Monday, November 29, 2010


I actually got up this morning and went for a run after I dropped K at the bus stop, and it was 31 degrees out!!!! I ran in full sweatpants and hoodie, and damn it was cold and slow. And, I made Jake miss the bus because I took too long. I need to remember that when I go in the mornings I can only do 2.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 4 30

We are having this wellness contest called 30 for 30, where participants exercise for 30 min per day for the 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas in effort to avoid the holiday bulge. I have to say it was my ingenius idea. Anyhoo, that's been a big part of my motivation to be going every day. So today I just walked two miles briskly. In my slippers, hoodie and no bra. But, it counts bitchez!! Its hard to be motivated otherwise, knowing that in 3 weeks I'm not going to be able to do any substantial exercise for 6 weeks.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I did 2.5 in Tucson this morning, before the festivus at Dad's. I have to say today I felt the best I've felt since before the incident. Just goes to show if you keep at it, it comes back. And thank goddess I've been doing decently over Thanksgiving because in the spirit of the season, I ate like a hog. I just ate a whole handful of hershey kisses on top of the ridiculous quantities of crap I've eaten today.


Which I counted as four. You wanna hear something annoying? Last Saturday I did 4.56 miles, doing 3/2 intervals and ended up doing 13:02 minute miles. Today, I did four miles doing 2/2 intervals and did 13:05 minute miles.

So, the 3/2 intervals are not making me faster, they are just making me more miserable. Screw that!

Friday, November 26, 2010

alright already!!!!

I did 3.5 on wed, 2 yesterday and about 2.5 today. They were all relatively lazy runs with plenty of walking, but right now I'm just focusing on making sure I get out there.

In honor of Thanksgiving I have to recount the following conversation that took place whilst mom was asking for assistance with the gravy.

Mom: missy could you grab this while I tip the pan?
Missy (confused): wha??
Mom: could you just put your hand on the bone?
Missy: that's what she said, heh heh
Me: its been a long time since I heard that
Emily: that's cause its such an old joke
Me: no, I meant about putting my hand on the bone!

Ba dump bump
Did 3.5 on Thanksgiving (5K plus took the dog out), and two today. Wow, thank god I am keeping track of all this on here!! Otherwise, I might have to find another echo chamber where I hear nothing but crickets chirping.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anterior Innominate Rotation

That's what I have that is making my hip hurt. He says it likely doesn't have anything to do with the shoes, that was just an unfortunate coincidence that it happened right after I got fitted for those new shoes. It is simply a running injury, I probably did it while doing one of those long training runs.

Anyhoodle, he moved it back where it needed to be and now I have all these old lady exercises I have to do twice a day to try and make it stay where it needs to be. And no running for two days and no crossing my legs anymore. Which is a surprisingly hard habit to break.

I ran 3.4 miles yesterday morning before the appointment. Today my hip is sore, but in a different way. It is sore from the exercises I am doing and also from the manipulation he did to it yesterday, which took quite a bit of effort since I waited so long to address the problem, it was hard to put it right.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ok, I went, finally, after all the drama of the last two weeks. I think I have a pretty good excuse through Thursday of this week given Kailey's injury and my strep. But, I really should have started up again on Thurs. Anyhoo, I did my 3.5 mile route and I have to say it was Uh-guh-ly!!!!!! I felt like I weighed about 1000 pounds. Good times.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I didn't want to go, but I went. I also did three miles on the treadmill on Thursday, but I didn't bother to post it since I am the only one posting here.

My time today was 59:30, 13:02 per mile, I think.

This is the last time I'm posting until someone else does.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 Treadmill

Did three treadmill miles yesterday at the hotel. The room was really hot, so i t was kind of miserable, but it got done.

Can't help but notice that I am, in fact, the only one posting here. Are we doing this or not?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

3.42 Again

Just did another 3.42. Much better today. Time was 44:11, which is fine. I did 3/2 intervals.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I did 3.42 just now. It was ugly and miserable. And also slow. I am at the point where I cannot believe it was me that walked/ran 13.1 miles just a month ago. It's like that was a different person. A crazy person.

Anyhoodle, we are planning to do the Castle Rock Thanksgiving 5K. Rachael and Chris and I are all doing it. I am going to run with Rachael, who is going to do the 2/2 intervals with me. She likes doing it and she has been training much better than either Chris or me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'll Keep Up

I'll keep up the blog, as long as everyone else is too!

I've been running and biking but only two or three times per week. Mostly only two. I went a couple of weeks ago and my hip really REALLY started hurting me, so I laid off it. It is the same pain I've had for a long time, I'm pretty sure it is bursitis pain. I can run through it and generally it actually goes away while I am running and then comes on very strong when I go from running to walking. It is worse on the treadmill than it is outside, which explains why it has gotten so much worse, since I've been mainly going running on the treadmill at work during lunch, since it is so damn dark here now so much of the time and I really hate running outside in the dark.

So, I was thinking I probably needed some insoles, started looking at insoles, some of them are quite expensive and then I thought, you know, I am clearly doing something wrong here. I had knee pain, I got a shot and a new pair of shoes. Now the knee pain is solved, but I have hip pain in the opposite leg. I can go get another shot and buy some insoles, but I really want to figure out what the problem actually IS, so I can stop spending money on things that I am not entirely certain will fix the problem. SO, to that end, I scheduled an appointment with a physical therapist. They will do a complete evaluation and make recommendations including orthotics if that is what is needed.

I had it scheduled for Wednesday morning, but that morning I was entirely unwilling to be without my phone right next to my ear for an hour (the whole Kailey thing), so I cancelled it. I am traveling to Vegas for work next week, so I now have it scheduled for Monday the 22nd.

I'll see about going today, but I'm not being too hard on myself for laying off it until I figure out what is going on with the hip.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

helllpppp meeee

I am still doing the blog thing for sure. The problem is I have nothing to blog about! I haven't gone. I am still getting up in the wee hours but instead of going I have been spending time with Vince. He says he will go with me but it's so nice just sitting and talking with him. Also, I don't have an iPod, which sucks way more than I ever thought it would. I still haven't told the girls.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I did another 3.5 last night, ran almost the whole way with a couple short walk breaks. Felt good.

Are we still doing the blog thing? Cause I would like it if we do. Even though no race planned right now its good to keep up.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Last night I did 3.5, and ran the whole thing at a good pace (didn't time it so not really sure on that but it felt good). I haven't gone since last Mon so clearly the new strategy not working. I just hate running first thing in the morning. I need time to get going. Anyway I'm not into forcing myself to go right now. But last night I really wanted to. And it was a great run. Feeling really good today.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Smaller and Better Things

Well I went 3.5 yesterday and I have to say, it was rough. I walked the last mile. But it was so nice to just be out for an afternoon job with my dog, no pressure, no deadlines, no major event looming. Just an afternoon stroll in the beautiful October sunshine.

I went again this morning and did 2. I have a new strategy I'm going to try out. I drop K at the bus stop at 7am, then J and I don't have to leave until 8:10. So after dropping K off I did a 2 mile route and got back in time to get ready for work and take J. Its a short run, but a good way to start the day because even though I was ravenously hungry this morning, I didn't want to get a big-ole fat muffin. I wanted a giant glass of tea and dry cereal at my desk.

My focus now is going to be on smaller distances and trying to do them faster. I don't want to do another half again until I feel like I'm really trained up for it and can run it.