up in Pinetop and got back yesterday. I really couldn't run when camping, as there was no shower and I was stinky enough as is. I was going to go yesterday but after sleeping on the ground for 3 nights, the couch just felt so good! So, I'm resolute, I'm getting in four this week, starting tonight. I had two easy weeks and now back at it.

Seriously though, send some good mojo my way or say a prayer if you will, as I'm really struggling with training through the summer. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Monday, July 5, 2010

day 2

I tried to take the loop that Marianne and I did yesterday but went somewhere else instead. I went for 30 minutes. I tried to g-map it but the route I put in is only a mile. I have a hard time believing that, as heavy and slow as I am right now, it took me half an hour to do a single mile. So, I decided who cares. I did 30 minutes and it was enough to get the stiffness out of my muscles, and it felt good. Sandy are you ok?

yay, I went!

did almost 3 yesterday in marianne's neighborhood, if I kept track right. It was awesome. I am getting ready to go right now for a short 2. I am going to go opposite of yesterday, and start on the downhill. This is a beautiful place to run. I love it! Bonus- I turned in chapter 3 of my thesis and it is good. I am feeling really good.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Me No Likey!

I continue to struggle outside. I only did 2.5 miles today instead of the five I was supposed to do. My Ipod battery died, so that was my excuse, but you know what they say..... lots of good excuses, no good reasons. Stupid outside running!!!

I'm glad Missy is here, she is suggesting that I shorten my intervals for my outside running, and I must agree, because something is sure wrong and I need to figure out what it is. SO, I will be doing a 2:2 ratio rather than 4:4 on Thursday and we'll see how that goes. And treadmill Tuesday will go on as normal. But Thursday I'll go 3 outside and change up the interval and see how that feels. And then Saturday we'll try this 5 mile shit again.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Did four on treadmill at work. First two at no incline, second two at one.