Sunday, January 31, 2010

Then again, I did walk pretty fast

I have started running a bit, I am up to three minutes of running to five minutes of walking. Running at a four mile an hour pace and walking at a 3.8 mile an hour pace. So, today I did four miles in 63 minutes, which is 15.75 minute miles, which is really only slightly faster than I walked the stupid half marathon. So, rather disappointing, but my expectations are obviously way too high for running as slow as I am. And given how fast I walk, it would take some time to run significantly faster than that, I guess.

I am 90 percent committed to doing the Denver Rock and Roll in October, so I think we should keep the blog going!! Who's with me??

Actually, I just did the math, and presuming I am doing it correctly, I did the Phoenix half doing an average of 16.41 minute miles. So, if I am doing 15.75 minute miles right now, that actually is rather a significant improvement. Or maybe it's not. My brain hurts now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I did at the gym last night, mainly to break in my new shoes a little. And I have to say I still felt tired from the 10 on Sat. So nothing more this week except maybe some yoga.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 bitchez!!

Missy told me I needed to taper and I laughed and said I have nothing to taper from! I did 10 tonight and will rest tomorrow and probably do 3 on Mon and/or Tues, just to keep fresh. Then we get this bitch done!!! I was pretty happy with my pace tonight, which was 12.5 min miles. I may just reach my goal of 2.5 hours on Sunday if the crowd and the music and the fun carry me through!

Just had a scalding hot bath and also tested the heating on the hot-tub to make sure we're ready for next weekend. I think we should all get pedicures on the way home from the run (yes even before showers because we're not going to want to go ANYWHERE for the rest of the day). And imagine how awesome it will feel to have someone rubbing your feet and scrubbing off those nasty callouses and making them look purty again?? Then hot tub and a glass of wine or two. Mmmmmm . . .

Gettin' it done

Did my ten. It was all good. I felt like I wanted more crackers and sugar water at around mile nine, and was almost out of the sugar water and didn't want to get off the treadmill to get more crackers, so I toughed it out, but when I do the race I'll have them in my fanny pack and will have extra water/sugar stuff on the course, so I'm thinking all will be well. I got sort of a "third wind" right at mile nine, which is what I am assuming will carry me through the rest of the race.

My calves are kind of crampy, but nothing too terrible. I think my biggest worry is pacing. Because on the treadmill I can force the 3.5 mile pace, but when I was out with Missy, I'm pretty sure I was walking faster than that, it is really hard for me to slow down, even on non-race days and everyone says that is hard on race day. So. I'll just have to see how that goes.

Anyhoodle, I'm off to take a bath.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I went to the gym this morning (it was minus eight degrees outside!!), but did the bike. It wasn't great, I'm just not feeling that well. I'm hoping I start to feel a bit better by Saturday so I can do that long, I don't really even know what it is. I have kind of a cough, but not much of one, I just feel really run down and oogy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I didn't go Monday or Tuesday and I really don't want to go today. I am so freaking tired. The first week back to school is always tough, and I'm just not feeling good. Too much stress. I think a run would probably help matters a great deal, but I can't make myself go.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I did 3 at the gym yesterday. Nothing today as I'm feeling really fatigued. Nothing tomorrow as I have plans. So probably Thursday, then a long on Sat.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I went to the gym this morning and did a bit over 2.5, I wanted to take it rather easy so I don't mess up this stupid knee again. I'm probably going to do that again on Wednesday or Thursday and then do 10 on Saturday. Then rest for the week and, as Sandy says, get this bitch done.

I can't wait to see you guys!!! I am rather excited to be doing this trip without husband and kids, it will be nice. Someone can pick me up from the airport on Friday night, right? I'm planning to fly in after work, so it might be kind of late.

Sandy, are you stocked up on propane for that hot tub? Because I am really going to want some hot tub after this thing!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Sunday!!

I did 6 today. It was not pretty but it was ok. For the record, I did NOT run the whole way. In fact, I had to stop in at Safeway to poo. I think I'm gonna do 9 next weekend. And then get this bitch done. Mari can't wait to see you again!!


I did just over 5 at a 14:30 per mile pace. Not too bad. I am debating whether to do the 10 miles on Wednesday or Thursday...