Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm doing a shorter walk today (2 1/4) and will do my "long" walk tomorrow which, like Missy, is only three miles at this point. I'm not doing shit about my eating and I don't intend to at this time. I'm trying to decide when to do my walk, I should just go do it right now, I guess.

No Pain No Gain

but this is ridiculous. Last night I ran 6 miles, and while I ran the whole way, it was exceedingly more painful than Weds. To the extent that I am not going to run today because its so important to allow the body to recover after a long run. I think I will make my long run tomorrow and do a run/walk. Or maybe attempt the 6 again. Its gonna be a long 3 mos. I had fully intended to take myself to dinner and a movie last night after running. But after settling on the couch I realized I wouldn't be moving much. I took a long scalding hot bath and watched a movie in bed. I could only gather strength to eat two microwaved potatoes and a bag of famous amos. I need to do better about my eating because good fuel is so important when training, especially protein. I got some good protein bars at Costco yesterday so that will help.

On another note, we must solve the poop problem.

Tough day Friday.

Is it possible that taking a day off of exercise during the week, after doing it every day for months and months, is enough to throw my entire day off? I wasn't hungry and forgot to drink my protein shake in the morning. Then during 3rd period a student called me retarded and another student laughed, and I couldn't recover from it even though I know they are 12 and egocentric and mean. I had about 230 calories for lunch and then some cashews after school, so that by the evening I had less than 400 calories all day. So the result was really, really craving sweets and starches, after a dinner of lean pork chops and spinach salad. I ate 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with all fruit spread, and that took care of it. It was just crazy all day and I felt so out of control. WTF?
Today I am going to a class called body flow, which I think is some sort of strength building/yoga thing. Then this evening I am meeting a friend for a walk, then dinner. So I guess I am doing my LONG tomorrow, which is only three miles at this point. Hopefully doing it on Sunday won't mess up the rest of the week.
How are y'all doing?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

nothing today

So I told this guy at work that I ran 6 miles last night, all proud, and his comment was that I need to be EXTREMELY dedicated over the next 13 weeks or it will be excruciatingly painful for me. And I'm all about pain avoidance. I'm not even going to to out tomorrow night so that I can get up Saturday and do my LONG RUN. Or, if I do, I'll certainly be home by 10. Its FBR Open time ya know, and the birds nest and associated hotties only come round once per year. That's all I'm sayin. But back to dedicated, yah, that's me. I have training built into my calendar 4 days a week. And I also spent about 45 minutes (on work time) creating my training calendar.

If pain is a privelege, then I am surely blessed

I ran the better part of 2.1 miles today. It took about 30 minutes. My daytime calories were about 1,000 and then I ate a rice bowl, eggroll, and a crab puff. So probably too many calories today. I am having some soreness in my lower left hamstring. My legs feel kind of like tree trunks. Weird! But my feet feel good and my breathing was really good again today. We are all doing so good!!! I am proud of us. I have to go poop now.
Well, according to the training schedule I spent 45 minutes (of company time) creating, I should have walked 2 1/4 miles today. But instead I ate rice bowl and cold cereal because fuck that.

Haha just kidding. I am actually getting OUT of my pajamas and going out now to do the motherf***ing walk.

Later: You know Sandy, I went to that Galloway guy's website and I was all "yah, cuz I really need this guy to tell me how to walk" but then I did some of his tips like shorter, faster steps and moving my arms properly and damned if I didn't get as good a workout as I usually do at the gym.... it was was like it was less effort for more effort, if that makes any sense. Definitely different than my usual walk.

BUT, I have to say I walked about a 16 minute mile....and it wasn't my usual saunter if you know what I am I'm a bit concerned that we have to be able to do 15 minute miles or get picked up by the paddywagon of shame. But that is the same thing I worried about last time, so I guess I'm just going to do it and not worry about it. Right?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well I got serious tonight and I did 6 miles. I ran the entire way, 13 minute miles. I'm shocked and feeling quite good about it. Its on now!!


I had 875 calories before dinner, then 2 biscuits with gravy for dinner and some cantaloupe. I didn't get much sleep last night... I couldn't fall asleep till almost midnight! So I was really tired today. I ran probably 2/3 of a little over 2 miles today. At some point on my route my breathing started to feel really regular and smooth. That has never happened before! It was neat. My knees are feeling pretty wanky though, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Thanks for the website link.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pain is Privilege

That's what a coworker said to me today when I asked him if he thought I could be ready for this by May 3. (He said he thought I could but that it would be a ton of work and pain.) I laughed when he said that but he was serious - that I have good health and resources and time to commit to pushing my body to its limit and experience the euphoria of a goal met. And he's right I suppose if you look at it that way.

Anyhoo, he also recommended this website to me:
This is a veteran marathon runner and coach, and he advocates the run/walk method and only ONE long run per week. He also feels that with his methods a half or full marathon is within almost anyone's capabilities. And he said it helps you finish faster! So, I'm going to do this on my long runs, which I plan to do on Saturdays. I'll let ya know how it goes.


Yesterday I had 900 calories before dinner and today I had 800. I only count the calories before dinner because if I keep that number down to 8 or 9 hundred, I have 500 or so calories left for dinner and I just try to be reasonable. It seems to be working so far.
Today I added a quarter of a mile to my route (an extra lap around the park) and so now I am just over two miles. This weekend I will drive some routes to find longer ones. I will also have to get up earlier in order to have more time for training. I really hope I can do this.