Thursday, September 30, 2010


around the neighborhood this morning. 1:1 walk/run the whole way. yay!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 at gym

Today at lunch.

2 mile walk

I walked two miles this morning. I was on the verge of not doing it and deciding to do it at work, when I realized that my calendar is full today and I would have a very hard time fitting it in at work.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

lazy 3

After dinner. Felt like a fat man slogging along with giant belly in front of me. Felt my dinner every step of the way. Oh and the cookie I ate for dessert. Ugh. I'm sick of this shit.

3 Miles

I did three miles on treadmill at work today, so all is goodness. I always run the whole time on the treadmill now, no walking, which is pretty cool. I like getting three miles in in only about forty minutes, so I can do three miles in my hour lunch break, so I don't even have to feel guilty or justify a longer lunch break. Which should technically mean I could do it every day, but naturally it's not as easy as all that.

I'm thinking I'll cross train tomorrow, perhaps take a walk in the morning if I can manage to get my sorry ass out of bed. If not, I'll have the fall back of the exercise bike at lunch.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Remember the Name

I did 2.5 this morning, walking most of it. I started out with 1:1 ratio walking to running, then went to 2:1, then just walked. My time was 16:24 minute miles. I wore both knee braces and I really felt it in my calves. I think my stride must be really wanky when my knees aren't stabilized. Weird!!! The first song I listened to was Remember the Name, (thanks Mari) and I thought, it should really be 50% concentrated power of will. That's my biggest stumbling block!!
I have been listening to Rhythm of Love by the Plain White Tees, Magic by B.o.B, and Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland. I am getting really excited about the trip... making a list of things to pack and such! Marianne, since I am coming Friday morning, it doesn't matter if I check a bag right? I will have to see if they charge more for checking bags.
Here is an article that tells us all that not only are we completely insane and risking injury doing this nonsense, it is in no way shape or form helping anyone to lose weight.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Couch of Righteousness

Well, I have earned my spot on the couch of righteousness, as Marianne put it. I am freakin exhausted and in some significant pain. I did 10 miles at the gym. It was a wonderful surprise that the Cards game was on right when I got there, so I had something to keep me distracted along with my tunes. I did the first 5 in 63 minutes, and I did the incline at 2, 1.5, 1, .5 and 0. In retrospect, I'm not sure what possessed me to do that. I was feeling pretty good and I ran almost the whole 5, but was largely beat by the time I was done. Then I started my second 5. I did two running .4 and walking .1, and then had to take a poo break. Then it was halftime, so I did two on the track. And by this time I was really suffering. I was walking every 5th lap. The last mile I went back on the treadmill to watch the game, and I was truly suffering. I ran maybe half of it. But by the end I could hardly walk. I mean, it was really a struggle to keep walking the last quarter mile. Now I'm sitting on my bed watching the end of the game. I've already made plans to get take-out for dinner. Fuck my promises of making dinner. And fuck this shit, really. Why do we put our bodies through this? My feet ache. My legs ache. My hips ache. I'm not sure I can stand long enough to even shower.

Here's my convo with Marianne this morning, cause it makes me chuckle. And thank Goddess for the two of you, who keep me motivated and accountable on a daily basis. The only reason I'm able to drag my ass out again and again is the knowledge that you guys are fighting through this with me, and cheering me on.

Me: I didn't go yesterday. Didn't get outta bed early enuf. Having a really hard time thkng abt 10 at gym today. Did u go?
Mari: I went baby! 9.69 miles
Me: Ugh. I don't want to go :(
Mari: Just do it!! I did it. It was miserable and shitty. Just get it done! Then you can lay on the couch of righteousness.
Me: Haha! Couch of righteousness!
Mari: That's right! But no couch unless u put in ur miles!
Me: It will be ugly. But I will go. In the name of the couch of righteousness
Mari: Yrah!!N!Nn (I still don't know what this means Mari)
Me: And lo, I shall worship at the couch of righteousness
Mari: Hahaha! Nice one! Now get going!
Me: And the couch shall bring great comfort unto me!
. . . several hours later . . .
Me: I need more like a bed of righteousness
Mari: Ha!


Jesus great christ with crampy calves!! The stupid run got done, and that is nearly the best that can be said about it. I was doing just fine and even enjoying myself right up until around mile six, and the last three were just a bitch and no two ways about it.

The more short runs you do during the week, the better the long run is. I know this. Which is why I continue to surprise and kind of disgust myself with how well I ignore that basic fact.

But it got done. My time was 128:29, which is about 13:13 miles. Perfectly okay.

10 miles next week. Goddess help me be better prepared!

Also, just so you guys know, it was 48 degrees outside when I first started and that was around 7:00 AM. It will be colder than that by the time of the race, so you really need to plan on layers, probably three layers. That is what I plan on doing. Sweatshirt layer, long sleeve shirt layer, tank top layer. And the first two layers I need to go purchase at goodwill this week, so I can just leave them on the course. When I finished, two hours later, it was 67 degrees out, and the tank top definitely felt good.

hilly 4.5

I had signed up for a 4.5 miler at Sabino Canyon. It was an Everyone Runs event and there were about 300 people there. I haven't been going at all, so I decided to just walk. No pressure... just cross the damn finish line. That organization doesn't have time limits. I had bought a better knee brace for my right knee, so I had the other brace on my left knee. There were lots of walkers. The temperature was about 68 degrees when we started and the sunrise in the canyon was beautiful. It was so nice I forgot I wasn't wearing my ipod until about half a mile in. Even though I haven't been exercising I did get my food together and lost about 9 lbs so far. So the XL exercise pants that I bought and wore once were literally falling down. I had to take a safety pin from my bib and pin them to my underwear. Heehee!!! It was funny. I forgot to eat breakfast so I ate some sport jellybeans and thought, this is gonna be ugly. But it wasn't. My time probably would have been better if I had eaten, but even at the end of the walk I could have kept going, no problem. A couple of the hills were really steep. There were 7 hills on the course. I tried once to run down hill but my knee said what the fuck are you thinking??? So I didn't try that again. So I did about 18:30-minute miles. Yikes!!! I am thinking, I am going to start that half marathon. I am going to walk and if I can, I am going to run a little bit. If I get picked up by the sag wagon, so be it. If I can't finish and ask them to pick me up, so be it. I may not be able to finish but I can start. I will go as fast as my body will let me and then just let it be. What I won't do is give up.
I am worried about not being able to fit in the airplane seat.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

2 Lousy Miles

That's what I did today. I did my hilly route, so my lungs were a-burnin'!

Now I have to do 9.5 miles tomorrow and it is going to be miserable since I didn't prepare myself this week. Crappity crap crap!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I did two at an incline on the treadmill today, then walked a cool-down half on the indoor track.

Tomorrow is posing a significant problem. I have to get my long in, but its looking to be really hot. I have K's football game tonight, and ASU game/K's homecoming tomorrow, so I really need to go in the morning. I'm thinking I'll run down to my gym the long way hopefully early enough that its not too hot, do another 4 miles inside (probably on the track) and then run home. That will be 10 miles. Ugh.

ONE MORE LONG AFTER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thats all I have to say about that.
I'm not having the best week. And I don't have many more weeks, I can't afford to not have the best week!!!!

I was planning on running this morning, but have not yet done so. Am now planning to go at work during lunch break, which has not been an option the rest of the week, since Chris is in Portland and I have been using my lunch breaks to go pick up Rachael from volleyball practice and then working from home the remainder of the day. I really underestimated how much of a problem it was going to be not having the work option available! I really can't count on myself to get up in the morning and go more than once a week, and I already did it once.

The other thing that has made me have a bad week is just how rotten I was feeling with that band being too tight for whatever reason and lots of reflux and not being able to eat without pain. BUT, I went to my new doc yesterday and she pulled some of the fluid out and now I am all better! She will order the upper GI to determine if there is an actual slip of the band, and if there is, she will remove ALL the fluid from the band for a period of time and then re-do the upper GI to see if it has fixed itself. The good news is she said in almost all cases like this, it fixes itself if you just remove the fluid, so the likelihood of having to get surgery is pretty low at this point. Thank goodness!

So, my plan is to go today on treadmill, tomorrow outside for a shorter run and then my long (9.5 I think) on Sunday. That will still be four times in the week, so I guess it's not all that bad.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I did 3.5 outside this morning, actually around 10. I decided it was cool enough outside instead of going to the gym. And it was HOT! Probably high 80's when I started but definitely felt in the 90's when I finished. Glad I did it though. I golfed on Tues in about 100 degrees, it was miserable. Last night I couched it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2 Miles

Meh. Would have done more, but had to call it in early since I had to poo.

I forgot to add, I had the craziest dream last night about the half marathon... the course looped us through some kind of school grounds, like a high school, and I had to stop to go to the bathroom and somehow managed to lose my shoes when I did that, and so I had my brown flip flops and I was running in my flip flops and freaking out thinking that I really shouldn't be trying to run a half marathon in flip flops! It was awful!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I did a fast paced 3 at the gym tonight. Didn't time myself. Taking tomorrow off.

Yesterday Jake asked me about this giant welt I have on my right foot arch. I said its a blister from running. And he goes "ah sisterhood of the traveling blisters!"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

swam a mile

Second day of crosstraining. Today is a bad food day though. I woke up to find I had mysteriously lost a couple pounds I've gained in the last month or so. And promptly went to Krispy Kreme. I ate two custard filled with a giant glass of milk. I had a protein shake for lunch before swimming and just now ate spinach dip with pita chips. Grilling hamburgers for dinner. Ugh.

"I can't run that slow and I can't walk that fast"

Okay, 9.21 miles, total time 121:08, which is 13:15 miles. It wasn't my best time, but I am proud of this run because I paced really really well, I went even though I really wasn't enthused about it, but because I did so well with pacing, I was able to enjoy almost the entire run, it was a good run and I felt good about it.

The title of the post is what Chris said to me yesterday when we got into a tiff about him running ahead of me and I was all "well, if you want to run with me, maybe you could try running WITH me and not ahead of me" and that title line is what he told me. It made me laugh.

Songs I have been enjoying lots while running these days, that you guys may not have on your lists:

1. "Going On" by Gnarls Barkley
2. "I'm Still Here" by Vertical Horizon
3. "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I rode my bike 10 miles tonight, it took me about 45 minutes. Was pretty good - I like riding my bike and its so good on my feet and ankles. Its a real thigh and butt burn.


I will try and do the long tomorrow, but haven't gone running since Tuesday, walked Wednesday and then didn't do anything Thursday or Friday, so I really wasn't ready for a long today.

The bigger issue is that I am really really scared that my band has slipped. I couldn't hardly eat or drink last night, the band is suddenly feeling too tight and I am having heartburn and reflux and those really aren't good signs at all.

If it doesn't clear itself up by tomorrow, I will go and see someone. But if the band slipped that requires surgery to fix, and that really would not be good news at all.

Friday, September 17, 2010


was my total distance tonight. I literally cannot tolerate the mental build-up to the long runs on the weekend, so I went tonight just to get it the hell outta the way. I only timed myself up to 9 miles (which turned out on google to be 8.8 dammit) and it was 2:01, which was pretty disappointing and about 13:30 miles I think, which kinda sucks. I ran pretty well with only short walk breaks for the first 7ish miles and then probably walked half of the rest. But, it was outside and a lot hotter than I've been used to, and my route has lots of nasty hills. And, I golfed yesterday for 5 hours in 107 degree heat, worked all day, and many other excuses. The good news is I'm done, only two more real longs to go, and I still have 4 weeks of training to improve before the race. It is different going outside, both from the treadmill and the indoor track. So probably some getting used to there. I'm going to do the rest of my longs outside and at least one other outside run every week.


I took yesterday off and did 3 this morning. My knee isn't real happy. I'm going to rest tomorrow (sort of, I'm teaching) and then do 6 on Sunday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

does golfing count as crosstraining?

Cause that's all I did today. Then had to go to Ks football game. No time for anything else. Probably shouldn't have taken yesterday off I guess.

Walked 2

After work. I had meant to go at work, but didn't. But I'm totally counting it.

I again plan to go at work today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3, 1.8

Yesterday morning I did 3 and today I did 1.8. I bought a knee brace and it made a huge difference in how my knee felt for the rest of the day. I forgot to wear it this morning but it was a short run so hopefully my knee won't bother me today.
I am still having a hard time with my food and work isn't going well. So the stress level is kind of high. However it was absolutely beautiful out this morning and I'm going to focus on the good things.
I can't go after work... it just doesn't work for me! Mornings are my groove. But like we always say, if you go, you win. No matter what time it is or how far you go. Good luck next week Marianne, let me know if I need to text you and give you some ass kicking motivation!
Tomorrow I hope to do 3 but I have a really long day today with parent orientation for my second job at Pima. So we'll see... I should still be home by 7 so it's not like I won't get enough sleep.


Did three treadmill miles. First mile at no incline, second two miles at 1%. All good. I am going to do the bike today, 45 minutes at lunch break. I'm having a real hard time getting up in the morning to get exercise in. It is starting to be darker in the mornings, and I just don't want to do it! I should do it more often, though, since often my plan is to go at work but then I get real busy or some stupid crisis erupts and I end up skipping it at work and then I just don't go at all.

Anyways, three miles.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I had a pretty decent outside run tonight. 3.5 miles in 40 min which is about 11:40 min miles I think. Not as fast as I hoped, but not bad considering I had eaten dinner just an hour earlier - a grilled lean hamburger and wheat bun followed by frozen yogurt. So yah, pretty full.

Monday, September 13, 2010

burned the f out

I did 30 min on the bike at the gym today, 6 mi. First time I've tried that. Kindof a refreshing change but honestly I'm just sick of it all. I keep telling myself these are the hard times you just have to push through. And, it was only a week ago that I did 9 awesome miles. So. There's that.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

well, that was ugly

I did get my 7 in, although in a somewhat unconventional way. I was having knee and ankle pain after my 3 yesterday. I think maybe because the surface of the indoor gym is so much harder than I'm used to. So anyway I decided to start on treadmill. I did 4 at decreasing inclines but was so wiped I walked almost the whole 4th mile. Then I did 2 on the elliptical. Then the last mile on the track alternating walking/running laps. I am so wiped. I think my body is telling me I need time to adjust so I'm glad I dialed it back.

7.41 Miles

Time was 95 minutes (actually it was 94:56 if you want to be technical, but I did the math based on 95). So, my time was 12:49 miles. WOOT! I did go pretty fast. It was tough, but I pushed myself a bit, knowing that I was only planning to do the 7.4.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

2 Miles

You know what I did today? I just went out and went. No interval timer, no stopwatch, just ran when I wanted to and walked when I wanted to. Good times and a refreshing change which was nice since I am feeling so burned out on this crap.

I had always planned to do my long tomorrow, so that is what I will still do. I think I am going to do 13 loops, which is 7.4 miles.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

went at lunch today and I was pretty bitter about it. I decided to do treadmill for as long as I felt like it, which turned out to be a mile slowly run at 2 percent and one walked at 1 percent. And instead of biking last night I went to a sports bar and had a quesadilla. Then I came home and promptly ate 3 oatmeal crEme pies. I've been eating like crap!!

I guess I will try to crosstrain tomorrow before my long on Sat. I think I'm going to do 7.

fingers crossed for today

I am tutoring today after school, and then I am going to try real hard to cross train for at least 30 minutes on the exercise bike. My biggest barrier is hunger. I am so starving by the time the work day ends, all I can think about is eating. Most of the time I can't even make it home and I stop and get something. Never a good thing! I have tried packing a big ol' sandwich and eating it after the bell rings and it holds me off for maybe an hour, which makes me think it's partly emotional eating. But my stomach is growling so I don't know... maybe I'm not getting enough fluids during the day. I have also tried eating more calories during the school day and that didn't help. Anyway keep your fingers crossed for me that I can do this. They won't let the teachers get there before 7:30 so I can't do it before work, which would be ideal. But they do let us stay till 7:30, which is not.

Update: I tried and tried. The room where the bikes and stuff are kept was locked. I knocked, nobody answered. I started to leave, got to the parking lot, found the principal, walked all the way back, and his key didn't work. I got to the parking lot again and found the assistant principal, walked back, and his key didn't work. I was walking back to the parking lot and found the nurse, who said she had a key. It didn't work but a little girl opened the door from the inside, where the principal's secretary was walking on the treadmill, with a LOT of kids in tow. I said cool! and went into the bathroom to change. This was when I realized that I didn't bring any water. I thought, I will just take a break every five minutes and go to the drinking fountain. So I put on my pants, socks, shoes, bra, and was all the way to the bottom of my workout bag, where there was no shirt. So I said fuck it. Put my work pants on over my workout pants, put my work shirt on over my power bra, and burned rubber.


Did three treadmill miles yesterday. Ran all of it (other than first three minutes to warm up) AND did 1% incline for the last two miles. It was tough and sweaty, but I felt good about it. I am thinking I'll do the bike today for just a half hour. I should have gotten up and walked or ran this morning, but just didn't do it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tough 3

Did a tough 3 miles this morning. I went up and back on Escalante heading east, so there are hills. My knees are not too happy. The traffic wasn't too bad and the temperature was bearable. So nice run overall but it was hard - 16 minute miles.

On Crosstraining - I dig this, and its really effective in my experience

The Case For Cross Training
Published: Sep 1st 2010 9:09 AM EDT by Running
High volume doesn’t always have to mean high mileage.

Written by: Courtney Baird

There are no real secrets when it comes to improving your running. To get faster, you run. A lot.
Just look at the best runners in the world—they consistently run 100-plus mile weeks during their heaviest training blocks. Look at the resurgence of American distance running. What sparked it? American runners committed themselves to training like the Kenyans and running more miles.

The only problem is that most of us aren’t built like Dathan Ritzenhein and Ryan Hall, and we can’t handle the injury-inducing beating that comes from 100-mile weeks.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t adopt a similar level of volume into our training regimen—as long as we do it with cross-training. I’ve been a big believer in cross-training ever since I began running 15 years ago. While I’ve had my fair share of injuries and illnesses, I believe that if I had solely focused on running throughout my career, I would have never known what it was like to experience an injury-free season.

This is because when I started running, it only took two months before I had seriously injured my arch. Back then, I only ran and did nothing else. The injury forced me to reevaluate my training and, on the advice of a very smart coach, I decided to reduce my running miles and replace them with cycling, swimming and stairmaster workouts. Once I did this, I was able to make it through my entire high school career without another injury.

The reasoning behind my decision was this: real improvement requires years of consistent training. With cross-training, I was able to build up to the equivalent of 60-to 80-mile weeks by the end of high school without the injury-inducing pounding of actual 80-mile weeks. Because of this, I was able to improve more than I ever could have if I had only run. When I got to college, I tried to pile on the miles and do away with much of the cross-training. It wasn’t long before my shin splints got so bad that I couldn’t run any more.

While there aren’t a lot of studies that specifically address the effect cross-training has on running performance, there are a few promising ones out there. For example, in 1993, scientists at Cal State Northridge had one group of athletes train for five weeks by running only or by alternating running and cycling each day. The intensity levels of the two training regimens were equivalent. After five weeks, the scientists found that there was no significant difference between either group’s 5,000-meter and mile run times and VO2 max numbers.

Scientists at the University of New Mexico had similar results in a study they did on untrained females in 1996, seeing no significant difference in the aerobic benefits of running, cycling and combined running and cycling regimens. Additionally, a 1997 study at the University of Toledo found that competitive runners could maintain their running fitness for four weeks with only aqua jogging.

There is anecdotal evidence, as well. Oregon’s Jordan Hasay, quite possibly the best high school runner ever, has often been quoted in interviews saying that she supplements her running with swimming.

Of course, no one will ever tell you that aqua jogging and cycling can replace running. But, such activities can be great supplements to running for those of us who get injured with high mileage. What’s more, cross-training can be a great recovery tool. After a hard run, one of the best methods of recovery that I have found is to drink a protein shake, stretch a little, let the shake digest a bit, and then get on a bike and spin—very easily—for 20 to 40 minutes. This activity pumps nutrient-rich blood through my muscles and stimulates healing.

Who knows, perhaps with the aid of cross-training, you can run a marathon faster than you ever thought possible.

The best advice I've read

This guy's question was whether increasing his long by one mile per week is safe in preparing for a half marathon. He's currently at a 10k long.

For the athletes I coach, I like to prescribe training in four-week cycles. As a general rule of safe practice, I’ll increase the length of one’s longest run of the week by no more than 15 percent for three consecutive weeks before pulling it back a few miles in the fourth week. The body needs a chance to adapt to the increased level of stress being placed upon it, so reducing your long run and cutting back on your overall mileage every fourth week or so in a given training cycle is an effective way to do just that and will also lessen the likelihood of injury.

In your case, I’d cover 7.2., 8.2, and 9.2 miles for your long run each of the next three weeks, then cut it back to 6.2 miles the fourth week. At the start of the next cycle, pick back up where you left off, starting at 9.2 miles, then upping it to 10.2 and 11.2 before dialing it back to 8.2 miles in Week 8. On the third four-week go-around, start at 11.2 miles, then 12.2 and before you know it, in less than 12 weeks you’ve safely worked your way up to covering the half marathon distance.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the thing about running is . . .

Running or any other kind of exercise I guess. You can't just sit back and rest on your laurels admiring your success. You can't take a day off righteously because you had a great workout the day before. You. just. have. to. keep. going. and. go. again. and. again.

I was righteously justifying in my mind today why I was just NOT GOING TO FUCKING GO today. Shit, I did 5 yesterday dammit!!!! But then, I recognized that the reason I could do 5 is that I just go every day after day after day. So I just went. And I was pretty pissy about it. And I didn't time myself. But I did end up doing 3 miles on the indoor track, which was just fine with me.

My calves hurt. But I'm glad I went. Crosstraining tomorrow.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Dreadmill Run EVER!!!!

Such a weird day. I decided to do the treadmill given how fatigued I was after my 9 mi run on Sat, and I also want to make sure I keep hills in my routine because I think that makes up for some of the altitude problem I'll have (yes, I've created that exclusively in my own mind, no scientific basis). And, I was thinking I'm just going to take it real easy and do what I want. In fact, I almost swam instead, but decided I should run since I've just had a day of rest. Anyway, I started out on my 12 min pace at 2% and just felt so damn good that after a mile I only reduced it to 1.5%. Still felt pretty damn good so after that mile I went down to 1% and started thinking I need to do 4 instead of the 3 I envisioned. Getting a little fatigued but still strong, I reduced to .5% for the 4th mile. And in my head I had already crafted THIS post where I would tell you that I ran 5 full miles on the treadmill, all but 1 at an incline. So, I had to do 5. AND . . . wait for it . . . I did it in 60:18 (12:03ish miles). Which isn't great on the ground but given my treadmill history its freakin awesome!!!! And it was double the incline I ever do (normally I do 3 miles and 2, 1, and 0 respectively). And after all I've read, I'm quite convinced that this 5 miles is equivalent to 5 outside, and probably 5 with some hills outside. And, I didn't walk at all. So there's that.

I really don't know what to make of this so soon on the heels of the 9 I did. I think maybe my recent success has to do with the fact that I'm eating pretty well. Decent amout of protein and complex carbs. But maybe that's just in my head. Also, I've been doing 5x a week, and I think that's probably the biggest factor in helping me advance. A lesson I need to learn over and over again, that consistency is key to improvement.

Oy vey, can I get some advil up in here

I mapped out a 6-mile course from Escalante to Old Spanish Trail, sort of through part of the Saguaro National Monument. I wrote down the directions on a piece of paper, which I promptly lost. So my 6 miles turned into 7.5 because I got lost. It was very slow. There was trudging, whining, and nearly a phone call to Pete to pick my ass up. But I made it, and I did under 18-minute miles, which is good enough for me. I will not have time to taper and I definitely plan to get a 10 under my belt before the race. I will have to be careful not to overdo it. I did a lot of walking today and my knees feel pretty ok! I ate 2 margarita flavored shot-bloks every half hour, and drank a muscle milk light before and after the walk.
Marianne you made me laugh when I read your text.

It got done

9 miles. 9.12 to be exact. Time was 2:01:31. Which is 13:18 miles, right? That sounds right. Feels right. I did okay. Shortened two of my running intervals by thirty seconds or so, but otherwise just pushed on through. My lungs are still tighter than they should be, if you know what I am saying. Not as bad as yesterday, though, so I am going on the assumption that I am either sick or fighting off some sickness. I feel okay right now, though. My calves are a bit tight, but I'm sure they will get over it.

Question: Will there be spittoons on the race course? Because I am like a spitting machine. It's not making a very good impression on the neighbors, I am sure.

You guys just let me know what you are doing for the next weeks until the race, I'll follow suit. But Sandy, I just don't know about not doing more than a 9 mile long run. That is FOUR miles short of the race! And I just don't know if I can even do it! These 9 miles wore me OUT!

Going to lay down now.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Death on a stick

Is what I feel like this morning. Muscles stiff and aching, headache, and a little nasal congestion. I hardly slept last night because of how stiff my legs and hips are after doing 9 yesterday. I feel like I did after the half earler this year! So I want to be careful that I'm not pushing too hard and compromising my immune system before the race. Like an idiot, I rushed home after my run yesterday and went to the ASU game without even eating. I drank four beers and had nasty greasy chicken fingers and fries for dinner (protein, ya know). I didn't spend the evening hydrating and resting, which I'm sure accounts for my headache this morning. And as I tried to run to make that yellow light my legs were hollering at me. The game was so freakin hot I was literally dripping sweat, back sweat, bra sweat, butt sweat.

Anyway, I did the 9 on the indoor track in 107 minutes which is just shy of 12 min miles (11:50 something?). I ran the whole first five but I didn't have my watch so wasn't timing. I had to take a break after 6 to crap, and my time was 68 min, which I was pretty happy with. The last four miles I walked every 5th lap, which is 20%, and I was in full run/walk mode through the whole 9 (as opposed to last week when I walked every other lap on the 9th and treated it as a cool down).

So I feel good about my effort and great about where I am in the training schedule with two 9's under my belt and 5 weeks left to go. Just need to figure out how to best finish out the 5 weeks with appropriate taper, etc.

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Okay, I tried to do nine this morning and it just was not happening. Went about two. My chest is hurting, my breathing would not settle, it was just awful. I keep thinking I must be getting sick, since I can't think of any other reason why breathing would suddenly become such an obstacle for me, but I keep not getting sick, so I just don't know. I will try again tomorrow. I don't have to be at work until 2:00 in the afternoon, so I will give it another shot. Chris is going on some huge 10 mile hike, so I will have nothing but time at home.

The last two long runs I have tried to do without having my one cup of coffee. Instead, I have done a five hour energy. It hasn't worked out well. So, tomorrow I will go back to my cup of coffee, risk of peeing be damned! Maybe the coffee has some kind of effect on lungs? Or maybe I am just too damn dehydrated in the morning to expect my body to run this long. I will say that I have not been focusing enough on fluids during my regular days for the past two weeks, and I am usually really good about that. Maybe dehydration is a cumulative thing? Maybe if you haven't had enough hydration the days leading up to a long run, it makes the long run harder? Is that your guy's experience?

The other thing I will say is that my diet for the past two weeks has been for SHIT. I haven't gained any weight, but I have NOT been eating well, if you know what I am saying. Frozen pizza for dinners and deli sandwiches for lunch. Not enough fruits or veggies. I am always reading experts who say that you should be eating well while training and I always dismissed them. I hate it when people I disregard turn out to be right! It's my least favorite thing! So, next week I'll try and focus more on eating well along with getting my short runs and cross training in. Salads for lunch! Protein shakes for snack! These are the things that make me feel well.

Anyways, I'll be giving it another go tomorrow morning, wish me luck.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 mi in 30:11

Only two, not four

I only did two miles today, not four. But there were hills. Lots of them and some are rather steep on this route. My time was 25:25, so I was pretty happy about that. I'm thinking now that I probably should have done more, but oh well. Now the question is what to do tomorrow and when to do my long. I'll have to think on it.

I'm worried about myself because my chest is kind of tight and there has been this nasty stupid cold going around my office, and I really hope I'm not getting it. That would suck!

down again

Ok, so I am crashing again. Haven't been able to make myself do anything except eat. The only time I feel decent is when I am at work with the kids. I will see Dr. Saeed on Saturday. I am reaching out, emailing people and asking if they want to meet for dinner and such. When I do that it's so hard not to cancel. So that's where I am. :(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I did walk this morning, two miles. It was cold and dark. Stupid Colorado.