Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Out The Back Door, Goddamn, But I Love Her Anyway

There's something beautiful and tragic in the fallout

                                                - Panic! At The Disco

Not a great running week… about nine miles, and Sunday I only did 2.5… I wasn't feeling well. Anyway, and now we're getting all set for Thanksgiving, but I have confirmed my guest pass to the fancy gym and reserved my spot on the mean streets of Scottsdale for my Thanksgiving morning run, so I should be all set for the next few days.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Even the comatose, they don't dance and tell

And everyone's competing
For a love they won't receive
'Cause what this palace wants
Is release

                         - Lorde "Team"

My favorite running song of late. I have been working hard, although it is annoyingly not showing up on the scale, and I can't seem to get my weight where I want it to be…. and just before the holiday gorging! Dammit!

But I am at 466 for the year… almost there.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

While The Armies All Are Sleeping

This prison has now become your home
A sentence you seem prepared to pay

                                         - Sting

It's been a crappy running week. Let's blame it on the P as well as the MS, shall we? Yes, we shall. I ran four stupid treadmill miles yesterday and four miles on the trail today, which was actually kind of nice. I can't run tomorrow because I will be busily engaged in both travel and debauchery.

I'm at 447 for the year and it seems to be crunch time, no? I need to make sure I get it done!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What were the words I meant to say before you left?
When I could see your breath lead where you were going to
- The Decemberists

This has been a week of heartache. But as usual, running has pulled me through (along with some TLC). I've had some strong runs and some weak ones (like tonight) but always I'm reminded that I have strength within.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Freakin awesome

I know thatGod exists
I held her in my arms
I never knew I was able to feel this strong
- Blue October, Worry List

I had the most awesome mountain run tonight. I went up at about 430 and watched the sun go down as I ran down. Yep I ran all the way down and a lot of the way up, even places I don't normally run. It was so nice because it wasn't really crowded. A guy passed me on the way up but I stayed close and passed him on the way down and left him in my dust.