Thursday, March 31, 2011


I did 2 this morning. I still haven't brought my timer or even looked at the clock before I left. I did run some this morning, even though I wasn't wearing my knee braces, because I wanted to so bad. I don't know why it feels so different and is so much less boring than walking!! I got side stitches today. Yeah, it's good to be back.
It made me remember when I had just started out running, when I was so far in the depths of depression and looking for a way out. I was with Dad and Patty and asked them what to do about the side stitches. They both shrugged, and Dad said, "You just gotta run through it" and Patty said, "You just keep going" at the same time. I thought, Huh!! You are in pain and you just keep going?? Weird. Then I did it and sure enough the pain went away and it was a stumbling block I got over.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

on the road again

I did 2 again this morning before work. Yay me!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We all went today!! That has to be the first time since before Denver. I did 2 this morn before work.


I really didn't want to go today. I haven't been sleeping well and I'm so tired. So I puttered around and wasted time until it was do or die, and then I changed my clothes and went. yay.

oh. yeah.

3 miles on treadmill at work. time was 36:36. tomorrow outside.

Monday, March 28, 2011

2 miles

Steady as she goes! 2 miles this morning. Did a teeny bit of running because I really wanted to run, but I didn't wear my knee braces and I think I should lose at least 8 lbs before I try running again. It felt good though.
I got so constipated from eating crappy food that I had to take a double dose of ex-lax. I lost 2 lbs right there. haha!! Gross! Seriously though, it hurt like hell. I bought metamucil.


Ok, I did 2 miles this morning before work. It went ok. I will also restock my gym back so that I have stuff in the car in case I need to go at lunch. Goal is 5x/wk.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

gosh darnit

I didn't go all weekend. I just really truly didn't want to. And it was so nice outside, too. Today I even put running clothes on. But then I went and did my taxes and grocery shopping then made dinner. I did do some good strength training in front of the tv tonite though. Back at it this week. Promise.

5 Miles

On the elliptical at the gym. I am also going to take the dog for a very slow two mile walk, since I promised him. My time was 53 minutes and something, I forget the exact time. The machine says I worked off around 800 calories, which I hope is true, since it means I probably worked off the pie I ate for breakfast.

I did 13 running miles for the week!


I did 2 miles on Friday morning. My lower back is sore. I took yesterday off. I am trying to convince myself to go this morning... I don't know if I can do it! It's so much easier on weekdays!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


4 miles today outside. I did my usual loop, I just wasn't up for anything new or exciting, just wanted to get the miles in, you know? Maybe I'll go to the trail tomorrow, since I'll want tomorrow to be a shorter run.

Anyhoodle, I totally rocked shit out! My time was 49:56, which is 12:30 per mile. Sandy, I am totally kicking your ass!!! Hahahahahahaha! Fat chicks rule!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I went.

I did just under 2 miles this morning. No timer, and just walking. I'm starting slow. I didn't try to walk all that fast since my legs feel like tree trunks. I'm also afraid my running pants will melt what with the friction created between my thighs. I went, and I had a good morning afterwards. I didn't have to take any xanax when I got to work. I'm not feeling any effects - soreness or anything like that. The last part of the walk my lower back was starting to hurt. I'm SO out of shape!! If I'm consistent I know I'll be right back there in a couple of months, so, one day at a time!

3 mile treadmill

did what i think is a personal best on the treadmill at 38:20. little skinny miss "are you one of the weight watchers people?" was down there, so i kicked her ass and put it in my gym bag!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Miles Today

At work on treadmill. Time was 38:58.

I've decided I need to have a treadmill goal instead of just going and doing the same thing all the time. My goal is to get faster on the treadmill. Ultimately, I want to do the whole three miles at 5MPH pace.


Hey you guys. There is this new documentary coming out called "My Run", and it sounds really awesome. About this guy who runs 75 marathons in 75 days. I just bought a ticket, they are doing a special Fathom Event on March 31st all across the country.

So, I'm thinking maybe you guys could watch it too and we could, you know, talk about it and shit.

3 Miles Yesterday

"My feeling is that any day I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy."
-John Bryant, deputy editor of the
London Times, 1994

I got that quote from this newsletter that the running store where I bought my shoes sends out. I thought it was pretty awesome.

Did three miles on the treadmill at work yesterday, no intervals just running. Time was 40:25.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


And a damn miserable run! Time was 29:44, 13:03/mile. It was windy. But I did discover a very good place to run. I was going to do the Plum Creek trail with the dog, but there was no parking at the trailhead, so we drove around and I found this place where they are building a new neighborhood, but not much is done yet. But the roads are all paved and there are no people or cars, since there aren't any houses yet. Pretty cool.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I did my normal route this morn before heading to dads. Walked the last mile. I need to get outta this rut.

Motherf^&*&ing Hills!

I did 3.49 miles outside today. Time was 46:33, 13:18 per mile, which is a pure miracle, since the entire first half was downhill, which naturally means I walked almost the entire second half. It was tough! But it got done, that's all that matters.

I am doing really well with my eating, back down to 201 pounds. Hopefully I can see under 200 again soon. The good thing was the cold I had made my appetite for shit, so my lack of exercise during those two weeks didn't hurt me weight-wise, since I wasn't eating much at all.

Also, I am 90% certain that I am going to do the "Slacker Half". It is all downhill!!!!!! Sounds like so much fun, but I would need to be ready by June 25th. They also do a slacker four mile run, so we'll see how I feel about that.

Friday, March 18, 2011

3 Miles

Treadmill at work. I pushed it, though. My time was 38:37. I did 1w/4r intervals and set the running intervals at 5 mph.

I plan on running outside tomorrow, but it sure is windy tonight. Presuming it stops being windy, I'll go. Otherwise, I am hitting the gym.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


this evening. I probably walked half. I'm in a funk. But at least I went.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

4 miles

on the treadmill at work. i did 1w/4r intervals. time was 55:15.

what you all up to?

Monday, March 14, 2011


yesterday. Not real great, I probably ran about 2 of it, but glad I went. I'm in SanFran so probably won't go again til Wed.

And We're Back

3 miles today. I am coughing a bit, but nothing too awful, and I'm really glad I went. I did the treadmill and I did 2w/3r intervals, just to ease back into things. It's been two weeks of nothing!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

good, bad or ugly

Well I went this morning before work, which is great. I had kindof an ugly run though, which is bad. I did 2 miles but I took several walk breaks. Then, when I got to work, I still felt all fuzzy headed, like I just woke up, which is wierd because I normally feel more clear headed after a morning run. I've been taking a 150 dose (instead of 200) of my thyroid meds for about a week now because I haven't filled my prescription, so I wonder if maybe that's it. In any case, I intend to rectify that this weekend.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I dreamed I was running last night

But due to the deathhackery cold, I have not actually been. I am definitely on the other side of it, at this point, and what I hope to do is go out tomorrow at least for a walk and then go both weekend days, so I'll get my minimum three in. Hopefully next week will be back to my regular four or even five per week.

I had planned on doing a timed 5K this weekend, but of course I had to re-schedule that. I know I am going to do one on April 30th, and I'll try to get one in before that as well, but now I have to get back to where I was after this last week of nothing. Stupid spring colds!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

tough go of it today

I did my usual 3.5 mile route but it was tough. Dog stopped to poop about 5 times - the first two she got distracted by whatever smells abound in the roadside shrubs, so I pulled her along and then she dropped one on the run in the road, got distracted again yadda yadda. I couldn't find my rhythm and eventually gave up and just walked home. I thk maybe my body is just outta whack from all the travel. I did go Thurs and Fri in Hawaii though, 3.5 and 2 mi.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sure Enough

The bad cold hit yesterday, and I haven't gone since Sunday, despite my high minded words to Missy about not exercising making it last longer. Hmph.

I'll see what I can do today and tomorrow, but I am pretty damn miserable with a headache and also an everyotherpartache.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maui again

this week. Quite the life I lead, I know. I went for a run this evening, about 3 miles I think. Was quite nice, pretty area and great weather. No whales though. Damn.