Wednesday, March 25, 2015

That's a fine looking high horse

So tonight after my meetings I went for a jog on the dreadmill for 2 miles in order to earn my dinner. I'm not too fancy for a 2 mile run, or for truffle Mac and cheese at dinner. Cause goddammit I earned it. And I heard a story from one of my fav work peeps who grew up with a coveted older brother. And when she went to college at the same place as he, he asked her to do his laundry, which she did without complaint because that's how she was raised. She only got upset when she asked him for the quarters to do his laundry and he refused, so she paid for the washing privileges as well. And he was at school for an entire year before her and somehow managed to have clean (or dirty) clothes to wear. And the dude at dinner with us didn't understand why this story made me so angry. It was her choice to do his laundry after all. So here's to all the men in the world on their high horses who deserve their male privilege and will never quite understand the God-given sacrifice and privilege of being a woman.

Monday, March 23, 2015


It's gonna be hot as hell here soon we're gonna need some relief
Im sick of leaving things half done, leaving things half said
Oh I am I am trying the best that I can will you keep moving on like you do?
- Vance Joy

This week finds me in Washington DC. In the middle of a lot of history and a lot of politics - work and nation. I was inspired to go run around the John F Kennedy island. I love exploring remote places. There were a few bricks left from this 1800s mansion and I picked one up and ran with it for awhile, coveting this image of it in my rock garden. But I let it go. It was 3.5 miles of good exploration, inspiration and exercise though.

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