Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Today I did in fact face my laziness and get up for a sweaty run before work. It was 87 degrees when I set out and 89 by the time I got home. I listened to This American Life about a guy who made a list of all his fears. So as I ran I thought about my fears, and as I took walk breaks I wrote them down. And here they are in the order they came to me.

Gaining weight
Violent dogs
That I will grow old alone
That I will never find love
A home intruder at night
That my kids will come to harm
That they will make bad choices
That they will be emotionally hurt by thoughtless lovers
That J will fall to addiction
That his gf will get pregnant
That I will lose my parents
That my sister will die and/or kill someone
That my brother will die

Monday, June 19, 2017


So this morning for the first time in six Mondays I failed to get up and run before work. It was after 9 when I got home from an exhausting weekend of drinking and napping and even though I was asleep by 10:30 I was just so tired this morning. So I went to the gym after work and ran a mile and then did yoga. So I did earn the couch of righteousness from which I am watching g the Bachelorette and wishing someone would bring me ice cream.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


This was not a bad week. It was all on the elliptical, however. I just am not running right now, my body doesn't like it. I've been trying to walk quite a bit, but my workouts have been at the gym on the elliptical. I've also started incorporating my abs work again and I plan to also start lifting, but just upper body at first. I like the gym, and this Spring's allergy season has been kicking my ass so severely that it makes it hard to exercise outside, plus as annoying as it will sound to my AZ peeps, it has been hot as a motherfucker here, so if I want to go outside I have to do it really early which, along with my fab sister, just isn't my strong suit. I get up early, but the last thing I care to do is get going right away running. 

Anyway, I'll try to get to the blog more often too. I'm just full of failures! I've also gained some weight that I'm none too pleased with! 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Down by the lake

This much I can say
I would've waited til the oceans fell away and all the sunken cities would reveal themselves to you
But you won't, will you?
Because you never do
- The Decemberists, Lake Song

Such a beautiful song, and funny. They curse the neighbors ill-intended children from the lawn. And big words like sybiline and prevaricate. I went for a run by the lake this morning a run/walk shall I say. It was kinda warm, but not close to what it is at home this weekend. So four runs this week. I only got up before work twice. I fully intended to try 5:30 am yoga but I realized it is not within my skillset.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

We are all born goddesses

So it hasn't been a great couple weeks for exercise. Last week I went to Texas for 4 days and while I got a run in before the airport Monday, I didn't get up before work any other day. The two hour time difference is rough in the morning. I did get out for a brisk four mile walk after margaritas on Weds so yeah I'm counting that. I made no more attempt until today when I intended to do a quick run before yoga. But I forgot that the class starts at 2:45 instead of 3 so I was 15 minutes late and the door was locked. So I decided to wait for the 4pm class which is "restorative" and do 3 miles. I struggled through 2 on treadmill and one on track. The restorative class was really just stretching so I was able to spend a lot of time meditating and repeating my mantra - I honor the divinity that lives in me". It was refreshing and I realized this kind of yoga can also be good. I wish there was a middle ground at my gym. So since running is still so godawful I decided I will try yoga in the mornings instead but the only class is at 530 am. So we shall see how that goes. I know all of this is incredibly interesting but there you go.