Friday, December 2, 2011

You can feel sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow

Which is it fellow blistas?? I did 2.5 just now and it was ok. I was worried at first because it felt harder than it should. I mean, I should be floating by now right?

Here's an entertaining convo from today:
he: will you go through my back and make sure I packed appropriately?
me: are you kidding?
he: ?
me: what is it you think you may have forgotten?
he: shoes and socks
me . . . ?
A match made in heaven, this is.

On a final note, I can't decide what to wear on Sunday night because it has to match my medal. Cause yeah, I'm gonna wear that bad boy Lionel Ritchie style - all . . . night . . LONG!!!!


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  1. I did a slow four on the tready at work. It is like twenty degrees here, so outside would have been pretty tough. It's funny about the title of your post, though, because yesterday I had planned to ride the bike and I ended up not doing it (busy day at work) and I spent my whole commute to work this morning thinking how much I regretted not doing it. I can't even say exactly why, I just wished I had done it.


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