Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I got to run outside!!

I was in Minnesota for work this week and got to run on a beautiful trail along this river, weather was gorgeous. I think it was about 3.5.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back on track

After skipping all last week. The last I did before today was that six miles. I did four. It was fine. I did first mile at no incline, the second mile at .5, and the next mile and a half at 1. I put it back down to zero for the last half mile.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where I am

Drinking like a fish, smoking like a chimney, eating like a hog, fatter than ever. Thesis and geometry class near completion. That is all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I didn't go today.... and I don't want to hear about it!!!! At this point, I am wanting to go tomorrow morning as well as Saturday morning in South Dakota, but we are just going to have to see how it goes, won't we?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I went so . . .

you know, whatever. 1.68.
I missed yesterday, too crazy at work to go. Today isn't looking good either. But tomorrow I'll go before work, so that one will not be missed.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I quit!!!

well at least I feel like quitting. I did go on Sat as you guys know, but I didn't post. My two day hangover prevented me from going Sunday and yesterday. But today I trudged over there at lunch again and did 3 although I probably only ran 1.5 of it. I feel like I'm regressing even though I've been going four times a week. I just hate it that I can't run outside. I hate the fucking treadmill.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Treadmill miles, but still! I did the first two at no incline, the second two at .5 and then one mile at 1 and then for the last mile I put it back down to zero. Man, it was a gooooooood run! I feel terrific, even now! And, I worked off almost 900 calories according to the machine, so it makes up for the ice cream and chinese food yesterday. God, I've just been awful with my eating!

Anyhoodle, and I felt really good when it occurred to me that six miles is half that race. They still haven't posted the damn course, so I can't drive it. I'm really hoping it is pretty flat, you guys. Otherwise, I'm pretty skeptical about my ability to do this thing.

I realized that it was allergies that were making me so damn miserable for the bulk of last week. It was really bad, and I kept thinking I was getting sick with a cold, but that is how bad the allergies were, it felt like a cold. So, I started taking some Advil Allergy Sinus, the good stuff with the psuedoephedrine, which I had to practically go through a background check and sign my life away to get, but it is really making me feel better. I didn't realize it was allergies until I saw what a hard time David was having, he had to have a breathing treatment the other night.

Also, I drank G2 for this entire run, almost a quart of it. I don't know why it is that I always have to learn stuff the hard way, but man, drinking that stuff really REALLY made a difference! I just felt SO much better! And Missy told me that a while back, but of course, god forbid I just fucking LISTEN to someone who might know something, I always have to figure it out for myself. But I know it made a difference because I am not all nauseous and sweaty, my cooldown was normal, it didn't take longer than it should have and I'm not pooping for hours this time either (all this happened the last time I did the treadmill for five miles). So, from here on out, only G2 will be in my water bottle.... even for the short runs. It is low enough in calories that it won't bug me to drink it (I always get pissy about drinking away my calories) and like I said, it really helped me. Plus, it turns out that when you are really thirsty and sweating and you really need it, it doesn't taste like turds dipped in seawater like it usually does!

I have officially reached the point where three miles is an "easy" run. HA!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


at the gym today at lunch. And let me say, I was quite grumpy about having to go, but I did. I procrastinated so long that I didn't have time to do more than 2.5. Plus, I was done anyway.

I've been eating like a damn hog, but I've been on my period so I'm hoping that goes away. I had a salad with turkey and various nuts/berries for lunch and am having my afternoon protein shake. So, I'm still on track for 4 this week. All is well.

Shortfalls and little sins...

I went this morning, but cut it short. I was supposed to do three miles, and I ended up doing just over two. My time was okay, but I just am not feeling well. And now I got home like fifteen minutes ago but I am still hot and sweating. I think I must be getting sick, I'm coughing too. Or it could be the two bowls of frosted flakes I ate last night. The cereal won last night. So, that probably didn't help trying to get through a run this morning. Stupid cereal!

I'm supposed to do 4.5 miles on Saturday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Did four miles on the treadmill. Only did 1 incline and only for two of the miles, I just wasn't feeling it today. But it did get done.

Monday, June 14, 2010

takin it easy

I did 3.5 this morning but it was a real easy 3.5 in that I probably walked half of it. But it was a nice outing with Sophie.

I am loathe to admit it, but . . . well, I bought me some HealtheTrim. Its a dietary supplement that my morning show DJ's rave about, it literally melts off the pounds!! and you don't have to do ANYTHING!!! Just kidding they do recommend a healthy diet and exercise, but the point is if you don't do anything differently supposedly the weight will still come off. So, yah, I'm a sucker and I'm trying it. What do I have to lose but $60 and 10 pounds?

BTW, my repeat tests at the endocrinologist all came back normal so basically she said there's nothing wrong with me. Except that I'm getting old I suppose.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

1 mile swim

is what I did today. And it was pretty tiring today, I felt sort of like a drowning cat at the end. But I did it.

Yo Missy where you at?
Did an easy 45 minutes, a bit over 12 1/2 miles on the bike today. I had forgotten my damn ipod, otherwise I might have done more.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here's how it went down

I went out last night with Lo and this gay couple that I absolutely love. I was laughing so hard I was crying on two separate occasions during the evening. Great great time, but I drank too much beer and didn't get to bed until 1:30 am, which means I didn't rise from bed until 11, and a little hungover at that. I've been eating like crap too, and I had eggos with extra syrup for breakfast. So, I was thinking that I might just throw in the towel and not go at all today.

I left at 1:30 to take K to Dan's after napping on the couch, and I hadn't showered or even changed out of my nightshirt, meaning I had no bra on. And, I hadn't even brushed my teeth or washed my face. So after I dropped K, I was trying to rev myself up to go home and change and then go straight to the gym, thinking that even if its awful and I only end up going a mile or so, at least I can say I went.

It then occurred to me that I have my gym bag in the car all packed and ready, because I intended to go during lunch on Friday and I didn't end up going. So if I can just go straight to the gym instead of going home first, it will be a lot easier, because the chances of me making it back out of the house to go to the gym weren't looking good.

Anyhoo, it was in this condition that I went to the gym. I did my 2 incline but just took an easy 12 min pace. And, I ran three miles feeling pretty decent! So then I figured I'm still feeling good so I'll go for four, and I half ran half walked a fourth mile at 1 percent incline. Then I was still feeling decent so I thought I'd just make this my long run and go 5! I walked most of the last mile but it was a good pace at 1 incline.

So, yay me!!! One of those odd days I guess. I then sat in the spa and then the steam room and then took a really long shower. And now I'm home feelin pretty darn good. And that's four this week. I think I'll swim tomorrow.


I did four miles this morning. I did it in 51:55. Which is so totally unprecedented that I did not believe it. So, I went over in my head like a bazillion times and I am certain that I did the thing, the loop, ten times. So, then I went and double checked the mileage on gmaps pedometer and it is definitely .4 miles. So, I definitely did four miles. I just must have been going faster than I thought. One side of the loop is downhill, but the corresponding side is uphill, so I really don't see how I could be making up THAT much time just going faster downhill. Chris' theory is that I am going faster downhill but also going faster than I would think I am on the uphill.

Hmph. I am still pretty skeptical, but the bottom line is, I did four miles, in the rain. The dog and I were both soaked by the time we got home.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I went, but not as planned

I did go, I just didn't get up this morning and do three outside. Instead, I did four on the treadmill at the gym at work, when I at last managed to make it there. I did the first mile at no incline, second two miles at 1 and the last mile at 2. Plus, I upped my running speed to 4.8, so my final time was 56.20. So, I made up for not going outside, I think. I wanted to do five miles, but I really had to get back to work. Plus, that last mile at 2 kind of kicked my ass.

I didn't not get up this morning for any particular reason or any particular crazy thoughts, I just couldn't make it. I was up at 1:30 changing DW's sheets after he vomited on them (stupid germy YMCA!), so I guess you win some, lose some.

woohoo, 3.2

I did my 3.2 this morning and it went really well. My time was reasonable and I could feel my knee working but it wasn't painful. I have to start getting out earlier - by the end of the run it was too hot to be running in the sunlight. So instead of 6 I will probably try to be out by 5:45.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I didn't go today. I was, again, too busy at work. Actually, that's not quite what happened. What happened was, I was all prepared, went down to the gym, changed and got on the treadmill. And my ipod battery was dead. SO, I went on back upstairs, plugged my ipod into my work computer to charge it up figuring I would give it a half hour or so, just enough time to get me my run, and then the day was over and I don't even really know what the fuck happened other than I managed to wander around my office in my gym clothes for I don't know how long.

Anyhoodle, so I am considering my Tuesday run officially skipped, but tomorrow's 3 mile outside run is officially ON. So is the 4 mile outside run on Saturday!

3.5 in the am

Did my 3.5 mile route outside this morning but DAMN its hot!!!! I am sweating like a pig and felt like I was going to die of thirst out there. I've just finished chugging 32 oz of ice tea. But, I think the good thing about training in the heat this summer will be that Denver will feel really cool, and that might take away some of the altitude effect. I've heard that running in the heat is good training for high altitudes. I think it was dad that told me that.
I didn't end up going yesterday, work got in the way too much. But today I will be doing my four miles, and then tomorrow doing 3 miles outside when I wake up, so I'll be back on track.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

final 2.3

today was my last 2.3. Tomorrow off, then 3.2 on thursday. I will do five 3.5 runs with no more than 2 days off in between_ and then I will start up my weekend long runs again. My knee is pretty cranky today so I brought ice packs to class and have been icing then walking, icing then walking. I know I need to get some weight off so I am trying hard but the evenings are such a struggle! Sandy yay for you! The heat does suck the energy and ambition right out of your soul. And the fun right out of the run! But the important thing is you finished.


Say it as a curse. "Balls!" That's how I'm feeling. I decided to take Sunday as a day of rest, after all it is the Lord's day. Ok whatever, I was just tired, and thinking Monday I could do my 5 after I drop K at cheer practice at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am. But, I had a hard time getting to sleep Sunday night, probably because I slept most of the day, and in any case I was exhausted Monday morning so I went back to bed after I dropped K off. And then I felt disgusting the rest of the day. I went to the gym at lunch and did 3 but probably only ran 2 of it.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night so I was up and feeling good this morning, and I decided I'd try to do 5.5. It was good for about the first 15 minutes until the sun came up and then it was just a real bitch - hot, sweaty and energy sucking. The first 2 miles of that route are uphill and I could really feel the extra 10 pounds I'm carrying, even though I've been doing incline on the treadmill. I finally gave up and walked most of the last two home, after having taken numerous walk breaks during the first 3.5. But anyway, I did it. Sweating like a hog and realizing that if I want to do this in the morning I'm going to have to get up a lot earlier.

Trying to train for this thing over the summer in AZ is going to be a real bitch.

Monday, June 7, 2010


did my 2.3 this morning with a decent time and my knee feels pretty good. The shoes are comfortable. Will see if they work better than the new balance. These ones are sauconys.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I know I am an athlete....

when I have to hide the powerade from my kids because I am actually going to NEED it at some point in the near future.

Another 2.3

It went pretty well. I think I am gaining a bit of speed, shaving off a few seconds each time. Twice more to run this route before adding a bit on. I have reworked my training schedule. My knee is just a bit tender. If I can get at least 15 lbs off between now and October, my chances of beating my best time are good. I need to get new shoes and inserts but with my summer job falling through I hesitate to spend the money, even though I have it right now. I am thinking it's too important to put off and I better just grit my teeth and do it. Especially given that I am turning my once beautiful feet into ugly horned claws.
Couple more songs I found - Guilty Pleasure by Cobra Starship, All I Ever Wanted by Kelly Clarkson, The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti and Spearhead, and not sure if I told you about this one, Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner. That one is really funny. For cooldown I found Pink Moon by Nick Drake. Doesn't seem to mean anything but it's acoustic guitar and very relaxing to listen to.
Now back to my thesis, which I feel I will NEVER. FINISH. Sandy, did you ever find out what those high cortisol levels were all about?
I went to the gym planning to do my 45 on the bike, but then I decided to do 60, and then I decided I really wanted to do 20 miles, which took me 65 minutes. So, that's what I did.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

1 mile swim

is what I did today. It was good. And that makes 5 this week. Gonna try to do 5 miles tomorrow. Yes, I'm copying you Mari. I haven't created a training schedule so I'm just going to follow you. I was thinking that we need to get to 5 or 6 in June.

Did it!

Five miles on the treadmill today. I did the first two at no incline, my shins were kind of fussing, but they got over it. I did the second at .5, the third and fourth at 1 and then the fifth at 1.5. The last mile kind of kicked my ass, but I got through it. My time was 72.20.

The other thing about today's run, other than it being the longest run I have done so far, is that it is the last long run, according to my training schedule, that is being done on the treadmill. Next Saturday is four miles outside, and from there every Saturday is a long run, outside.

And even though I am pretty worn out from the run, I am still feeling like I am going to do my bike tomorrow. But we'll see. I am going to be cleaning my stupid new house for the rest of the day today, so that will wear me out even more!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I did my 2.3 again. I am going to try not to go any farther until I have done the 2.3 at least five times with no more than 2 days off in between. Last time I went too fast and ended up with a very unhappy knee. So that's the plan for now. Then when I get back into the swing of things I will redo my training schedule.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hawaii 2-3 ish

As I was drafting this post in my head while running this morning, I was going to start out by saying that a run on the beach in the morning almost makes all the travel worth it. It was a gorgeous morning, beach, etc. Then, I got to this part where I had to jump over a tide thingy and I got my shoe wet. Then was in sand and got it all sandy. Continued along beach but getting further from the hotel there were homeless people living on the beach in tents and cars. Surfer people I guess. So was a little creeped out but kept going. Then these two guys started yelling at me, "oh yeah! uh-huh!", so I was completely creeped out and kept going along the beach trying to find an alternative route back so I wouldn't have to go by them again. Couldn't find one so I ended up going back, walking at this point, and thank goddess they weren't there. Turned up this road that I assumed lead back to the hotel, but it didn't. Had to head back, jumped over said tide thingy again and got my other shoe wet, so both are now sandy and squishy. Finally got back to my room and realized I had grabbed my credit card instead of my room key, so I was locked out. Fuck fuck fuck.

All right, already!! >:l

I did my 2.3 this morning in 34 minutes, so it would appear I haven't done too much damage with my Dr. Jekyll / Ms. Hyde routine. I put the cigarettes under the faucet while I was on the phone with Sandy on Tuesday and haven't touched another one. Also haven't had anything to drink. Two important dream developments: One, I dreamed that my silver blanket with my medals and certificates on it had been folded in half on the wall, so it was half the size it was before. Read: My stupid behavior, doing things I don't want, is SHRINKING my ability to do what I really want in life. Two: I dreamed about a baby instead of the usual losing things or being lost. Read: There are new and exciting things coming!! It's a new life coming my way and I'm gonna enjoy it! (Sorta) like Twisty says, everythang I do gon be fun from now on.
Thanks Sandy!
Marianne I am proud of you. You are keeping up on your training in spite of the stress I assume you are under with buying the house!!
Go Sistas!!

I finally did it

Okay, did my outside run and I guess third time's a charm, since it went well. I did the whole thing, doing my regular intervals, no issues. Yay! And also, WHEW! Since I was really getting concerned that something was very wrong and I wasn't going to be able to do this. Although, I still maintain a pretty healthy skepticism that I will actually be able to do what I did this morning for thirteen whole miles. I did three. I forgot to start my stopwatch, so I don't know my time, which was probably at least subliminally on purpose, since it was enough just to finish the damn thing this morning the way I planned it, I don't need some stupid clock telling me I did it wrong.

Anyhoodle, the next thing on my training schedule is five miles on the treadmill on Saturday, and the optional bike workout on Sunday. We'll see about that. I'm really not sure I would want to do the bike after running five miles, even if it is on the treadmill.

Also, my newest favorite cooldown song is "Mary" by Patty Griffin. You guys should definitely check it out, but be warned that it might make you cry. Then again, I frequently cry while doing cooldown, no matter what the song, so maybe it won't have any effect on you at all.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where the hell is Missy????

ITS TIME, girl. Get on it. Its time.

Beautiful Day

I actually went running this morning at 6am. This because I had to take K to cheer practice at the ungodly hour of 5:30. So, I decided to take the opportunity to go. And, it was pretty damn good! I did my 3.5 mile route outside, the weather was crisp and cool, and I ran the whole way at an 11 min/mile pace. Except for a small hill that I walked. (self: you couldn't run that small hill? me: f off!! Let's see you do it. self: good point. ok.)

In any case, I feel pretty good. I sat outside and relaxed, did the dishes, and now I'm going to shower. All before I normally get out of bed.
Did my 45 on the bike on Sunday and my four on the treadmill yesterday. Did the first mile at no incline, the other three at 1. Will do outside three miles tomorrow.

Missy, should we be asking where you are?