Thursday, February 28, 2013

Deny, Deny, Deny

Hiding in the backseat
Waiting for a dark street
Trying to find a place to run
-Joel Plaskett

3 more miles today.  Maybe February is a little bit longer than it is wide.  93 total for the year.

The older I get the more I like Joel Plaskett.  Which is true, but also a little bit of a joke since I've only known about Joel Plaskett for about 3 years.  Anyway, I'm going to add "Deny, Deny, Deny" to the official playlist.  Why another update so soon?  I'm worried.  If I agree to join Ran Dumb Thoughts in San Diego, I'm going to need a really long playlist.  Probably going to need to put a book on tape in there.  Or book on mp3.  Audio book.  That's it.  Anyway - enjoy.


I heard Jesus, he drank wine
And I bet we'd get along just fine
He could calm the storm and heal the blind
And I bet he'd understand a heart like mine
- Miranda Lambert, Heart Like Mine

Well there were no bobcats in Atlanta, but I did get a visit from this little guy in my hotel room. As you may have guessed, I didn't get another run in on my trip, but I did get my 3.5 done this morning. I tried to sneak out without fat dog but she would t leave my side once she realized I had my running shoes on. I had parental guilt for leaving her alone since Sunday so I let her come along. I will say it wasn't pretty. I do t know if it was the travel or lack of sleep but I struggled today. Maybe I'm still feeling the effects of my battle with Hair. Anyway, that puts me at 98 miles and 46 for the month. I might go again this afternoon to get that extra 2 miles to get me to 100. Trying to squeeze 50 miles into 28 days is not easy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Width of February

February's about as long as it is wide
-Craig Finn

On Monday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill.  I felt good about my run and I felt committed to eating a healthy dinner afterwards.  I thought - I'll have a salad and a small piece of fish.  And then I saw an ad for a Brazilian steakhouse and instead I had all you can eat meat.  Kinda the same thing.

Today I've been very busy, but I snuck out for a quick 2 miles.  I'm pretty sure that tomorrow will be even busier, so I will have to recap February today.  I'm up to a total of 90 miles, which means that I ran 6 times for 34 miles.  Six times?  That's like doing six minute abs.  You can't get a workout in six minutes.  Seven.  Seven is the number.  Maybe I have to run tomorrow.  Or again today.

Monday, February 25, 2013


You're so very special
I wish I was special
- Korn, Creep

I always feel pretty special when I run in the hotel gym, because I know that very few people if any from my group do so. So it makes me feel like kindof a badass. There's an added swagger to my stride on my way back to my room, although I do feel some sympathy for those unfortunate enough to be in the elevator with my smelly self. So today I skipped out right after my meeting was over in order to avoid dinner invitations. As it turns out, I needn't have worried because the only person I was concerned might invite me to dinner was at the gym when I arrived. I'll call her Hair, not because she has great hair but because she always wears it pulled back tight into a small clip, like she just got out of the shower and rushed in. And lackofhair is too long. Anyway, she was already running at speed 5 (12 min mile) (yes I looked) which is generally my dreadmill pace. So of course I got on and ran at 5.2. I was really tired and jetlagged and dying to stop and walk at times, but Hair kept me going. I had decided I was going to walk for a bit at 3 miles, but at 2.99 she started walking. So of course then I had to keep going, because I had her beat. In not competitive or anything. So I kept running and was going to stop at 3.5 but at 3.48 she stopped and was readying to leave. My inclination was to keep running until she was gone, but I'm not that ridiculous (well, probably I am). Anyhoo, Hair made me better today and for that I am grateful. So now I've got 94.5 miles done. I have a team dinner tomorrow night but if I can squeeze 2 miles in before that, and then do 3.5 on Thurs when I'm home, then I will have met my goal of 50 miles per month. And goddess willing, I won't get behind again.

**I know another band sings Creep but this is from a cover, and I can't think of who did the original. Radiohead?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hide your crazy

Go on, hide your crazy
And start acting like a lady
- Miranda Lambert, Not My Mamas Broken Heart

This song is a true country hick song and it cracks me up every time I hear it. By some mad coincidence today, I saw another bobcat in my neighborhood, and this time I got a picture. So I had never seen one in my life and now I've seen two in the last two days. I think the universe must be trying to send me a message. Anyway, I have to say it was difficult getting out there today. I've run 22 miles in the last week and am just damn tired. Such is the blessing and curse of the 500 mile goal. Woe to those who fall behind. But I got out and ran on the mountain. It was quite windy and chilly today but I was still overdressed and sweating in my hoodie. I walked a little more than normal but it got done. I saw this lady with a tiny baby in a carrier on her chest and it reminded me of when I used to power walk in the desert with tiny infant K, and the way her little arms would flounce to the beat of my stride. 91 miles down. Now off to Atlanta and hoping my determination sticks and I do some running while there.

Of Peace, Quiet, and Monsters

So, if you see those so called demons,
Don't bother saying I said hi.
I think they both know where to find me,
I think I've stared at them both dead in their eyes...

See, you can always find quiet
But you can't really ever find peace
-Dan Andriano

I went to Las Vegas for a company meeting and while I was there I visited the poker table.  Immediately after I sat down, I was offered a drink that had been bought by another player.  I should say "bought" since the drinks are free.  Anyway, I'm being handed some sort of weird blue drink by a stranger.  But I've seen The Hangover, so I say, "no thanks, I don't like roofies".  I guess not everyone thought that was funny.  Or anyone.  Oh well.  Not the first time I didn't make friends at the poker table.

Between being a little sick, the smoke, the dry air, not getting enough sleep, and the travel - I didn't feel great today.  But I ran anyway.  A nice and slow 3 miles.  And more importantly I'm starting a new running playlist - for a yet to be determined run.  The first song in is fron Dan from Alkaline Trio - Of Peace, Quiet, and Monsters.  Good stuff.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Luckiest run ever!!!!!!

Yes, I totally saw this in the desert on my mountain run today. I was running the last stretch, and thank goodness I ran so much or I would have missed her! I stopped in my tracks when I saw this cat walking away from the trail probably only 15 feet away. I said "oh!" and she turned and stared at me for a second before going on her way. Yeah, I had a tiny moment of fright there but not enough to dampen my excitement. There wasn't anybody around me so I just paced back and forth with my hands in the air watching her disappear into the brush. When some people finally got there I pointed her out and they did get to see her before she was out of sight. After we walked a little further we were able to see her again. What a fabulous reward for all of my hard work on the mountain today. Because I have to say, it really kicked my ass. There was a lady I called Pinky that I passed in the first mile if my run who was on my heels the whole way up. Even after the parts I ran, I would see her catching up again. Finally at the last steep rocky incline before the top, I was prepared to stand aside and let her by. But that last stretch seemed to kick her ass too, so I stayed ahead. She headed straight down while I took a breather at the top, and then I passed her again on my run down never to see her again (although I kept looking!). Pinky made me better today and I was thankful for that. Maybe the bobcat was good karma. 86.5 miles down.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cold Stone

I did my neighborhood route today and about a mile in I found this awesome rock. So I picked it up and held it in my palm for the rest of my run, and now it has a place on my desk. Anyone who reads my ramblings here knows how much I love nature and little gems like this. I have a rock garden in my front yard filled with little treasures I've picked up along the way. Yeah I'm a mental 9-year old in some ways. But anyway it got me thinking about a murder mystery that bf and I watched last night, and a witness said "he was a cold stone killer" and I said "do you think that means he would kill for some good ice cream?" Cause I have a sister like that. Anyhoo, 3.5 done today. 82 miles down. That means I have to do 18 miles in the next week if I want to get 50 this month. Which is made even more difficult by the fact that I am going to Atlanta on Sunday and won't be home until Wednesday, and lots of fine dinners in-between. But I am taking a well deserved day off tomorrow and will crank it up this weekend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grey Street

She says, I pray
But my prayers fall on deaf ears
Am I supposed to take it on myself
To get out of this place?
- Dave Matthews, Grey Street

It was 70 degrees yesterday afternoon when I went out and did my lazy 2 miles with fat dog, and as expected she humored me by dropping turds all the way. So today I expected it would be at least somewhat warm when I went out today even though it had been raining in the morning. It seemed I went out during a lucky break in the weather but I didn't put nearly enough clothes on so I was freezing most of the way. It started sprinkling about a mile and a half from home, and within minutes it was a regular downpour. It was kinda nice if not freezing and wet, and by the time I got home I was soaked. But I probably ran faster than I otherwise would have. After that it hailed, and in some places actually snowed. In Phoenix. Cahrazay. 78.5 down.

The Bitch Head Diaries

I'm starting conversations at home with "you know bitch head, at my work?" far too frequently. Fortunately or unfortunately, my husband does, in fact, know exactly who I am talking about. Today I ran into her in the stupid locker room AGAIN despite my valiant efforts to avoid going to the gym when I think she will be there. I was done with my run, and she was just getting there. And she says to me "did someone tell me that you run marathons? Is that right?" And I go "yeah, half marathons". She proceeds to tell me about her bad knees (why she can't run, just to make sure a fatty like me isn't going to go getting all judgy on her) and blah blah blah blah. I literally HATE this woman. But my professional courtesy is such that she does not seem to know it. Actually, it might not be my professional courtesy so much as her stupidity. That is far more likely, now that I am thinking about it.

In any case, I wondered via text to my sister if perhaps she was feeling stupid for her earlier breathing instructions to me, now that she knows I run kind of a lot. My sister poured cold water all over that straight away, informing me that not only was it unlikely that this person felt stupid for what she has said to me, but that she probably feels great that she "helped" me. I'm sure she is right.

95 down.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Association

Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
-LL Cool J

Back at it.  I ran 3 miles today.  Gets me to 82 total.

I wasn't going to rant about this, but the NBA All-Star game was in Houston this weekend.  Here's a little secret about the Association - it's just not good.  I used to really like this sport, but I don't find anything entertaining about it anymore.  Yes - I was probably bitten by a Canada goose which made me like hockey more than hoops.  But it is true.  I can't care about anything related to the NBA.  I saw a headline that stated "Clippers considering trading Bledsoe for Milsap".  If it isn't Drew Bledsoe for Ronny Milsap, I have no idea who those people are.  And really, how could you trade a former QB for a country musician?  The QB has so much more value - after all, he could easily have a second career as a knuckleball pitcher.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Taking my sweet time

I took my sweet time when I was bitter
Someone understands me
- Gavin Degrade, in love with a girl

Yeah I didn't really feel like going today, but I have some damn miles to make up! I am forever grateful for my partner in this adventure, who pushes me harder and encourages me to eat better. Today we both ran to the gym from our separate houses and then ran back to mine for pizza. I took fat dog so I could in good conscience stop a few times along the way. My legs are really fatigued. 73 down.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Make that 70 miles down

The old lady was relentless

It was more than I could take
Pity for pity's sake
- Corrine bailey Rae

There are few things more humbling than being passed by an old lady on the trail. But I know one. Being passed by an old lady three times in the trail. Yeah that happened today. She passed bf and I first when we were walking an uphill part, and I was stunned to see her blow by. We passed her while running a downhill part, and I thought we'd got far enough ahead of her to avoid the shame of being passed again. Alas, it wasn't to be. She passed us again while we were walking an uphill part. Then bf passed me, and passed her as she stopped in the trail. I then passed her while she was stopped, but she overtook me right away. Bf managed to stay ahead of her and avoid this humiliation. On the way down we were running again and passed her again. But this time I was determined to stay ahead even though the run was killing me. Every time I stopped to walk for a bit, I'd turn around and there she would be, plugging away, so I had to run again. The old lady was relentless. She got down about five minutes after me. A worthy silver haired adversary indeed. 61 miles down.

I want to be lost find myself and start again
Tear up the map cause I don't need directions
I want to be free, I need some time to clear my head
If I can
                               Apache Relay "American Nomad"

I was blessed with weather this weekend that was good enough to run outside. I probably should have done something else today to appease my irritable hips, but I just could not bring myself to be inside the stupid sweaty gym when I could be outside. So I ran.

91 down.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

It got done

I'm amazed, the lack of evolution
I'm amazed at the lack of faith
I'm amazed at the love we're rejecting
I'm amazed what we accept in its place

                                 - My Morning Jacket

Yesterday I was inches from just not going at all. I was finally able to talk myself into it by only doing two stupid miles. And I didn't even go fast! I did those miles at the end of my work day, so I came straight home in my gym clothes, and my son asked me if I had already been running or if I was just getting ready to go, and so I told him I went but only two miles, and he was the one to remind me of the words of wisdom I often repeat to my kids (learned from my sista), to wit: "It got done". And it did. And I'm glad. I probably would have been pretty disappointed in myself if I took an extra rest day this week. And two miles was just enough to make me happy, it was a happy two miles, even if it was on the stupid treadmill, which I am heartily sick of.

BUT!! Today the high is supposed to be a beautiful 58 degrees! So, I am waiting until mid-morning so it warms up a bit and then I'm hitting the trail for a good four miles.

84 miles down, 416 to go.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shameful shitty secret

They built a statue of us
They built a statue of us
Our noses have begun to rust
- Regina Spektor, Us

I magnanimously allowed fat dog to accompany me on my run today despite her frequent pit stops. Or, was it BECAUSE of them?? Here's my secret - as much as I complain about her breaks, I secretly enjoy being forced to stop running. And today I wanted to be lazy so fat dog provided the perfect forum. Even with the shitty breaks, I got in a decent 3.5 miles. Heading to SLC tomorrow so next opportunity will be the big vd day, when I will have to proactively run off my romantic feast. 65.5 miles down.

This is why we do it

I spent the weekend snowboarding with two 14-year-old boys, and for the most part I kept up! I had pretty much decided to give myself running mile credits for the boarding, because that is some damn hard work, but in the end I decided not to. The goal is to actually run 500 miles, not snowboard. But Im damn well gonna blog about how much my body hurt yesterday! And I had to actually shower and put on clothes and go to the office, so running was out of the question. I don't know how you working stiffs do it. So anyway, now I'm off to tour the neighborhood with fat dog and credit some actual miles towards the goal. I'll keep you all posted on how we do.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I dream I never know anyone at the party, and I'm always the host

We drove out to the desert just to lie down beneath this bowl of stars
We stand up in the Palace, like it's the last of the great pioneer town bars
And we shout out these songs against the clang of electric guitars
Well, you can see a million miles tonight
But you can't get very far

                               - Counting Crows, 

A song that has been on my playlist for, I think, forever. And lately, when it comes on, I press repeat. Nothing much to report. It's goddamn cold here and it's that time of year when winter seems to have gone on too long and you start to lose faith a little bit, wondering if spring just isn't going to come this year. 

79 down, 421 to go.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Third Lap

And the dawn, it was brilliant
We’re were listening to Marillion
I screamed rock and roll’s resilient
Then I started throwing up
-Joel Plaskett

Third lap had a major problem.  And early.  Maybe it wouldn't have been a major problem for most runners, but it was for me.  My phone started doing something really weird where it was playing songs in fast forward.  Crap.  I turned it on and off.  I tried to intimidate it into working correctly.  Nothing helped.  So now I, who only does any of this so that I can have some time with my iPod, am carrying my phone with the earbuds wrapped around it for the final monotonous lap. 

So I could hear the person behind me burp so loudly that I wanted to vomit.  And I could hear all the music that lined the course.  And the music coming from the 1/2 Marathon superfan's van.  Holiday by Madonna - not what I was hoping for.  And right by the turnaround point so there was no escaping it.  And the superfan was dancing like Craig Finn at a Mountain Goats concert (Youtube it - or else just imagine a cross between a Muppet Elvis Costello and Carlton from The Fresh Prince).  Made it to the end and saw my family waiting for me - which was nice.  I crossed at 2:09, I'm guessing my tag time will be around 2:07.  A step backwards from last time, but OK.  Got my orange slices and pizza, passed on the Diet Coke, which seemed to be the only beverage available (I would have gone with water, but maybe Diet Coke had an exclusive on sponsoring this race).  On to the next adventure - I'm thinking maybe a bike/run might be more fun, but we'll see.

Two runs so far in February for 23 miles.  Gets me to 79 total.  But don't expect any more tomorrow.

Second Lap

Is this the wrong way to go looking for a sign to get off this road
Cause someone once told me if there's a road to happiness
I must have passed it long ago

At this point, all of the mile marker signs had been blown down by the wind.  The wind wasn't super crazy, except in the downtown section of the run.  I cursed the Venturi effect - that's right - I think about complex things when I run.  (OK - I don't really know what it means, but someone once told me it is why it is super windy in between tall buildings).  Anyway - the second lap was a bit of a drag.  Hard to know how far along I was, tired, and my legs were starting to hurt.  And then I was victimized by the power of suggestion.  There was a family watching the race in the middle of the course (good spot - they got to see everyone 6 times), and the children were handing out Mardi Gras beads to runners.  The woman next to me stopped and asked them if they had any Vaseline.  Because these things go together?  Or because she was desperate?  No matter, but immediately after that I started being very aware of my shirt rubbing on me.  Thanks a lot.

I slogged through the second lap, walking at every beverage station (I used to really like regular Gatorade, but while I was out of the country they really screwed it up), but still feeling OK.  A little bit of leg stiffness, but no dead leg.  I crossed the Finish Line for the second time and saw the time read 1:25, which was a couple minutes behind where I wanted to be, but not terrible.  And I had only been lapped by a couple of runners - and they were full grown.  The small children must have had somewhere better to be this weekend.

First Lap

I'll make no claim on your design
I will not call you a friend of mine
I cannot follow your disguise
-Treble Charger

I ran the R&B 1/2 Marathon this morning in beautiful Houston.  Whenever I run in one of these,  I need to find a friend to pace me - I'm completely unable to know how fast I should run, so I have to find someone and follow their lead.  But it isn't always easy - I eliminated Purple Tiger Pants on a matter of principle, and then I tried out Fake Randy.  He ran too slowly (and he didn't say any really funny but inappropriate things like the real Randy), so I guess he was just some bald, skinny guy who wouldn't fit the bill.  Supplement Salesman and Red Biker weren't right either.  Then I found Lavender Walker.  She was always about 10 yards in front of me and walking.  I would pass her, never see her pass me, but then there she was again in front of me - walking (and she wore a Lavender shirt).  It was really weird, but it somehow worked.  I'm sure she is blogging about the Blue Annoyance that she had to keep passing, but that's fine.

This race was organized into three laps (not running in circles as Ran Dumb Thoughts has suggested - more like really narrow ovals).  And before the 1/2 marathon started, they ran a 5k.  And I'm not sure if the 1st mile marker was for the 5k or if they just mismeasured or if they just aren't cool, but Mile Marker 1 was off by about 1/2 a mile.  Or else I ran my first mile in about 13 minutes and my second one in 5.  As I completed my first lap I thought that things were going about as well as they could be given the structure of the race, the marginal weather, and my week which had been marked by little sleep and no training.  On to the second lap ...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I wanna see y'all on y'all's baddest behavior.
- Hey Ya

That's a shout out to y'all, my fellow blistas! God speed to Bad Haircut this weekend. I braved the mountain today for the first time in awhile, and I will say that the mountain is something you have to do regularly or it can be quite painful. I'm certain I will be sore tomorrow. I did a decent job on the way up, running in most of the usual places, but I was damn tired! I ran about half the way down and then with no bf to push me I took it easy the rest of the way. It was good to get a (relatively) long one in today because I'm traveling to Colorado tomorrow for a couple days of work. But now my feet are killing me. 4.5 done today. 62 miles run so far this year. Not bad!

Monday, February 4, 2013


3.5 yesterday. 2 today. Feet hurty.
57.5 down, 442.5 to go.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Can't Stop Loving You

There's a time and place for everything, for everyone
We can push with all our might, but nothing's gonna come
Oh no, nothing's gonna change
-Van Halen

I ran 10 miles today.  One last long run before the R&B 1/2 marathon next weekend.  It was OK.  A couple pieces of business to take care of here today.  First - today is the Super Bowl.  If you have been paying attention, you know that long ago I predicted the brother versus brother Super Bowl.  Or implied a league-wide conspiracy.  And yes, I had the wrong brothers.  Still counts.

And we have reached the end of the 2012/Montreal playlist.  Van Halen's (or Van Hagar's) "Can't Stop Loving You" makes the list.  This band - they just don't look as good in the rear-view mirror.  I remember when I thought of them (with Dave) as untouchable, but in retrospect it all starting falling apart after "Unchained".  Anyway - this song has two great qualities - the "Hey" to start it off and the reference to Ray Charles.  Otherwise I'm not going to defend the pick.  Here's the link and then the complete playlist (in order).

Matt Costa
Caring Is Creepy The Shins
Heart In A Cage The Strokes
Our72 Chick Reefer Combo
Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die Four Year Strong
Story of My Life Social Distortion
Ruby Soho Rancid
Lost Horizons Gin Blossoms
Brighter Hell The Watchmen
The Middle Jimmy Eat World
Absolutely Anytime The Watchmen
Going Out In Style Dropkick Murphys
Believe Flowerchild
Rosy and Grey The Lowest of the Low
Ashtray Red Pushmonkey
Aside The Weakerthans
Prayer of the Refugee Rise Against
Song Away Hockey
Sinking Like a Sunset Tom Cochrane
We Are What You Say Dead Sara
Watch Me Try Sunriser
Panic Switch Silversun Pickups
Great Expectations The Gaslight Anthem
Hello Time Bomb Matthew Good Band
Same Mistake Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
It's Not My Time 3 Doors Down
Thrash Unreal Against Me!
Innocent Our Lady Peace
Anything But That The Watchmen
Warbrain The Alkaline Trio
War Without End Ron Hawkins
Unkind Sloan
No You Girls Franz Ferdinand
Can't Stop Lovin' You Van Halen
Numb/Encore (w/Linkin Park) Jay-Z
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) Arcade Fire
Broken Boy Soldier The Raconteurs
Cooking Wine The Alkaline Trio
Life Is Beautiful Sixx:A.M.

Sometimes It's A Bitch, Sometimes It's A Breeze

I've reached out in darkness
And come out with treasure 
I've laid down with love
And I woke up with lies 

What's it all worth
Only the heart can measure 
It's not what's in the mirror
But what's left inside 

From the incomparable Stevie Nicks. Might not be what the cool kids listen to while running, but dammit, I stand by it! I had a really nice weekend with running, so here's hoping I'm beginning a breezy phase, because it's been a bitch for quite some time now.

67 down, 433 to go.