Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If it doesn't count, it effing should

Today I cleaned and organized for 4 hours. I don't mean prancing around with a swiffer, either. I scrubbed toilets with pumice stone, cleaned showers with green scrubbies, swept with an actual broom, mopped with an actual mop, vacuumed in every room and under/in between the couch cushions, sprayed for bugs, washed, dried, and folded all the clothes, washed the sheets and re-made the bed, straightened out the closet, dusted in every room, and... that might be it but there are probably a couple of things I am forgetting. It will be really nice to come home from Denver to a clean place, and also I finally had the energy after sleeping for 2 days and resting enough to recover from the past few months of teaching. So I think that counts as exercise. I will definitely be sore tomorrow. However, that will not stop me from the first day of Juneathon. I have laid out my shoes and knee braces to remind me to go first thing in the morning. Yay for clean apartment! Yay for Denver! Yay for Juneathon!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Who says you're not worth it?

Yes that's a little bit o bubble gum pop music by Selena Gomez, girlfriend of the Biebs. No I don't have it on my ipod, but since I forgot my ipod in the car this day, it was the only song buzzing through my head. And hey, we're worth it!

It seems every time I say I've done my last outside run I get another one, so let's hope that pattern holds. It was gorgeous in Scottsdale this Memorial Day so I did a mountain desert trail near my house.

I ran probably 1/3 of the way up, a little over 2 miles. Then I decided to run the whole way down. Its an exhilerating and sometimes quite steep, rocky trail. I was feeling like quite the hero passing people on my way down navigating the narrow bumpy path. In my head I'm writing this blog post about how this is sort of like Frogger, jumping onto and over rocks at high speed. I started thinking how difficult, if not impossible this would be for someone less agile than I, someone not in such good physical condition. I wondered what I would do if I turned an ankle and fell. I'd probably have to wait for that guy I just passed to help me off the mountain or . . .

BAM. It happened that quick. My ankle turned and I was flying towards the earth. I could feel my reflexes responding to catch me, and one by one my already exhausted muscles failed, sending me crashing to the ground and skidding on hands and knees. Expletives flying, I stumbled back up almost immediately and started running (hobbling) again so as to avoid the attention of aforementioned guy. After about 200 yards I stopped to take inventory of my injuries:
Left ankle - sore
Right knee - bloody and aching
Left knee - road rash
Right palm - rock hole
Left palm - burning
Pride - wounded

I sighed in disgust and started jogging slowly again, convinced I can still make it to the bottom. After all, I have already mentally written my blog post about how I ran all 2 miles down the trail. After passing another group of hikers whom I had to ask to move aside to let me by, my already-weakened ankle buckled and again and I'm crashing to the earth. Fortunately this time I caught myself with my hands, although its still an embarassingly loud commotion. I hopped up and continued walking quickly, so as to distance myself from that last group of hikers. Their jovial chatter had gone silent. With my tail between my legs and freshly humbled, I walked the last half mile to my car.

Now, several hours later and after a hot shower, I'm in bed stiff and aching. Ankle, knee, and oddly enough, left butt cheek quite painful. Thank goddess tomorrow is a scheduled rest day, as there's no telling how bad it will be after sleeping. But, I think mostly its my pride that's wounded.

"For miles and miles can't come between the kind of love we've seen"

4 tready miles today, first three at a one percent incline. The title is from the song called "Colors" by April Smith and the Great Picture Show and I have been loving that song so much, I can't begin to tell you. Today it got me through my fourth mile so effectively that I almost forgot to check and note my time! Unheard of!!! One to download immediately, for sure.

My time was 50:05, by the way. Since I know you were wondering.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I stay cool but I'm giddy like a school boy

-Blue October

That is my man when he knows I've gone running - giddy like a school boy. Because he knows he's going to get the bright shiny happy Sandy of the nonstop smiles and wit, as opposed to the crazy beatch he sometimes gets when I've not run. As our brother says, its kinda like spinning a roulette wheel. Anyhoo, my legs have been achy after my last two runs so I did yoga today and I have to say it was a bitch of a class! One of the hardest classes I've ever had. If you can, imagine a one arm side plank, then one arm pushup. Fugh. My upper body was literally trembling afterwards. And now in addition to my legs, my butt and arms ache as well. Good times.

I'm gonna live, I'm alright; I'm gonna die, it's alright, I'm okay

3 miles this morning and all is just fine. I was planning to do four, but I had to poop like half a mile in to the run, so I cut it short. Pooping is always a valid excuse!! Time was 35:50, 11:57/mile. The good thing is that I felt quite good the whole time, enjoyed my music and the weather, and just felt much better. Of course, yesterday I was carrying an awfully heavy heart, which will slow anyone down, really.

Chris apologized again this morning, quite profusely, and said he felt bad about it all day long yesterday, which I know he did. He said he was just being thoughtless, and I agreed. He is hiking this morning and I asked him to perhaps take some time while hiking to reflect on his priviledge. I explained how when he goes out for a jog, he is just some guy, normal weight, totally anonymous with nothing to be concerned about. When I go out for a jog, it is literally an act of social rebellion which requires a bit of courage on my part every time I do it (and sometimes more than a bit, particularly when I've had some stupid and thoughtless comment hurled at me by someone, ahem). So, yes I am a bit sensitive about it, and even though I KNOW he was not being intentionally hurtful, but just thoughtless, but even a thoughtless remark about such a sensitive subject is hurtful. He listened and I think he will do it (reflect on it, I mean), but his comment to me was very interesting, he said "I just would not have thought that you would still be having those battles." My answer to him was "ALWAYS. I will always be fighting those battles."

Anyways, he is sorry, he feels terrible and I am feeling much better now that we talked it out, so we can all put our pitchforks away.

Title of the post comes from "That's Some Dream" by a band called Good Old War. They have a very Simon and Garfunkel sound going, although this song is the only one I found that is good to run to.

I added a list of blogs I read, most of them I found through links on other people's blogs, so I thought I should return the favor. They are funny and awesome.

Stats for the week:

Treadmill running: 7
Outside Running: 10.1
Total miles moved: 17.1

That just might be the ticket

I may just be able to get myself back on track with the combination of the June-a-thon and my trip to Denver and being off for the summer. I was thinking that being in the same house with Marianne and not going would pretty much be intolerable, as reading the blog is intolerable and she's a state away. So, that would get me back on track for a week and then hopefully I could keep it going once I got home. The June-a-thon might be the perfect little push to keep it going. So I only have to actually get myself out there 1 day, June 1st, the day I fly out. So. Yeah.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Of my ability to email post since I can't seem to figure out how to post from bberry

2 Shitty Miles

I did two miles today, I was going to do four, but just wasn't feeling it. Then, I decided that the reason I wasn't feeling it was because Chris was home this morning and made another of his fantastic "jokes" about my running (I was telling David, who didn't want me to leave preferring to have me sitting on the couch lazily on a Saturday morning watching cartoons with him, that I would only be gone less than an hour and that I planned to do four miles when Chris chimes in with "do it in 12 minutes, I think you can do it in twelve minutes" HAR HAR, SOMEBODY STOP ME!), which sends my insecurities skyrocketing and my confidence down to the basement. So, I did two miles and then decided my bad run was his fault, so I came home and shouted at him for a while, including the fact that Rachael has now taken up the habit of making fun of me (last week, when I mentioned to both her and Chris who happened to be sitting there that I had done 23 miles of combined movement, Rachael goes "oh, well if you just go out and do three more miles today, you would have a marathon") and just how fantastic that is. Anyways, it was all great fun. I'm still pretty seriously pissed.

There is a blog post somewhere in this experience about how I will always be at the intersection of fat avenue, self loathing street, patriarchy lane and i'mdoingmybest boulevard and how terribly hurtful it is to have the street leading to that intersection going through my living room with my husband in one of the cars ready to shout or throw something at me, but frankly the whole thing is too disheartening to write.

Summer came like cinnamon, so sweet

- Corrine Bailey Rae

I did probably my last outside run for the summer today. Went at 9:30 and it was really nice, little breeze blowing. I'm amazed at how mild May has been in the valley. It got way hot towards the end though, both fat dog and I took a rest in the shade. I did 3.1 but probably walked half mile or more. I knew it would be a tough one so had low expectations, just happy to have it done for the day. 5 for the week.

I think for the Juneathon I'm going to write my favorite quote from that day's playlist. I don't often have much to say on my runs so that will help. Plus it makes the run more interesting, picking a song and its meaning for that moment. ;)

I ran in a new running shirt today, Underarmor. Gotta say I love me some UA.

Friday, May 27, 2011

3 in 44:25

is what I did this afternoon at the gym and then I went to the pool for awhile with my man. It felt like a good run and then great relaxation. I will go tomorrow and that will be 5 for the week. Mari I'm totally down for teh Juneathon but I have to say it seems rather daunting. I mean, 30 days straight?

2 Miles

Regular neighborhood loop. I made it past the sign this time before my walk break, but I did end up taking one tiny walk break at the top of that damn hill. One of these days, I will make this whole two mile loop with no walk breaks.

Tomorrow I plan to do this loop twice, for a four mile run.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Treadmill

Time was 36:30.

I am totally doing this.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 at lunch

on the tready. 35 min total but I did the last half mile at 10 min pace. Woot! Mari you are totally rockin it btw. Way impressed.

The Weight of my Interval Timer

Did four tready miles on Monday and did 3.1 outside yesterday. I decided that I wanted to try using my interval timer again once I take my first walk break. This resulted in a time yesterday of 37:12 and also resulted in much less misery on my part. I don't know what it is, but just having the small interval goal makes it somehow easier to keep going. So, I run about the first mile and a half, and then start my interval timer at 1W:3R.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

got 3 in 2nite

need to get going!!

So I had a decent week traveling in CA last week, I got 4 in for the week. I took Sat off and then went to the gym on Sun, but only did 2 miles because, well, that's all I was feelin I guess. Then yesterday I just didn't go - I was golfing most of the day and it was freakin hot, and after vodka/soda I just couldn't see going. So then I couldn't drag my ass out of bed this morning, so I really do need to go tonight after work. Its supposed to be cool, so my plan is to do my 3.5 mile route outside.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 miles and elliptical

Yesterday did five miles on the elliptical, time was 51:30. Today I did three miles outside, time was 36:12. I really just can't explain why I always do so much more poorly in actual races than I do in real life. I used to think I was just measuring my distance and time wrong, making errors, and so I never really was as fast as I thought I was. But now I have my garmin, and I know that is not the case.

I just think I don't like races that much. Too much waiting at the start line, too much nerves, too many people, too much pressure! Instead of rallying when I see the finish line and going a bit faster, I always just fall apart more and more. I really don't even know, at this point, if I care to do any races any more at all. I was definitely thinking yesterday that I am really not sure I am going to do any more half marathons at all. I just don't see the point in making myself so miserable. I am enjoying doing my shorter distances. I enjoy the treadmill, I enjoy the elliptical. I am hoping to get a bike for Christmas this year and start incorporating some biking into my fitness routine. But I'm just not certain I want to continue incorporating timed races into it. I just don't seem to like them much, and I don't do that well in them.

Anyways, stats for the week:

Miles running: 12.1
Miles Elliptical: 5
Miles Hiking: 6.3

Total miles moving my ass: 23.4

Friday, May 20, 2011

2.5 in No Cal

New 5K PR!

I did that 5K last night, and while I did not do as well as I would have wanted to (I really wanted to get in the 36 minute range), I did get a new PR, my time was 37:17, 12:02/mile. Pretty good! Considering that my last timed 5K (the big hilly one) was 37:43 and that was just a couple of weeks ago. And considering that before that, the 5K time during that half marathon we did was 41:51, I am feeling pretty good about it. I am also wondering if perhaps I really just can't go much faster than a 12 minute mile, because I was really pushing it last night!

Anyhoodle, now I am done with my 2 5K's goal, so I suppose it is time to move on to 2 10K's. I am doing another 5K in July, after we get back from Yellowstone, but that is for a charity that I actually really like and donate to every single month.

Today Chris and I took the day off together, since he is going to be traveling a lot in the next few weeks, and we hiked this placed called Castlewood Canyon. We did a 6.3 mile hike. It was pretty rough, too! It was actual real hiking, like climbing a lot and climbing over rocks and shit, so it took us a really long time, but we burned off lots of calories. Plus, it was pretty and stuff.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4 easy

I treated myself to a nice easy 4 mile treadmill run with no incline. It was fun. Time was 50:00. Tomorrow is planned rest day with the liver 5K on Thursday. I'm hoping for a new personal best, I think I have a shot at that, since I'm pretty sure it should be a flat course. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 16, 2011

2 miles, 2 windy

The best thing that can be said for the miles this morning is that they got done. 12:24/mile. It was windy and miserable and much walking was done! Wind doesn't make me feel like a badass, it just makes me feel miserable and demoralized.

I am thinking tomorrow I will give myself a break and do the treadmill. My boss will be gone, so maybe I'll take myself an extra long lunch break and do four or five miles.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

and so the inevitable happened . . .

I was in Chicago last week for work and did manage to get one run in at the hotel gym. As I was putting my shoes on I noticed something odd.

Do you notice anything? Well, neither did I when I was packing. But, if you look closely, you can see that I brought two different shoes, one from an old pair of running shoes and one from my newer pair. Reminiscent of my earlier post, Dear Saucony, wherein I complained about the similarity in hurricane styles year after year.

When you look at it this way, it seems a little more obvious. But who among us ever gets a side view of their running shoes? I guess I should be happy I brought a right and left shoe so I could still go run. And yes, I did go. And, for those wondering, I really didn't notice any difference in how each foot felt. In fact, it was one of my faster runs. I did 3 miles in 34:15 with my usual 2,1,0 inclines.

Saturday was K's bday so I never did make it to the gym as I was busy carting her around town and buying her things. So, sadly, I only got in 3 times last week. I was on a 7 week stretch there going 5x/week. But such is life I suppose. Back at it this week. I did 3.5 at the gym today along with a little yoga stretching.

3 miles, cold drizzly rain

It was a dark and stormy morning...... hahaha. No, really, it was cold and rainy, but I went anyway. I did the exact same three miles that I did yesterday because I wanted to be able to time it today (I'm not made of stone, people!). Time was 35:43, 11:54 per mile. WOOT! That also makes six times this week that I went, for a total of 17.5 miles for the week. Beat that, suckas!!

I did do quite a bit of whining before I left, due to the rainy drizzle and the cold, but I must say, I never feel like more of a runner than when I am running in crappy weather. It makes me feel all tough and badass.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

3, meeting small goals

I did three outside today. I have no idea of my time, since when I was finally ready to leave (after torturing the dog for approximately an hour and a half while I piddled around) I realized my garmin battery was dead and it needed to be charged. I really couldn't wait for it, since I needed to get the stupid run in, since it is supposed to rain and possibly snow later today.

So anyways, I don't know what my time was, but I think it was probably pretty good, I had three small walk breaks, but I am continuing to meet my small goals. There is this two mile loop, that is about half uphill and half downhill and my goal has been to run the entire thing without taking any walk breaks. I have been thwarted in this goal by the damn hill. So, when I started out trying to do this, I was doing .93 miles without a walk break. Then I went 1.2, then 1.3, and yesterday I went 1.4. Today I did 1.5 before my first walk break, which almost gets me up the entire stupid hill, after which I am fairly certain I will be okay, since then I get some nice downhill and level area. I know I made it 1.5 miles today even though I didn't have my garmin, since yesterday, when I did 1.4, I thought if I could just make it to this one sign on the road, that would be 1.5, so I did that today and I confirmed it on Gmaps. So, even though I couldn't measure my time with my usual obsessive zeal, it was still a good run.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I guess we are finally back?

Did 2.5 miles on treadmill yesterday at work, pretty good time, 30:40. Did two miles outside today, total time was 24:00. I got my new shoes and they are feeling pretty darn good! Got my new bras yesterday and wore one today for my outside run. Very, very nice, no more chafed shoulders!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Four Crankiest Miles I Ever Ran

I planned all freakin' week to run outside today, since I took the day off work, and then I woke up this morning and it was snowing! So, I am thinking I'll just wait it out, but I check the weather forecast and it is supposed to keep up like this all day. And I would have just gone outside and suffered anyway, but the snow that was falling was hard and pebbly, and it was hailing last night, so I was worried that this snow could easily turn to hail, and the last thing I need is to be two miles from home getting hailed on with the dog and no hope of rescue. So, I resigned myself to the gym, but resolved to do four miles instead of my usual three. After all, I have all the time in the world today. But man, I sure was cranky about it! I did the first three miles at 1 percent incline, total time was 53:00.

Things at the gym that made me cranky:
- The little towels they give out are insufficient to cover the digital read-out on the treadmill, and it kept slipping.

- Having dressed for outside, and not bothered to change before going to the gym, I was much more overheated than I would have otherwise been, causing me to have to take three thirty second walk breaks to drink water.

- Realizing that both the sweats I am wearing and the underwear I am wearing are really too big, making me worry periodically throughout my run that I was showing crack to the bike riders behind me. I could have just pulled the string tighter, but I was already going at that point.

- Stupid bartender guy (I am assuming he is a bartender, who else could be at the gym at this time of day?) who stood with his towel and keys for an hour, but didn't do any exercise, Rather, he spent his time lounging on the weight machines, talking up every stupid skinny girl with a pony tail in the gym.

- Stupid pony tail women who spent their time also lounging on the weight machines, pretending to work out, while really chatting up stupid bartender guy.

- Sign at the gym right in front of my treadmill that read "Did you know that 1 in 5 adults in America is obese? Give the gift of fitness! Purchase your friends/family members guest passes today!"

Things that made me happy at the gym:

- Making up dialogue in my head between stupid bartender guy and stupid pony tail girl (I couldn't hear them since my ipod was cranked to, like, 80)
SBG: "So, uh, yeah....... I try to get here at least six times a week, you know?
SPTG: "Oh, yeah, me too, I mean, 1 in 5 adults in American are obese! I need to keep myself up, you know?"
SBG: "Yeah, well, if you want I could show you how to use the rest of these machines."
SPTG: "Wow, that would be great! I don't actually know how to use any of them, since I usually just sit on them waiting for guys to chat me up at the gym."

- "Harlem River Blues" by Justin Townes Earle, my latest favorite cool down song.

- These should be my last miles in these shoes, since my new ones are due to arrive today!

And now, I am going to shower and then take myself off to the bead store, where I shall spend some time ensconced therein, letting my creative juices flow and making myself a new necklace.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5.5 mi hike this morn, ran some of it

3 more tready miles

time was 36:20. i'll probably run outside tomorrow since i'm off work.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Modern Running Logic

Tonight I drove K 1.5 miles to the gym, so that she could run 1 mile on the treadmill. I then drove 1.5 miles home. I then ran my 3.5 mile route that takes me in a roundabout way to my gym and back home, and J rode alongside me on his bike for part of the way. Then I drove 1.5 miles to pick up K at the gym, and back home. So, I drove about 6 miles so that we could all get 6 miles of exercise in between us. Makes a lot of sense.

So, on this particular run, I felt particularly good. It was a cool breezy night, probably one of the last we'll have in a while. And it was nice to have J's company, riding big circles around me. And of course fat dog always enjoys a jog. I felt that I was going at a good pace and kinda wishing I'd brought my watch. But after about 3 miles I started pooping out. And by that I mean, I had to poo. And, I had to stop running for that reason. And, at one point, I had to stop and clench. And at that moment, I had the fiercest cramp in my left butt cheek. It literally left me immobilized, bent over, knees touching, cheeks clenched, going "Gaaaaaahhh!! Arrgggghhhhh!!" on the side of the road in the dark. It was like a calf cramp, if you've ever had one of those, where it just locks up so tight you have to scream. I tried to bend over to stretch it out a bit, and I could feel it pulling all the way down the back of my left thigh. After a few minutes, I was able to start hobbling home. I only had 1/4 mile to go, thankfully, and by the time I got home it had loosened up substantially. I took a muscle relaxer (after I took care of the other business). It still feels strangely weak and tight. I'm a little worried that I won't be able to walk tomorrow. I wonder if this is caused by the extreme gluteous maximus strength I've gained in yoga? That its just overpowering, ya know?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today I woke up around 8. I laid in bed til 9. I got up and went to get Krispy Kremes, of which I ate 2 with milk whilst reading Newsweek (the custard filled kind, you got that right). Then I took a nap on the couch and watched TV for a couple hours. I have to tell you, the gym was really in question today. But, at about 1:30 I told the kids I was leaving in an hour (so as to allow myself time to mentally adjust to the idea). And then I did leave. I did a good 3.5 miles on the tready at inclines. Ran 3 in 36 and then walked another half at 2%. Was good. I'm beat. Thank goddess for the reward of hot tub and steam room, ya know? Its quite a motivator.


Miles walked. It was a bitch. The last mile and a half is uphill. I made good time, though, total time 1:18:00, 14:40/mile.

Today I ordered two bras, these, which I really hope will be good for me. I didn't want to order the same ones I am using, since they are constantly chafing my shoulders.

I think I am going to do this 5K. Not because I am particularly concerned about liver disease, but because it is at City Park, so I know for sure it will be a flat course, and it is at 7:00 at night, which I just think will be awesome.

Friday, May 6, 2011

3 mi hike yesterday, took today off

3 more treadmill miles

One percent incline for the whole thing, time was 38:20. My feet are really starting to hurt in these shoes, and getting twinges in my knees, so I guess it's good I ordered the new shoes.

I am in desperate need of more running songs!!! Recommendations, please!

My latest awesome cool down song is called "Tree by the River" by this band called Iron and Wine. I haven't heard any more of their songs, but this one is good. Listen to it.... it will remind you of me, the person who is kicking your ass day after day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 miles tready

I didn't do any incline, but I did go fast, time was 36:30. On my way home from work I saw a guy who was running up a hill, pushing a double stroller, while talking on his cell phone. He was my hero.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Morning blahs

I also did a morning run today and it was awful. It seems to get better when I'm consistent about it, but I haven't done a morning run in a week or so and I could really tell. It just takes my body so long to wake up! I can bang out 3 or 4 miles with no problem at lunch or evenings or weekends, but in the morning it feels like I've never run before. I'm out of breath almost immediately and quickly exhausted. The good thing is that I seem to be more clear headed at work on the mornings when I've run. I'd really appreciate advice from anyone who's figured out how to get it done successfully first thing in the morning. I have a dr. appt next week so I'm going to get my thyroid checked again. If its low it can make waking up a LOT harder. When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism I had quit running in the mornings because it had gotten so difficult. It actually felt like I was sleep running and I didn't actually fully wake up until a mile in! Seriously.

Early Morning

Went two miles this morning. It wasn't great. 12:24/mile. Whatever. This is why I don't like getting up and running. I am miserable and slow. Although it does feel kind of good to just have it out of the way for the day. And I have to say, I am just SORE from that stupid run on Monday, from the monstrous hill! My legs are tight! I didn't go yesterday, finally took a likely much needed day off.

As far as shoes, I do need some new shoes. I am trying to figure out if I should just order them on line or go to the running store. Ordering on-line is cheaper, but getting them at the running store gives a level of security, since I know I can return them if they suck or have some kind of problem. I could return them if I bought them on-line too, but that is always such a big pain in the ass. The other thing is that there is some new model of Hurricanes out there, and I'm afraid of ordering them on-line since what if they don't fit as well as the old ones and I end up needing some different shoe?

Sandy, I was thinking that when I get my new shoes, I would just take a sharpie and write "old" on the inside of the tongue of my old shoes, that way I wouldn't mix them up with the new ones. It's some trouble to go to, but it's probably worth it to make sure you aren't hiking or shopping in your running shoes.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Saucony,

Its that time again, friends. Your shoes gave me a blister on my run yesterday, which is a surefire indicator that its time for some new Hurricanes. But before I auction my first child to get the money to buy more, I offer this plea. Is it at all possible to make shoes in some interesting or, dare I suggest, even fashionable colors? I mean really, I've been wearing this darn white shoe with light blue trim for at least 5 years, and prior to that it was a white shoe with pale yellow. When I get my ass out there to run I need reasons to be EXCITED!!!!! Like maybe some purple, or black!! Pink even, although please spare me the ribbon symbol from the pink mafia. In the old days before I fell in love with your Hurricane stability and realized it was the only shoe for me, I ran on many fancy shoes. Case in point, take the Nike Air Hurachi, a most fancy shoe of the day, which looked badass but hobbled me with shin splints. I'm pleading with you Saucony Gods and Goddesses. Give me something pretty to run in. I have so many blue/white shoes in my closet its difficult to tell them apart. Last week I went hiking in my running shoes!! A sacrilege of the highest order!!

I did end up going to the gym last night and did 3 miles on the treadmill in 34:30, which is an awesome time for me!! 11:30 min pace. I'm striving to get within the range of "all levels" and I'm convinced that some pretty purple shoes will get me there.


Weighty Matters

Just a quick note on weight, I am down below 200 this morning, for reals this time, not due to dehydration. So, I am revising my "exercise won't help you lose weight no matter what they tell you" rule of life to "exercise might help you lose a little weight if you do intense exercise every goddamned day and don't go out for any blizzards."

Monday, May 2, 2011

I know

I said I wasn't going to go, since I went every single day last week. But I went. I got home and just decided to go outside, since it is daylight now when I get home from work and it was pretty nice out. I did 2.2 miles, only took one walk break (but it was a very long walk break up a monstrosity of a hill), time was 26:44, 12:12/mile.

my left butt cheek

hurts. Like a beatch. From yoga I guess. I was gonna go today at lunch but will hold off as I don't want to exascerbate my condition.

So my gym publishes a regular newsletter on results from different races/events we do. The gal asked about participation in Pat's run so I sent her my results to be published. Here is what it looked like.

Ouch. Who knew I was so pathetic? Yep that's me a full 12+ minutes behind the last person (35 min to 47 min if you can't see), on a 4.2 mile run. And I was all proud that I got in under 50 min. The same gym is having a group run for cinco de mayo, and it said all levels welcome (7-11 min pace). So, I guess that's not really all levels is it? Honest to goddess, I've been running since I was 10 years old and I don't think I've ever been much below an 11 min mile pace. I don't really feel like I'm going SLOW when I'm at an 11 min pace. I felt pretty good at Pat's Run, and I ended at about 11:10 min miles. I was passing people the whole time (although there were a lot of walkers). I guess I don't really get it. Maybe I'm more of a jogger than a runner.

But, I think I'm awesome. See how I'm pulling this guy along behind me by his hair?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Totinos Party Pizza

Is my nemesis. And I just negated todays awesome workout by eating one. But, I chased it with an apple so does that cancel out the pizza? Seems like it should. Today I did 2 incline miles on the tready at varying speeds (some small portion at 9 min pace btw because that's how cool I am). I then did an hour of yoga and I have to say it was a tough one. This crazy lady had us doing side planks, where you're on your side supporting body by one arm, and wrapping the top arm high. And then under your body, then back to the sky. Lotsa butt work too. Then I did my requisite hot tub and steam.

I went

It was shitty!! Completely and totally shitty. I did not do 3. Before I even left, I spent half an hour messing with the fucking left knee brace, because I couldn't get it to go on right. I got so frustrated I almost gave up, and then decided I would just leave it and chafe instead. I got out there and it felt terrible. My legs were aching. My nose was running. My sunscreen sweated into my eyes. So I made a deal with myself that if I didn't feel better, I would turn around at my usual 2 mile spot. Well I didn't feel better! I only walk/ran about 1.5 miles and trudged the last 1/2 mile home. Still though, my time was about the same as it was on Monday, which was my first go in a long time. I'm feeling pretty down about it though, I might need a good cry.
In honor of the people that are actually reading this boring blog, I have decided I will finally write down the story of The Shitty Day. It is the saga of the Denver Rock n Roll half marathon, which is our most recent race together. Sandy and Marianne have told me to write it and now I think I will, because I can finally think about it without having to poop. Stay tuned.

Forgot to add about the pins

I meant to tell you a funny story about this race. So, I had not pre-registered, so I show up at this place at 8:30 and I fill out the little form and this lady is giving me instructions and my bib. So, she goes "okay, so you take two of these pins and attach your bib to your shirt" and I go "okay, but first I need to take to bib over there to get my goody bag, right?" and she goes "right, so go ahead and take two pins before you do that". So, I look at her kind of funny, and then I dip into the little pin box and I take four pins and the whole time I am thinking, is this lady seriously telling me to limit my pins to only two pins? Because she mentioned it twice, but the idea is absurd, if I only took two pins, then my bib would be flapping around the whole time in a very annoying fashion, that is why the bibs have four holes, right? So you can attach it in four places? I mean, I have not done very many races, but I have never been told to only take two pins.

So anyways, I take the four pins and later on when I am wandering around the starting line area, I see all kinds of people with their bibs attached with only two pins! It cracked my shit up, let me tell you! I was like "oh my god, they actually listened to the chintzy pin lady!" Haha!

Okay, first 5K down

1 more 5K and 2 10K to go to meet my goals for the year.

I really did okay. I did not beat my personal best (37:25), but I did come close. My time was 37:43, which was 12:11/mile. The course was really hilly, such horrible hills that I cannot believe I did as well as I did, and also means that had it been a flat course, I am confident I would have a new personal best. Honestly, had I known there would be those kind of hills, I would not have chosen to do this race. But I should have known considering that the race is right here in my neighborhood, the same neighborhood I am constantly bitching about not being able to find a flat running course in.

Also, I gotta give a shout out to the ol' Garmin! I crossed that finish line, stopped my timer, and that thing read EXACTLY 3.1 miles. So, the time I gave above is not my "official" chip time, but I know for a fact that it will be within a second or two of my official time, since the Garmin is just that awesome.